Friday, August 31, 2012

Friends of Fresh Modesty: Bianca, Natasha, Susanna, and Lexi!

Hey friends! How are y'all doing this fine Friday? Some lovely ladies were kind enough to submit encouraging outfits for y'all to see today! Lets see... first we have Bianca, with quite a story to go with her outfit! I love how her simple outfit has perfect little touches, like the head scarf, and her sandals.

The day before this picture was taken, my mission trip group went to see the Wailing Wall. I thought this one particular yellow peasant shirt I was wearing was conservative. I had been told that the people who allow you in are very picky about what tourists wear to this holy site. I waltz in, and a Jewish woman calls out to me. She is standing behind a table that holds folded up, navy blue ponchos. She tells me my back is showing far too much. I was a little bit irritated because my pride had been bruised. But there was such a sincerity in her voice as she kindly pleaded with me, "Please, this is a holy place." I humbly accepted the poncho and wrapped my shoulders with it without another word.

All that to say, I learned my lesson and wore a more conservative outfit the next day (the purple top and brown skirt). On this day, it was adventure time! We were allowed to break up into small groups and tour the many streets of Old City Jerusalem. It was very hot and I saw the way the Orthodox Jewish women wrap their hair in patterned scarves. It looked so light, breezy and cool! We walked by a shop with head scarves and I knew what I wanted to do. I picked a patterned blue, white, purple and silver scarf and asked the lovely lady behind the counter to tie my hair up. Well, she was not too thrilled by that request after asking if I was married. She told me that only married Orthodox Jewish women wrap their hair. Who knew? But I was persistent and she showed me how. After that cultural experience, we got some passion fruit juice and lattes to take the edge off of the heat.

 Oh, and did it kill me to be mindful of another culture, to be respectful of my elders and to honor God at these holy sites? Not a chance! It was a great reminder that no matter what, modesty is always in! 


 Next up is Natasha, who I hope y'all are well-acquainted with! If you don't follow her blog, you should! :D
This outfit is lovely, with a great mix of glamor (sequinsss!) and casual (shell necklace and denim!). :)

 I'm Wearing: Brown Shirt-Rue 21 $5, Brown Tank-Vanity $9, Blue Jean Skirt- Thrifted $3.99


Here's Susanna! Love her blue pallet and simple but trendy key necklace! Her sandals are also super cute.

Hello Friends of Fresh Modesty! My name is Susanna, I'm 12 years old. I love my Lord, and try to dress modestly everyday to please Him, and glorify his name.
 I blog over at I know, weird name, but that's explained on the first post. :)
This blue shirt is my favorite ever! It goes with almost anything in my closet. Plus, with most of my skirts too. Hence the one I'm wearing.
I wear this outfit a lot, because it's light and comfortable for working inside, and it's casual enough to go to the store, or a friends house.

Shirt: H&M
Skirt: Good will
Flip-flops: From a yard sale
Key Necklace: From my Aunts wedding.
(On a decorative bottle she gave me)


 Last but not least, LEXI!! :D She's got a fabulously colorful outfit that I just love. The simple scarf gives so much more to the look. :)

 Hi, I'm Lexi.
I've been Home-Schooled all my life, and I serve the one and only true God.
A friend brought me to this blog and I immediately fell in love! My family dresses modestly as well , and I'm also very fashion conscientious. 

''Fresh Modesty'' inspired me SO much, and really helped me the next time I was out shopping.
I love this outfit because I like to use simple tops, plus grey and teal are one of my favorite color combos.
This casual grey cotton top partnered with a more dressy short teal skirt is the perfect mix for a stylish, cute and comfy outfit.
The striped teal and white light-weight scarf blends the two colors together and makes a great shopping spree outfit!(I think.)

Shirt- Given to me
Scarf- Sisters
Skirt- Goodwill
Flip-Flops- Hobby Lobby

Aren't they all adorable?! Thanks so much for sharing, ladies! If you'd like to submit an outfit for Friends of Fresh Modesty Friday, you can visit here for more information. :) I need some entries for next week! :D

What are your favorite aspects of these outfits? Have a great day!

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  1. I really liked Susannas outfit. It was cute, modest, and looked perfect for a summer day. Definitely something I would wear :)


  2. *SCREAM*!!! I was Lexi's "friend" who introduced her to this blog! So thrilled to see your gorgeous outfit, doll! Y'all all look amazing!!!


