Thursday, June 28, 2012

Awkward Days

It is SO hot outside! 103*. I stood under the sprinkler and it didn't even cool me down for 3 minutes.

  • Running into Walmart for just 3 grocery items, so you grab a hand basket. Arriving at the checkout counter lugging 18 lbs of flour, ketchup, and applesauce, you think that may not have been such a great idea. 
  • Talking with friends while at an "Adrenal Support Group Meeting" (not as awkward as you'd expect), you stick your hand in your skirt pocket and find wads of green bean trellising string. #problemsofamultipurposeskirt
  • Trying to send yourself an email from your dad's account and finding your email address from when you were 12 years old still in his address book. FunkimonkeyUSA. O.o  I thought I was rockin'. 

  • Texting a friend late into the night, and falling asleep in the middle of an analogy they were telling. And then waking up at 3am and hoping they wouldn't think I was mad. :P
  • Taking your brother to the creek, only to discover as you were trying to leave that you had parked too close to the water... and consequently were stuck in the gravel/sand. 
  • Nosebleeds while driving. 
  • Thinking, "Wow, this place is deserted! I hope they're open" as you drive up to the farm co-op with the kind of headache that makes you clumsy. The sun is shining at just the perfect angle to blind your depth perception, so you hit the loading dock with the back of your van. No biggie, it has a bumper.  You jump out of the too-tall van into the hot hot sun, dropping the keys. Walk around to the other side of the car, get the baby out, dropping some more things. You close the door, lock it with the remote, it beeps, and then you stumble to and fro up the ramp to the door of the co-op, mumbling strange things to your brother who is slipping all over your hip and still blinded by the sun. Once in the shade of the building, you see a man with 12 teeth sitting in the corner with his feet propped up on a 5-gallon watching you with amusement. Um, "Howdy!" 
  • My hair making a mustache in the following picture:

  • Pinkberry dates with dear friends.
  • Dirt, and digging in it. Thankful for augers.
  • Spontaneous meet-ups for Vitamin Water at the local country store. 
  • The UPS man wearing a dust mask while driving around. It's that dry here. We're praying for rain. 
  • The neighbors who stop and pull you out of the creek. And then stay chatting for an hour and a half. 
  • Homemade ice cream in the middle of a hot day. It's supposed to be 107* here on Friday. 
  • All the friends and neighbors you get to meet when there's a tree down in the road. I've "helped" clear 3 trees in the last 2 weeks just in our neighborhood. :-P
  • The satisfaction of relaxing with a good movie or book at the end of a successful day. 
My outfit today is a little awkward, and not super flattering, but you can't always wear your favorite clothes! :) 
Jacket/shirt: Gift
Tank: JCP
Skirt: Made by me
Flip flops: Target

Look what I got in the mail today! You'll be seeing my Flexi-8 a lot this week, 'cause I have a surprise for y'all coming up!

What's been awkward or awesome about your week?
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  1. That email is hilarious! I love it!

    Awesome: finally being able to drive.
    Awkward: almost crashing on my first driving lesson with my instructor.


  2. Getting gas for the first time was definitely my awkward! I pulled up at the pumps and was putting the truck in park when my sister said, "umm, isn't the tank on your side?" So I saw she was right and got out of there as fast as I could to run my other errands first. I'm a blondie ;)
    Can't wait to hear the surprise!
    -Melinda ( )

  3. Lovely skirt. Nice job :)

    And I think it's bad because it's 93 here. You are one brave lady! Around this time of year I often find myself counting the days until fall.

    Just discovered your wonderful blog a few days ago, thank you for being you!

  4. It was really hot here too--108. I would love to get some rain to cool things down!

  5. Hah! Sounds like you've had an interesting week!!! :) That is a cute casual outfit too! I find it hard to be really stylish when it's so hot. This week I've mostly been wearing T-shirts, flip-flops and knee length jean skirts...with high messy buns too. Okay, so awkward stuff: doing a whole lot of active stuff in a short jean skirt. Being in a dating vs. courting conversation with the youth pastor. Someone asking you what is wrong in front of people and you giving them that "I'll tell you later, don't ask me now" look. Having a hurt ankle and hopping around in front of people. Having mascara smear under your eyes, because you forgot to wear waterproof. And lastly, wondering where someone is, then they almost bump into you. Awesome: helping with VBS. a blue slushie waiting for you in the morning. Smiles and kids. Strawberry Popsicles. Wonderful friends. Have a wonderful evening, Olivia!!!!!

