Friday, August 24, 2012

Friends of Fresh Modesty: Alison, Naomi, Rosie's Sister, and Rose!

Hey y'all! Got some lovely submissions for you today! Sorry it's so late that it's almost not Friday... I had a hard time wrangling a computer from the rest of my family to use today! :P

My personal life aside, y'all are adorable! First up we have Alison, with a cute school girl look. 

My name is Alison, and I am both honored and humbled to be featured on Friends of Fresh Modesty. This outfit is not one of my most thrifty, but each of these pieces is fairly versatile, so I have gotten good use out of them. I personally think tank tops are adorable, when worn appropriately! I like the polo underneath because it adds a little something extra with the collar that a basic tee could not. The skirt is pretty basic, yet the buttons give it some nice detail.  The tank, in all it's brightness, keeps the outfit from being too plain. Overall, this is a summer-y outfit that I wear when doing anything from grocery shopping to spending time with friends.
Tip: If you particularly like the polo underneath, try wearing one under a sundress. I've done so and really liked the look! Just make sure the polo isn't too bulgy.

Tank - Gap Outlet
Polo - Aeropostale
Skirt - Stein Mart
Flip-flops - Kohl's (on sale)
Purse - Maurice's (with coupon)
Hair Flower - Rue 21

 Next we have Naomi! She has one of my favorite styles- classy country!

Hey Fresh Modesty readers! I'm Naomi, and this outfit is one of my faves-The skirt and Flip-flops go with everything, the earrings are dressy and the shirt is plaid (I LOVE plaid shirts :D) Some other things I love are Photography, Baking, Sewing, and this blog :]
Shirt: Warehouse One (Hand-me-down)
Tank Top: Giant Tiger
Skirt: Made by Me
Flip-flops: Ardene (Yard Sale)
Earrings: Second hand store
Third today we have a submission from Rosie! Her sister has a lovely polkadot dress that is a super easy, cute, and stylish choice! 
 Hello to everyone, my name is Rosie, I love to sew (there is nothing it like more than re-fashioning, stitching, cutting, and styling!) and the outfit that I have here is actually my little sister's. You see, I have a wonderful little sister, not only is she fantastic, she has great style! She can in a matter of minutes pull together a wonderful outfit, and be ready for a trip to town {which is rather a feat, seeing we live wayyyyy out in the country, and she works very hard all week at a produce farm {yes, out in the sun, wind and rain :)}

The outfit she is wearing is a lovely thrifted Ann Taylor dress that she bought online for $15.00.
The tank she is wearing with it is Forever 21 {if you are looking for great cheap tanks, they are only $2.80 there, and come in some great colors too!}. Oh, and the earrings were a gift (I can't even remember where she got them).

Finally is Rose! She did an awesome job layering this jumper in a stylish way! 

Jumper: hand me down
tshirt: J Crew
skirt: Thrift Store
I've never really liked jumpers, especially denim and plaid ones, but this one broke that habit. :)

Aren't these great?! Never underestimate the power of layers. :D What is your favorite part of each of these outfits?

I'm ready for more submissions! If you're interested in sharing your outfit, I wanna see it! Guidelines are here. Some folks have asked if you can submit more than one- yes! By all means, if you've already been featured or if you sent one in and I didn't choose it, or if you're still "in the queue", you can submit more outfits! I'm trying to go in chronological order of how I receive these, but yeah. :) Thanks so much for sharing, y'all! It's so encouraging to see other stylish ladies striving to serve the Lord. :)

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  1. I have a question, if we enter in outfit and then a few weeks later we have another outfit we want to submit, can we do that?

    I love this series!

    1. Yup! I think that's what I was trying to say in the last paragraph... my brain's kinda dead so maybe I wasn't clear! :P But yes, please submit as many outfits as you wish (within reason, I suppose. ;).

    2.! Sorry!!! I skimmed over the last paragraph!!! You were perfectly clear!! Haha woooowww I need to go to sleep!!! (but it was early here when I wrote that so maybe it's just my mind being dumb!!! Haha sorry!!!)

  2. oh these are lovely. i adore the plaid, because plaid is such a fall thing, ya know! :)

  3. I love Naomi's classy country style. Great!

  4. Naomi's is so cute!!! Love the skirt.

    All the others are fabulous as well! Love Fridays :) and any other day on Fresh Modesty!

  5. I love the layering technique in Allison's and Rose's outfits! I also love the classy country style of Naomi's!
    Love, Katie

  6. I love all of these! Super cute!


  7. I really like Naomis outfit :) I absolutely love cowgirl shirts, and the skirt was just perfect. It was definitely something I would wear :)


  8. What if it's been storming for like a week and the weather outside makes your hair go crazy!
    Can pictures be taken inside then?


  9. I LOVE Naomi's outfit best! I have this terrible obsession with tiered skirts. =) All of them are super cute, though! =)


  10. LOVE polka dots and plaid. I just realized that all my current sewing projects are polka dots and plaid! woohoo! You girls all look beautiful!


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