Thursday, July 12, 2012

Lovely Day For Shopping, Aye?

Yesterday my mother and I headed to Nashville to do our grocery shopping. It was a beautiful day, despite switching from hot sun to cool rain every other time we parked. :P This is what I wore:

 I just realized it's Thursday. Well then, we must get started...
Awkward is...
  • Listening to a country song on my iPod, and telling my sister "This is a local artist!" and then realizing that we live in Nashville, Home of Country Music. Of course they are local. 
  • Driving a passenger van. I feel so pushy. 
  • The cashier guys at Whole Foods trying to talk to you, but you not having anything conversational to say back, so you just say thank you 30 times.
  • Blisters that make you limp like a wounded dog as you run through Costco trying to find those cheesesticks.
  • Wandering through a huge, unfamiliar library trying to find the herb books (I totally can't figure out the labeling system), and instead finding car manuals (sooo not a fan of 90's Volvos body style!), so you stand there reading for a while. As you turn around to leave, there are the herb books right behind you. :P
  • Taking twice as long in Jo-Ann's because you're texting photos to your sewing inspireista Madeline. (Like a fashionista, except one who inspires you/ has awesome ideas/ is your sounding board ;)
  • Getting creeped out when you find yourself sadly disappointed that you missed your dad castrating the pig (armed with youtube videos!) while you were away buying veggies in Amish country. *blink*

 Awesome (which isn't really the opposite of awkward, since awkward can be awesome in its own special way... ;) :
  •  Sibling's birthdays! Willa turned 14 this week and my first brother eveh turns 7 today. Time zooms by.
  • Taking a walk with an old friend (well, she's not old, but our friendship dates back to the '00s. ;) and it starting to rain when you are halfway through your walk and the farthest from home, without a cell signal. Rain is so lovely though, and it was grand to get *completely* soaked while walking the 2.5 miles back. Barefoot.
  • New fabric! I'm so stoked. I hope I have time to sew soon.
  • The feeling of power when you call the pig escapees and they follow you right back into the pen. Between church services.
  • The International Food market. Seriously inspired to find a cactus recipe. And a green bean flour recipe.
  • Super quick shirt fixes. Like this brown shirt, which I WILL be posting on Eager Hands sometime in the immediate future. 
  • Finding Downton Abbey Season 2 on Hulu. Be warned, there are some scenes to skip in season 1 and mature themes, but over all a delightful story.

So, I don't usually tuck in my shirts. As I pulled on my skirt though, I liked the look of it over the shirt, so I just left it tucked in. And for added interest, a belt. I love this belt with it's print, but I don't have much to wear it with. :)

Shirt: Kohl's, altered
Skirt: Made by me (here's a similar one)
Belt: Thrift store
Hair clip: Flexi clip
Shoes: Payless

Hair, super simple with the flexi clip!

And, my sister's awesome plaid shoes. She was kind enough to let me borrow them since I'd be walking through Costco 58 times.

Well, I have a birthday breakfast to clean up and liver and onions to make for lunch (uuugh) so I'll say au revoir! What's been awesome or awesome about your week?

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  1. Oh, gracious. My awkward is probably the fact that, instead of the "ugh" response, I smiled in taste-bud bliss at the mention of liver and onions. Shame!


  2. love this outfit! :) almost every day for me is awkward just because i'm an awkward person... haha. ;)

    xo. rachel

  3. THAT is an ah-dorable outfit! The belt is darling. :)

  4. Well I love being your inspirista because your definitely mine :)

  5. I love that skirt (and the one that you linked to) SO much! Do you have any plans of making and possibly selling a pattern?

    1. I do! I thought I would have it done by now, but life's gotten crazy. :p Hopefully someday. :)

  6. Hi Olivia,
    I've been admiring your denim skirts.... I sew a lot (I'm a sewing teacher), but I haven't been able to find a good source of denim. Where do you get it?
    p.s. Your's is the first fashion blog that I have ever liked :)

    1. I believe I bought this denim from Fashion Fabrics Warehouse online. I've also been happy with my denim from I can never find denim I like in the store, but online there seems to be a good selection. :)
      Thank you for the compliment!

