Friday, August 10, 2012

Friends of Fresh Modesty: Becky, Hailey, Callie, and Emily!

It's Friends' Friday! I have four lovely ladies to share with you today. First up, Becky! I had the chance to hang out and make chocolate chip frappes with her this spring; she's awesome. And this dress? I'm jealous of it's adorableness. I may just have to make one. Like, today.
"This is definitely one of my most comfortable dresses; which isn't surprising since it's made completely out of old tshirts. :-D There's a few different reasons why I love it;
1. It's comfortable. 2. It's pretty light weight and cool for this hot summer, even with the tank underneath. 3. It's easy. It doesn't require a belt or lots of accessories to look nice, and I don't have to wonder what to wear with it. So. An easy summer dress that's made from tshirts you've outgrown in size and/or style? I'd say Yes. =)"

Tank: Wal-mart - Dress: Refashioned - Earrings: Gift from a friend
If you're into refashioning, you should check out Becky's blog!

Here we have Hailey with a fabulous dressy outfit. Love how she managed plaid with pinstripes and accessorized well without going "over the top".

"I love this outfit because it easy and cute. I love headbands and waist belts and this outfit really just describes the outfits I love to wear. My white heels just make everything appear brighter."

 Thanks for entering, Hailey!

Next up is Callie with a cute casual covering...okay, trying too hard. ;) Anyway, I love this outfit. The skirt just makes the outfit as well as the way the graphic on the tee pics up the pink in the skirt. It just looks put together... especially with those gray TOMS! Love those.

"Hi everyone!  My name is Callie and I am a passionate knitter. My love for creating knitted garments and accessories led me to start my own business and blog: The most important goals in life are to truly know God and to lead others closer to Him.  What I really like about this outfit is the bright maxi skirt.  Maxi skirts are so comfortable and quite modest.   Because they are loose and flowy, you can do just about anything in them.  And I love how they come in so many different colors and patterns.  Undoubtedly, I have more maxi skirts in my closet than any other type of skirt!  Pairing this skirt with a simple t-shirt keeps it casual, yet glamorous."

 Blouse: J.C.Penny's Skirt: Macy's Shoes: Academy


 And our final one for today is Emily! Her hair. is. so. gorgeous! And I looove this stripes-with-a-belt look! She even pulled it off with a modest skirt. Plus, you can never go wrong with red shoes. Fabulous, Emily, fabulous.
"I like this outfit because it is SUPER comfy. And the fact that the most costly thing I have on is my shoes. (and they were only 5.00). I got my shirt at Goodwill, and I got the skirt at Goodwill. The skirt was REALLY long but I tore it, so I cut it up and put a hem in it. :D  The shoes are from Target. And the belt is actually one of my brothers. :P Why pay 15 dollars for a belt, if your brother has one that he never wears?"

Thanks for sharing, gals! I think you've inspired us to tactfully pull outfits together and end up with a style that looks awesome, but effortless. Y'all have been great examples, gracias!

I have enough entries for two more weeks, but my fabulous readers are welcome to submit their outfits to FreshModesty {at} gmail {dot} com. Have an awesome day!

What are your favorite elements of these outfits? The belts? The hairstyles? The shoes?

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  1. All cute outfits! I love how Callie's is casual yet feminine. And Emily's is very well done too!
    Love, Katie

  2. I love them all! The TOMS, the cute belts, the plaid, and the stripes! Nice job! :)

  3. All of these are lovely!
    I really liked the refashioned dress-so cute and clever! And the headband, "thingy", in the next picture.
    I ADORE the casual maxi dress style, probably my favorite! And the shoes in the last photo.
    Anyway, really enjoy seeing these, Olivia! Still have yet to send you a photo....time keeps flying by me!
    A Modest Fashion Blog:

  4. Hailey: Love how you dressed up that plaid! :-D

    Emily: Goodwill? YES. Without Goodwill I would have far less clothes and far less fun... ;) Love your red shoes!

    Callie: I absolutely love your skirt! It's pink and long and flowing and... wow. :)
    Also, your website is very cool! I've been browsing it, and if I need a special gift for someone I'll have to remember to look there!! Such neat stuff! Amazing. :-D

  5. Great outfits, ladies!!
    You are all so pretty! :)

    Sarah :)

  6. That refashioned dress is so clever, Becky! I've got to figure out how to make one for myself. =)

    Hailey, your accessories are awesome.

    And Emily, your shoes are fabulous. I love bright colored shoes. =)

    I am so honored to be featured with you lovely ladies! Thanks so much, Olivia!

  7. These are all such great outfits! Becky's dress? What a genius idea! Plus I found a great new blog to follow...
    Hailey's plaid is fantastic - plaid is the best. :)
    And then Callie's maxi skirt? Hot pink + tiers + maxi-ness = great outfit.
    Then Emily's shoes (and her name...) are simply perfect.


  8. Thanks so all the great compliments. I have always loved plaid and try to work it into everything I wear. I love the toms with the skirt, and have been trying to figure a way to wear shoes with skirts, and bought a pair of slip on sketcher. I guess that works.

  9. Olivia,
    You've been tagged (!


  10. I LOVE the T-shirt dress!! An incredible idea! wow! I thought all these girls had some great outfits. For some reason I always feel silly wearing a belt over my shirt... I think it looks cute when I see others do it, but when I do it I never feel comfortable with it. I just might be crazy. :)

  11. The T-shirt dress, was like amazing!
    I totally thought it was from the store 'til she said she made it. :p
    Hailey's very creative. I really like her belt. :)
    Callie's outfit is my all-time favorite! & I LOVE Emily's shoes!

  12. Olivia,

    I sent you an email about an up-coming "blog party" I am having. Did you get it? I hope it didn't go in the spam box!! 8}


  13. Hi! I just found your blog today on pinterest & I LOVE your blog! Callie's is by far my favorite although they are all cute! ;)



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