Friday, July 6, 2012


Hey y'all! Hope you had a lovely Independence Day week! I've been super busy, slightly too exhausted, and rather repetitive in my clothing choices. ;)
SO. Here I am, posting an outfit from several weeks ago when we went to a neighbor's for a lovely evening of ice cream and swimming (for some. :P).

This skirt is So. Bright. It seriously can hurt my eyes in some light. :P So, I've been hesitant to wear it, but it's growing on me. :D It also used to be longer, but the top was too tight, so I cut it off at the top and and made it shorter and therefore less tight. :P

 Shirt: Thrift store, altered
Tank: Walmart
 Skirt: Grandma
Flip flops: Target
Earrings: Walmart

What did y'all do for the 4th? I did some sewing, hiked down some creeks (nearly died I tell you), and then in the evening we hung out in a friend's hay field eating hot dogs and laughing. After dark we had our own rather impressive/professional fireworks display thanks to our pastor's son. :)

Enjoy your weekend, and I hope to be back into the swing of things soon. :D

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  1. It is rather bright...however it's cute none the less!
    A Modest Fashion Blog:

  2. I love the wavy hem on the skirt! A little too bright for my taste though... :-)

  3. Love the bright color combination! Cute outfit. :-)

  4. that colour is lovely on you! i don't think it's too bright, really suits you! :)

  5. Cute! Bright is "in":)

    I'm having a giveaway over at my place!

  6. Are you having a flexi giveaway??? I'm so anxious to know!!! ;)


  7. Cute! Love the skirt and your hair!
    Love, Katie

  8. I love what you did to the shirt - it looks really cute!

  9. Your outfit is lovely. Bright, but a nice balance with the shirt.

  10. I love the skirt! The shirt looks really cute with it:)
    - ABS

  11. Hi, Olivia! I read your blog All. The. Time. :), but I don't comment much. Anyway, your style of clothes is great! I'm curious about the place that you live...? You've mentioned fixing tractors, hanging out with friends at all hours, chasing sheep (no, I surely didn't get that one right)... What sort of community do you live in? And how in the WORLD do you know how to deal with tractors? I wouldn't have a clue. :O

  12. Very cute!

    Lets see what did we do for the 4th... It was the last day of our family reunion. so we hung out, played, games, and had supper with relitives then went to the fireworks together.

  13. I have a really bright skirt too, I love wearing bright color they make me happy. I love your skirt it is so so cute!!!


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