Monday, June 18, 2012

Floral Sundress

I trust y'all had a fantastic weekend! Yesterday was rejuvenating and encouraging for me. The sermon was excellent, the singing worshipful, and the fellowship sweet.

I snatched this dress out of my mom's closet to wear yesterday. :D

I love super easy simple dresses. 
Dress: Goodwill
Underlayer: Halftee
Shoes that you can't see: Thrift store
Hat: Target

Alrighty, I'll talk to you all again soon. I've got bunches of much stuffles to do today. :)

What'd you wear yesterday?

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  1. I like that outfit. :) It's very cute and it looks great on you.

    Yesterday I wore a black skirt with white flowers embroidered into it with a white button up, 3/4 sleeves, and tied at the ends. For the evening service I wore a blue and black skirt with a black top.


  2. Hey! Cute dress, I love it! I awarded you over at my blog!
    ♥ Purple P

  3. Hmm...since I didn't have church yesterday (Saturday church is amazing!!) and we use that as our "Sabbath rest" day I wore some denim shorts, and a light orange peasant top! :) Do you like peasant tops, Olivia? I love some of them....but only the ones that don't make me look fat! :P

  4. Hey I have a dress that looks a lot like that only its black. You look very cute;)
    Much love

  5. Hi Olivia!! I've been reading your blog for a while, and I LOVE how people like you still think modesty is important!! (I certainly think it is.) And what did I wear yesterday?? Well, I'm still recovering from foot-surgery, so to church I wore slacks, a white sweater with a navy t-shirt underneath, and white tennis-shoes ('cause I needed proper support for my foot. Believe me, normally I wouldn't wear tennis-shoes to church). And during the rest of the day, cargo-jeans replaced the slacks. :)

  6. Yesterday I wore a dress I was able to review from! :) You can read my review here:
    I love your dress! So pretty!

  7. Hmmm... this sounds bad, but to church I wore jean shorts, and a aeropostale shirt, just because we had a campout for our youth group, and I decided last minute to spend the night.
    Anyhow... brown looks really good on you!


  8. I like that dress! Floral is always good. :) Yesterday I wore a "new" Goodwill dress. Isn't Goodwill the best?


  9. I was thinking about your blog today and remembered something you might be interested in. Once I went to the dollar general between seasons and they had lots of clothes 80-90 percent off already clearanced prices. I bought several tank tops for only 10 cents each! Of course they are not high quality or style but they are just tank tops and the price was right! I love how you aren't afraid to take "cheap" clothes and make them look good.

  10. That dress is so pretty!! It looks very good on you.

  11. Cute!I love the dress! I wore a tee & a denim skirt yesterday. Not cute but great on our farm! :)- Sarah

  12. Very cute outfit! I wore a favorite teal Ann Taylor Loft silk shirt (thrift store!) with a favorite straight black skirt (thrift store!) with favorite black and white Dockers sandals. ;-)

  13. Love it, Olivia! Thanks for posting. Could you maybe do a post/tutorial for the Butterick 3134 pattern? I just got it, but I've never worked with patterns before. :-/

  14. So cute! I love your blog :)

    :) Kayla

  15. I wore a dress too! Often do skirts - but simple dresses are so easy - sometimes it's nice to not have to 'think'.

  16. I love that dress, it's so pretty!

  17. I love the dress!
    I usually don't find any good dresses at our Goodwills in Tucson. They almost always have no sleeves. Glad you had some luck! :)

  18. Huh! Yesterday was Monday in New Zealand! You guys, in the US are 1 day behind :-)

    On Sunday I wore:

    A black n' white dress sleeve less that I made, a white blouse hand me down, mary janes from my mom, skin coloured stockings from Grandma, icy green cardi WoolMark.

    It's COLD winter in NZ minus 11 degrees C any one?

    Okay, okay, I know you use F, I guess you will have to convert it for me :-)

    1. That would be 12.2 degrees here in the! Cold!! it is over 100 F right here, which would be about 38 C! And by the way...we aren't behind! You're ahead! :)

  19. 'I have stuffles to do today' are just too cute. I wore this great jean jumper I made for myself, it was a jean overall's dress that I got the pattern from Fashionably Modest Patterns. I made it using golden thread and so I put on this darling peasant blouse that once was brown but got bleached into this lovely mustard. Its really cute. But as I was gardening I realized when I bend way down, its not modest anymore, though its quite fine when I am not bending way down. Its so hot in the summer that I am wondering, do I sew in a little insert just at the top or just give it away, as I being a nursing mama just don't want to do another layer. Decisions. I should probably let it go. Well, we'll see. Maybe I will just knuckle down and wear a good high tank top under it.


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