Monday, July 16, 2012

Misplaced Desires in Blue

Here's what I wore to hear a convicting sermon today:
(my sister and I thought that sounded hilarious)

 Shirt: Made by me
Skirt: Thrift store
Tank: JCP
Shoes: Payless
Hat: Sears

 The sermon was on Philippians 2:14-15:
"Do all things without complaining and disputing, that you may become blameless and harmless, children of God without fault in the midst of a crooked and perverse generation, among whom you shine as lights in the world"
The main point was that a complaining spirit comes from misplaced desires. We took a look at Numbers 11 where the children of Israel were complaining and begging for meat. They desired what was good for them not what was good for God.

It was so convicting! I will never be happy if I'm desiring a good thing too much. Wanting to be married is a good thing, but desire it too much and it becomes an idol- we start complaining. Wanting a convertible is a good thing, but desire it too much and your obsession will make you discontent with your current passenger van. :D

To be a light, there must be a content spirit shining out of us in the midst of a perverse generation.

And here's what I wore to eat fried green tomatoes:

 I just took off my hat, and changed my skirt and shoes. 
Shirt: Made by me
Skirt: Made by me
Flip flops: Payless
Hair clip: Flexi-Clip
 I really enjoyed  making this skirt- went together relatively quickly, hardly a mistake, and I had *exactly* the right amount of fabric. :) And I'm glad I put on a back pocket for my phone. :) 

 I'm going on a trip this week to visit dear friends and I'm not sure if I'll be able to post or not. So, please don't miss me too terribly! I'll be back soon enough.

How do you usually spend your Sundays? What was your sermon about this morning?

Y'all take care now, y'hear?
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  1. Such great pictures. Our sermon was don't live in the future. we all hear don't live in the past but really we all live in the future, planning our lives out. God has a plan and we should just live in the day and be great full for that day. So good and need to hear it.

  2. That skirt is beautiful! You are a sewing genius! I love that you changed into something more casual for dinner... I wish I had. We ended up going for a walk and I was still in heels! :(
    Our sermon (and women's group lesson afterward) was about how we can share the Good News of Christ with others without being pushy or obnoxious. Basically how we should be a light and example to others and look for ways to sow seeds of faith in the lives of others.

  3. LOVE the outfit! Super cute as usual. :D

    Question- How do you get your skirts NOT to bunch up at the waist? Mine always do that to me creating a very unflattering look. I can't help but see that yours never seem to do that!

    1. It's tough sometimes to find skirts that are flattering around the waist. I either find skirts that have zippers and no elastic so they don't bunch, or if a skirt is bunchy around the waist, I wear a tiiiiight tank top that squishes the fabric down so it's flattering. If the skirt is really bad I'll also wear a belt. :)

    2. Could your do a tutorial on this skirt it is so cute?

    3. THANK YOU! :) I try to avoid elastic skirts at all costs. I have a weird bodyshape and a large rib cage so my stomach is flat, but with most skirts? Nah. Doesn't look flat. :p I have some tight tanks that I should put in use!

  4. It was "VBS Sunday" at our church...and our sermon wound up centering on the dangers of foolish words in foolish moments--in that "rash vows" made at non-God-centered moments lead to "very bad things." (Based the passage in Mark in which John the Baptist is killed...)
    Gracious, that sounds strange once I type it out!

    God is gracious,

  5. Oh! what pattern did you use for the jean skirt? and the shirt? I love them both :)


    1. I actually just made up the patterns- kinda based the shirt off of one I already had, and the skirt I drafted totally. :) Sorry there aren't available!

  6. Very cute outfit! I love the hat too.:D I wish I could tell about our sermon but I was teaching sunday school but our lesson was about being a witness and becoming fishers of men. Hope you have a great trip.

  7. Odd! My dad preached on Exodus 15/16 too! The thing that really jumped out at me was the fact that they had to eat that stuff for 40 YEARS! I must be pretty spoiled because I would be about ready to throw up after 1 month of that! :)
    Hailey Travis: That's funny! We had the opposite-not living in the past! Because the Israelites were complaining and asking Moses why God couldn't have let them die before-when they had food but no water.
    Cute outfit, Olivia!
    A Modest Fashion Blog:

  8. Lovely as usual! :D Our sermon was on Mark 14, about Judas betraying Jesus. The point was that Judas was very, very close to Jesus and knew all about him, but he did not *believe* in Jesus. So it is with many people in the church today, we *know* all about Jesus in our heads, but we don't *believe* in Him with our hearts.
    I hope you have a good time on your trip! I'll miss you awfully,(yes I know, I've just discovered your blog but I love it so much already!) I'll just have to content myself with reading past posts. :D

  9. Gorgeous outfit, Olivia! Love the shoes and skirts. ;)
    Thanks for telling us what the sermon was about. Like you said, it was very convicting. :)

    Hope you have a safe and nice trip!