    1. And I'm so glad you did TC!

      -Thanks you Olivia! I'm so honored!

      BTW, Love the head scarf Bianca's wearing!:D:D

  3. I really love the story that goes with Bianca's outfit and it is really cute!

  4. Where was Kristina's entry?

    1. Whoops! I totally messed that name up. Things are getting confusing. ;) I meant Susanna. :)

    2. I am so sorry! I have to use my mom's name for my email, since I'm not 13 yet.
      (I guess google requires that:)) So sorry for all the confusion! :p

    3. Oh, it was totally fine-- I shouldn't have rushed through it and not proofread! I even neglected to write a comment about your outfit on the original post. :-0 Well, thankfully it should all be fixed/ updated now. :)

  5. I love Lexi's outfit! Blue, gray, stripes...all my favorite things! (Oh, and the braid over to the side! Love it...that's how I do my hair all the time!)

  6. These are all very lovely outfits! :)

    And I just love Bianca's story. ;) Thanks for sharing it!

  7. Olivia,
    I really enjoy your blog and am really enjoy the Friday fashion posts! :)
    The reason I'm posting is to ask if you've given up doing the "awkward and awesome"Thursdays?
    I always enjoyed reading yours and haven't seen one in awhile!
    God bless!

    1. Thanks, Sarah! No, I haven't given them up-- the last two weeks I've just been really busy and/or didn't have anything awkward to share. I'll have one this week. :) A&A Thursdays don't happen every week, but if I share A&A, it'll be on Thursday- make sense? lol. Thanks for your curiosity! :)

    2. *grin* Sure I understand. :D Thanks for the reply Olivia! I'll look forward to it!
      By the way it's nice to know theres others out there that dress modestly!
      Your blog is one of my favorites!

  8. The story behind Bianca's outfit is amazing! Her headscarf is just perfect.

  9. Ok, this is funny: I AM one of those ladies! Nothing wrong with unmarried women covering their hair, except that people like me will do a double-take :) You look great! I'm glad you enjoyed your visit.

  10. I am really surprised by the comments in support of Bianca's actions. Insisting that that woman help her wear a scarf--despite the woman's hesitation--is the opposite of being "mindful of another culture." It sounds quite rude and disrespectful.

    Wearing a headcovering in Orthodox or Ultra-Orthodox Judaism signifies the sanctity of a women's marriage, and commitment to her husband and G-d's laws. It's similar to the sindoor for Hindus. I don't think there's a true Christian equivalent, but I suppose it's similar to wearing a wedding ring in meaning. Wearing one when unmarried is bizarre at best, culturally insensitive and insulting at worst. Would Bianca be happy with a non-Christian wearing a big cross necklace because it looks "cool"? If she thinks appropriating another cultures' religious symbolism is cute and "honors G-d" maybe she should think again.

    1. I'm also Jewish, but I don't think Bianca did anything wrong. While Orthodox Judaism requires only married women to cover their hair, there is no reason an unmarried woman couldn't choose to wear a scarf as a fashion statement. And Jewish law doesn't tell non-Jews what to wear or not to wear on their heads. Lots of Jewish businesses sell scarves to both Jews and non-Jews.

      Plus, many Orthodox women cover their hair with wigs or hats, so a scarf isn't really so symbolic of the religion. It's just one of several haircovering options. It's not a religious symbol the way the Star of David or a menorah is.

    2. While I agree that no one should attempt to coerce someone into doing something that makes them feel uncomfortable (i.e. goes against one's culture and/or religion), I don't agree that it is bizarre for an unmarried woman to wear a scarf for religious and/or cultural purposes. Both Orthodox Jewish and Orthodox Christian married women cover their hair with a scarf - this also includes some unmarried women. Wearing a scarf (married or not) is not solely a Jewish practice - it's found in other religions and cultures around the world.

  11. A couple decades ago, tichels were high fashion around the world -nothing to do with us- and they still pop up here and there as stylish accecssories.
    A tichel is a dignified garment - and, as Bianca says, light and breezy - and I don't see anything insulting in a girl admiring and borrowing the look.
    On the contrary, I wish more of the world would take an interest in modest fashion :)


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