Thursday, August 16, 2012

Awkward and Awesome... {14th Week!}

I forgot it was Thursday until halfway through the day. One of those "Waaaait a second..." moments. :P

  • Falling asleep sitting up on a couch, and waking at 1am to find your family left you there. 
  • Sun burning one side of your face (you may have fallen asleep outside, too)
  • Laughing so hard as you try to say something funny that you giggle it out and nobody understands what you're saying, so you have to take a breath and try to repeat it again without laughing. :p
  • Trying to unscrew a sippy cup lid, and when it finally opens, it splashes half a cup of water down your shirt. The dance you do somehow manages to get the water all the way through your outfit without getting your clothes wet, and the water lands on the floor. Like, between your skin and your tank, shirt, apron, AND skirt, and you don't get wet. May have done a happy dance too. 
  • Carrying stuff up the stairs while wearing a long skirt, so you have to waddle up the stairs to keep from tripping. 
  • Accidentally burning a peach tree. 
  • The "Welcome Friends" cross stitch in your bathroom.
  • Your public-schooled 11-year-old neighbor friend who plays with your siblings thinking that your backside is called your "bosom". Something about hearing, "Seth, I see your bosoms! Pull up your pants!" shouted across the yard makes it too good to correct her. :P
My super uncreative outfit today: 
 Shirt: Kohl's
Tank: Target
Skirt: Made by me
Flip flops: Old Navy
Earrings (same as last post for those who liked them): Made by my sister

  •  Finally getting my lime green decorations on the mantle! I love them.
  •  Parents going out of town for a few days, so us kids cleaned the basement! Y'all have no idea what a big deal this was. It looks awesome now, and is actually useable. Before I would literally have to climb over furniture and tumbled over boxes (couldn't do it in a skirt!) to get to my fabric which was pretty much dumped all over the floor. Now, there's not a thing out of place and it's all organized. :D And I still have way too much fabric.
  • Being super sore from lifting boxes and furniture, so you slip into a hot tub filled with epsom salts and a few drops of clove and orange essential oils. Instant back pain relief, instant calm, instant "Ahhhh". :)
  • Scheduling a nap into your afternoon every day. Seriously has helped me function better and be a happier, more productive person. :) And sleeping outside, preferably in the sun, boosts my energy even more! I can tell when my body is screaming, "D3!!" if I've been inside too much. :P I think the mexican siesta is fabulous.
  • This AmAzInG gluten free chocolate chip cookie recipe. I may have had them for every meal Monday. (Definitely went over my 2T limit a day. :P)
  • Still unpacking moving boxes three years after your move and reading all the random writing your friends did alll over the boxes. Memories and the time they spent doing that was so worth it. Actually, I have the moving box with friends' final "signatures" on permanent display above our powder room sink. :)
  • Picnics outside with your siblings for dinner. Bliss.

 How's your week been awkward and awesome?

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  1. Hahaha....I love that bit about your neighbor! I'm actually still laughing--it sounds exactly like something my little sister would say!

    Nothing tooooo awkward happened to me this week...but on the awesome side, my room is clean for the first time since May!


  2. Awesome:- Finally finding a gluten free chocolate chip cookie recipe!! THANKYOU!!!

  3. Great post! Can you explain what exactly you do on Awkward & Awesome Thursdays? Are you listing things that have happened just on Thursday, or throughout the week?
    Awkward & Awesome is SUCH a great idea!

    Love your blog!

    1. Hey Mandie! These posts include things that have happened since the last time I did an A&A post. Sometimes I skip a week if I'm busy or don't have enough to warrant a full post. :D

  4. I always love these posts!! They make me smile a lot!!haha
    I might start doing it on my blog!

  5. Hahahaha, the waddling!! I so hear you! I was going to comment a few weeks ago and mention that as an awkward thing about my daily life. :D

    Ohhhhhh dear......that last awkward just about did me in. I'm almost in tears from laughing so hard.

    Y'all have a blessed week! :)

  6. My week was pretty awsome & akward. I got a call from my old job saying they need me back. They want someone with experience with kids! (I worked at a daycare center).

  7. Haha! That made me laugh so hard! :)

    Awkward: Accidently getting peppermint essential oil in my eye... :P Don't ask me how...

    Awesome: Learning that I may be able to go on a mission trip next year...

  8. You look adorable, the jean and plaid, the cute hair style - everything! :D

  9. Cute outfit, soooo classic! What does your hair look like staight on?

    1. Thanks! Well, my hair actually looked kinda weird from the front, which is why I'm looking down in these pictures! :P It was just a french braid starting by one ear and going over to the other. It was fine for around the house. :P

  10. Hey, did you remove your pinterest account?

    1. Hm, nope! It should be there:

  11. I love the bosom story, it made me crack up.:D I love the shirt and the hairdo in your pics. Thanks for sharing!

  12. Oh you crack me up Olivia! Love love love your outfit! I hear ya on cleaning the basement. I just did that recently with the kids. AHH! It looks so much better. I can actually find things now.. ;)

  13. Love these posts!

    Awkward: Standing in line to have my hat autographed by a US Marine Harrier Jet Pilot, and having a lady come up to me as I'm fixing my hat hair, and say: "Uh-huh... I see you fixing your hair. He's cute isn't he? now don't tell me no, 'cause I know you think he's cute!" Ummm...

    Awesome: Going SWIMMING!

  14. This was a really cute outfit, and your hair looked really nice!

    Awesome: The county fair was this week, so that was pretty awesome, and I saw just about everybody I knew there, and being "new" in town, I don't know that many people.

    Awkward: Me and my sister had just purchased a large funnel cake at the fair, and I was holding it. Then we went to find a picnic table. And suddenly, everybody I could possibly see walks by me. Yeah, people usually see me as not that big of eater, but probably not now...


  15. oh my goodness... that last awkward one... i would have died laughing.

    let me see... my entire life is awkward. the most recent was falling on my face at school (i go to public high school) because sometimes i randomly walk out of my flip flops. i was going up stairs and one fell off and i fell. and then today it was raining and i was walking and my flip flops get really slippery when they're wet. So I was walking along, and noticed that something was different. Because I was missing a flip flop.

    Yeah. me and my flip flops. ;)

  16.'t really think of anything that awkward that's happened to me this week. Oh, fiance's cousin knocked me down while we were playing volleyball. That was pretty awkward!

    Awesome...moving most of my stuff into my new house...getting married in two weeks. :)

  17. Awkward.. pulling on your favorite dark jeans from last winter and realizing that they have a lighter blue stretch mark where your phone had been placed every day. {facepalm}

  18. I love your outfit!!

    Awkward: Listening to the guy next to you on the plane tell you his girlfriend troubles. Seriously.
    Seeing a lady in a short sheer white dress on Splash Mountain...
    Friends who welcome you into their house when you come to visit!
    Weight Watchers Fudgsicles. (seriously amazing and only 45 calories!)

  19. Awkward: Listening to the guy on the plane sitting next to you tell you his girlfriend troubles and then start crying.
    A lady in a short white dress going on Splash Mountain.
    Your older sister setting something on fire in the kitchen during a cooking competition.
    Awesome: Vacation in Florida!!!
    Friends who are so hospitable!!
    Weight Watchers Fudgsicles! (seriously amazing..)

  20. Oh my. I laughed so hard at the one about your neighbor! LOL! That was the best! :)


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