  10. Ah, these denim skirts!! I love them, and you *make them*! I can't sew. :( Literally, if I knew you in person, I would pay you to make me one, because I would so love to have one! :) Cute look. :)

  11. And what dear frinds are you visiting, eh? ;) Can't wait! (and cute outfir btw... because this is what the post is about. :))


  12. Love the second skirt! You do a great job sewing these gorgeous skirts! Do you have sisters to sew for as well? I know my sister can never keep up. :)

    ~ B

  13. Get out you made the shirt and bottom skirt. You Tell us more about your shirt, and the skirt for that matter. I love being edified by the scriptures. Mis-aligned desires cause us to grumble, that gives me food to chew on to help me figure out why my service has been so hard lately. I taught a lesson to the kidsies in my church's primary/sunday school, about how 'reverence is deep respect and love towards God' and have been thinking this week of how to be more reverent as a mother, with in my own home, and having reverence towards my service rather than a grumbling tired heart. Thanks Olivia.

  14. Speaking of the worthy desire of marriage. You are the type that could be snatched up in a heart beat. However you have so much depth, heart, insight, talent and spirituality that the Lord may be saving you for someone and have some amazing opportunities in mind for you. I had 4 opportunities, they were, teaching English in Russia...loved it with all my heart, learned some difficult things but it led me to my talent of teaching children which I really had a lot to learn about at that point which made it painful at points. 2) Served a mission for my church...the hardest thing I did was have 'companions' who lived with months at a time. All the 11 girls whom I went to Russia with, loved me and could barely scrape up something to gossip about me with , then I realized living with a girl months at a time, brings out the worst in both and I had so much to grow in charity, period. I am still remembering things I learned and there were a lot of 'failures' I felt that to this day I now choose the better way about. 3) and 4) Then for 2 summers in a row, I was an EFY counselor. (Especially for Youth) Couldn't have been more fun. Teen aged spiritually counselor, taking youth to speakers, to dances, teaching them how to better read their scriptures, etc, loved it. The weeks I didn't focus on my c.o.w. (crush of the week on another counselor) but focused on my girls ONLY was 10 billion times better and more effective in how I felt about me included. The next year however the lessons I taught I really did internalize for me and not just teach and I finally learned about my Savior as I taught about him and realized up until that point in life I'd been trying to punish my self when I messed up rather than letting his suffering for my sins pay the penalty. I also read a scripture that I felt the Lord was telling was finally time to meet my hubby and I'd been long awaiting that. And I had. I almost cast the baby out with the bath in reason and logic but the Lord kept telling me he was a keeper...and oh how he has been. Well that was a book and I hope that from it you find something good. I guess what I am trying to say is how much better our Father's will and plan is than we can imagine for ourselves, its tough to let go and let God I am still learning that lesson.

  15. I love your skirt! I've been thinking about making one like that. :)

  16. LOVE LOVE LOVE how you talk about *cute* modesty and sermon stuff in one post:O This site is a rare find-- I'm always surpised to see what ladies think is modest [either frumpy clothes or immodest clothes] but you dress normal-- yet modest! I like that. Also how you wear hats-- I'm a hat girl myself;) Keep it up! I tried making a denim skirt the other day out of a pair of jean shorts [my dads actually- lol] but it was a flop-- I broke the needle we had for the sewing machine [obviously I haven't sewn for a while and was a little brain-dead about it and didn't think to get a bigger needle] so today I did the easy thing and baught two denim skirts at a thrift store! One needs to have a small rip in the back fixed, and I'm *hoping* I can fix it without drawing more attention to my rear end. *sigh* If only I had mad skills like the author of this blogO_o lol! Your skirts *that you make* are amazing-- they're flattering, but modest! If only stores sold skirts like those!!:O


  17. I love love love your denim skirt!!!

    Truth be told I don't remember what Sundays sermon was. I just came from an amazing week at camp, so right now I have bits and pieces from a whole bunch of messages floating around in my head!


  18. Your outfits are quite lovely, my dear :) most inspirational. It's times like these when I wish I could sew!


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