Monday, July 2, 2012

Pride and Pox and Sweater Shirts

I trust y'all had a wonderful weekend! Mine was full- can hardly remember what I did! I do remember this quote from the sermon though:

 "Pride is the result of comparing ourselves to others, 
humility the result of comparing ourselves to God"

 Man, that was something I needed to hear! Let's face it ladies, we're girls. :P And women by nature are prideful and competitive souls. We're always looking at the others around us (online or in person) and comparing what they are wearing to what we are wearing, their hair to our hair, even nose to nose! This results in pride, or disdain. Not good.

 Comparing ourselves to God. There is no comparison! Instant humility. It's like eating humble pie mentally. :P Our skin may be the clearest on the planet but our hearts are so blemished God can't turn His face towards us without Christ's cleansing robe.

I think the first time I realized the depth of my sin was when I had the chicken pox. At age 16, I got them bad. I was pretty prideful about my nearly clear skin and to look down in the shower at my blistered covered body, not knowing how long they would last or if I would scar from them, it broke my spirit. I saw a glimpse of how God sees me, and it was humbling.

My outfit for church yesterday consisted of: 
Shirt: Gift from Mema
Tank: JCP
Belt: Thrift store
Skirt: Thrift store
Shoes: Payless Shoe Source (was planning on wearing silver shoes, but my sister got to them before I could. :P)
Hat: (Which I forgot to take pictures with) the one from this post
Earrings: (which I wish you could see 'cause they made the outfit) Stolen from sister

It was a toss-up on whether to wear a heavy shirt today- church was freezing thanks to a new air conditioner, but outside I started sweating in the 103*+ heat. Oh well, the outfit was cute. ;)

So, my hair is about 6" shorter than the last time I posted. :D My sister cut it for me on Saturday and I'm quite happy with it! Feels good to have it changed a bit, and it's definitely cooler for the summer. Mostly cut it, though, because my hair was getting to the length that it was only looking good curled, which is not practical for summer when I'm in the creek or sprinkler every other day. :P

How was your weekend? Do you struggle with pride/humility? Do you go to a salon for haircuts or do you do them at home? (yes. three totally unrelated questions. :P)

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  1. I know i do! It's hard sometimes!!!

  2. Your outfit is marvelous girl! ;) Love it!

    Whoa...that quote...does strike the heart. I'll admit that I do tend to struggle with it. Thanks for posting the quote! I really needed that. :)

  3. Lovely outfit! And what a wonderful quote. It brings us down to earth to realize that we aren't perfect! Thank you for sharing that.
    My weekend was pretty good. I spent most of it studying chemistry for a test coming up. But I did find some time to watch "Little Woman". I've also been shelling peas, doing laundry, and normal things around the house.
    I think we all struggle with pride/humility. But I feel like I struggle with it the most. I have to remind myself everyday that I'm really worthless without Christ in my life and that it's all about Him and not me! Also, that I need to treat others better than myself and be willing to serve them in any way that I can.
    I usually get my haircut at the salon (recently a friend cut it for me). But there have been a few occasions when my mother has cut it, or my grandmother has come and cut it. So it just depends on the situation.
    Well I think that answers all your questions! LOL I hope you have a wonderful week!
    God Bless,
    Purity Leigh

  4. Gorgeous! I love this outfit :-)

  5. i really like your skirt!! :)
    and my sister cutes my hair! :D


  6. My weekend was good despite the fact that I was sick. Doesn't everyone? I feel like if i could could get rid of the pride in my life it would be so much easier to deal with all the rest of my sin. I sometimes get my hair cut at the salon but lately I have been getting my hair cut by my friends older sister who is teaching me to cut hair or I've been cutting it myself. :) LOOOOOVe the sparkley skirt by the way!! :)

  7. I think everyone struggles with pride! I know you read my post on my blog about this very subject! It can be especially hard in the blogsphere not to compare yourself. People display a seemingly "perfect" self-when in actuality, fashion bloggers usually show themselves at their best. I was surprised at how hard it was at first to even think about posting those pictures on my blog! But after the fact, I was glad I did it. I don't want anyone to think I'm perfect-I'm just saved! :)

    My weekend was good! Fairly uneventful.