  7. Cute! Love the shirt and belt! Rock the cowgirl look!! Glad you got rain! We are still praying for it! Yay for fabric! Awesome: Today is my brother's birthday too!

  8. I love your outfit! I can never tuck shirts in and get them to look good on me. But it looks awesome on you! ~Mary:)

  9. It made me smile that you ended with, "What's been awesome or awesome about your week?" Only looking for the positive this time, lol
    - Sandy

    1. LOL! Apparently my week has been too long already and I'm not even speaking correctly. :P Thanks for pointing that out. :D

    2. Ha ha! I thought you did it on purpose! I'm of the same mind, that Akward Things are Almost Always Awesome.
      My Awesome:
      I wrote a screen play in 4 months this summer.
      My Awkward and/or Awesome:
      I brushed my teeth with charcoal and black walnut hulls. It was icky looking. But, hey, whatever whitens your teeth!
      (the three spinsters)
      ...p.s. I'll try to stop leaving comments now. what are we on, #3? *whew* I think I'd better go to sleep and stop leaving you ridiculous comments at 12:28 in the morning.

  10. I love how you tucked your shirt in then wore a belt! I do this all the time!


  11. haha!! Love the belt. I did the exact same thing; wore my long denim skirt with a belt (more focus on the belt buckle then on the actual belt) and a plain t-shirt. :) Simple, cute. Love this outfit!!


  12. i went on your sewing blog Olivia.Everyone should check it out. I fell in love the swim top you made it is the cutest.

  13. The most awesome part of my week was discovering this blog!! (And the sewing blog too??? wow!!) This is going to be the start of a beautiful blog addiction! I love thrift store shopping and 'editing'/altering what I find there to make it my own. I'm also a modest dresser and love your creative ideas! I can hardly wait to see what you'll post next! :)

  14. The awesome part of my week was that I turned 15! :) I went shopping on my birthday(the 12th) too! :)

  15. Love the outfit. What was awsome about my week was that I welcomed a new sister into the world! Her name is Emma Elaine. So that makes 9 of us kids. Its funny, my dad just brought home a new daughter from the hospital & now he's sending his oldest one off to college! LOL! Akward. Quiting my job so I can go to college :D. Love your blog!!!


  16. I love the outfit! Your blog has been such a blessing - this journey of modesty is a lonely one! Your blog is so inspiring and you, my dear, are awesome!!!
    I *LOVE* the flexi clips - so pretty! I'd love to buy a few, but since international postage is so expensive, I'm not sure if I can justify it! Maybe I can get a few girls here in Aust. interested so we can share the cost...

    Just a really random question... how short do you think is TOO short for a dress/skirt? I've noticed that you tend toward the 'below the knee' length ( I do too :))
    What do you do to determine if a skirt is too short?
    I'm really struggling to find skirts and dresses that are below the knee - and running out of ideas how to lengthen them without looking dodgy!
    Any ideas?
    Thanks!! God's blessings

  17. Ohhhhhhhh! I love the shirt! Now that's my style! :)

    Missy from

  18. "I totally can't figure out the labeling system"--I had no idea other people had this problem. wow. I feel like i just found a kindred spirit. :) Also, I read a comment from this post and it made me remember something wonderful! I found this etsy shop and thought you would LOVE it. They make these darling slips to lengthen and frill-up any kind of skirt of any length. I love them! what a good idea! Now I want to make some. take a long look. it's simply charming,

    (the three spinsters)

  19. Olivia, howww did you make that skirt? Okay, I know that's a question that requires a crazy long and detailed answer...but I'm impressed! I love denim skirts, but it's so hard to find floor-sweeping lengths and styles that aren't granny looking. I have two that I'm OK with, but they're years old and I think there's a hole in one of them. I'd love to make a skirt just like this! :) -Hay

    1. Hey! Well, actually, I wrote an eBook on how to make this exact skirt according to your measurements! You can visit and click on "denim eBook" if you'd like to give it a try! :)


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