  6. I love your shirt! It looks so cute and comfy!
    Hehe, a lot of your awkward moments remind me of makes me happy to know I'm not the only one! :P
    I hope you're able to stay cool during the heat! Here in Seattle, it gets into the 70s and people break out tanks and shorts, haha! We've only had a few days where it has reached 70* this season, and anything past that seems pretty extreme. So many people complain about our cool weather, but I'm pretty grateful for it. :P


  7. I was just thinking how cute and flattering your outfit was! I love it. I definitely will be praying for rain for you. We are under a severe drought warning, and it was 102 today. And I'm up North! haahaa

  8. Love Flexi-8 clips!!! Yours is really cute.

    Hope you get rain! 107* is nothing to sneeze at. I live in Southern Arizona so I should know :)

    Stay cool,

  9. I was wondering... since you only wear skirts most of the time, do you mostly wear nightgowns to bed? Kind of an awkward question, but just wondering :)
    Oh, and super cute clip!


    1. Haha, great question! Actually, no, I never wear nightgowns. I loooove my pj pants! In fact, I counted the other day and between my two sisters and I, we have 35+ pair of them! O.o
      I kinda wish an "online sleepover fashion show" wouldn't be weird, 'cause I'm just as passionate about nice, matching PJ's as I am day clothes! :P
      Are you a nightgown girl?

    2. Oh no, I love my big, baggy, pajama pants, as much as I love my jeans ;)

  10. What? I love your outfit. Mustache and all. :)

    Hope you stay cool!

  11. Wow… Sounds like fun. I like some of your awkward moments. =)

  12. Suggestion for the outfit-belt it! I'm a forever believer in belting unflattering shirts! :)
    Ugh, 103 deg. doesn't sound like fun! I'm dying in the 90 deg. weather I've been having here in Montana! In my defense though, it's never been this hot this early-not looking forward to later in the Summer!
    A Modest Fashion Blog:

  13. Where do you live that is THAT hot?!?! Here in southern Texas it has been in the 100-105* level... BTW, love the Flexi-8 clip thingy! :)

    1. Haha! I'm in middle Tennessee and we haven't had rain for weeks. :-/ If we get rain it's usually only in the upper 90's. :P

  14. Well...

    Awkward - I was sitting in my car in Taco Bell parking lot waiting for my Mom and brother when a big tow truck pulls up. He asks me if I am waiting for a tow. BTW, my car is on and running! "Um... no."

    Awesome - A great friend who I am able to spend this afternoon with!

  15. i love our outfit, i don't think it's not always look so pretty in anything! :)
    your 'awkward and awesome' points were hilarious. really interesting!!!

  16. Just *had* to tell you...My friend from our homeschool group (back when I was 12) had the ema address "FunkyMunky****@hotmail" :D So, you werent the only one!

  17. Howdy! :)

    These are my awkward/ awesome things of the day.

    ~Trying to show someone how to trim goat hooves with dull trimmers

    ~ Homemade goat's milk ice cream, soft cheese, and yogurt smoothies. Yum!
    ~Swimming on a triple-digit day
    ~ Broody hens & chicks
    ~ Sweet goat kids that follow you around

    ~Lauren :)

  18. Okay, let's start with

    Awkward: Sitting at the end of Bible study, waiting for the closing prayer and having a friend ask me to pray, I looked absolutely scared and he told me to talk to God like a friend. (He knows I'm quiet and I think he was trying to get me out of my "shell")

    Wearing blue shorts under a summer dress, sitting cross legged in the grass with a friend and she says she can see my underwear.

    Having to answer the phone while your mom is busy, it's your dad and doesn't ask who's on the other and says, "Hi honey!" then you blush and say, "hey dad." Then he laughs.

    Returning home at nine from swimming with your friend for two hours, you've been swimming twice in your pool at home w/ur siblings and you're exhausted, it's the only time you've gotten on the computer that day and fall asleep in the middle of what you were doing, waking up five minutes later and got to bed.

    Awesome: Spending time with a friend I haven't seen in months.

    Enjoying summer, only thing is I don't tan as easy as my family :(

    My cousin calls for a chat and I answer the phone with a really strange greeting and she thinks at first she has the wrong number till I start laughing.

    BTW, loved that outfit!

  19. I love your outfit! It's beautiful.
    I'm new to following your blog, but I can't wait for updates! Every post is fresh and interesting! :)

    I'll jump in on this, because it is so fun.

    Awkward: Having your little sister beat you on a Algebra placement test. Little by several years.

    Awesome: Staying up to Midnight having a text conversation with your girlfriend on praying for our future husbands - Men at War.

    _ B


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