    I've always cut my hair at home-most recently myself (before that my Mom). I have pretty long hair and I've always been afraid to get it cut at a salon for fear they'd cut off more than I want them too. :) This way if I butcher my hair I have no one to blame but myself! *GRIN*

    LOVE the outfit! Is the shirt together or separate pieces? I'm loving stripes right now!
    A Modest Fashion Blog:

    1. Natasha! I must be losing my mind- I totally forgot you posted about this recently. Hope it didn't seem like I was copying! :-/ :P Anyway, yes, hard as bloggers when our "worth" online is usually directly correlated with putting our best face forward. I like what you said, "I'm not perfect, I'm just saved!"
      It's weird- I struggle with comparing myself to others more in real life than I do online, which I can't decide if that's a good thing or a bad thing. :P Maybe just 'cause I know online I have no chance of being "the best" or most liked, but in person with a smaller group I usually come away slightly depressed 'cause everyone around me is just so much sweeter than me, when I was hoping to be the sweetest that day. :P Anyway, thanks for the comment! The shirt is one piece-- although the texture of the knit changes between the top and the bottom of the shirt. :)

    2. LOL! That's okay! And I wouldn't care even if you did copy me (on purpose)-copying is the most sincere form of flattery.

  8. You look lovely!! I usually get my hair done in a salon. I need to get it cut again soon though.

    I struggle with pride like everyone else does. It's hard for me at times to open up to people and let them in. But wow. That quote is SO good!

  9. I just got my hair cut last week, and it's great since it's SO HOT!!
    Yes, I have the whole pride problem myself, and (sad to say) I compare my self a lot to other people
    and usually feel bad. :( Not a a good thing! I love your shirt! I have a 'convict' shirt my self
    and it's one of my favorite shirts. Have a good week! (And stay out of the heat!)

  10. JMJ
    Unfortunately the deadly sin of pride is one I am quite suseptible to. :P
    My weekend was fabulous!
    Several friends and I have been working on a play, and we finaly put it on!
    My mom cuts my hair occasianaly. :)
    Love you outfit!!!
    In Christ,

  11. Pride is one of my biggest pitfalls, you are right, we women are totally prone to it! I love your ensemble, those stripes are so festive and fun.

    My weekend was great: church, going out on the lake and spending time with friends. I go to my friend's house for haircuts, she has her own salon.

  12. This outfit was so cute! I loved the belt, it was the perfect touch to the outfit :) And your hair looks so good! You have gorgeous hair: the color, texture, highlights, I really do like it. We usually go to a salon to get it cut, unless we want it trimmed, then we have my mom do it.

    As for pride, I think we all struggle with it in different areas. It is really humbling to look at God though, and try to see your heart through His eyes.


  13. Comparing yourselves to others is very destructive for you as well. It can cause pride, and you can feel like you are not as good as them, that you have no value. It is very humbling to look at ourselves compared to the almighty God.
    Your outfit is very cute!

  14. We just came home from our family holiday! :-) It was fun, by the lake and sometimes by the sea. We explored mining caves, shafts, panned gold,it was SOOo......... Fun! And we visited a new Church on Sunday.

    Mum has always cut our hair. she cuts it when she thinks it is getting a wee bit too long, by that time it's normally about mid spine length.

  15. Beautiful outfit, girl! You have *the* style!

    My mother always cuts mine. Turns out different every time, so I never know what to expect. An adventure! ;)

    _ B

  16. I love the outfit and the quote! Did you get a haircut? It looks cute!

  17. Yep, I struggle with pride and humility. I go to a salon to have my hair done. My weekend was GREAT. Went to an English COuntry Dance in the evening, danced almost every dance, and then went to church on SUnday, with my feet nearly killing me. Well, that's life.
    Gorgeous outfit Olivia, I really like it, and you look so lovely. (but then, you always do!)

  18. Love the outfit. My fav is the belt!!! My weekend was great! I got a new baby sister! My dad got a new baby girl from the hospital & now he's giving the oldest away to college. :D- Sarah

  19. i go to the salon, but i cute my little sister's hair. I think it's fun!


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