Friday, August 17, 2012

Friends of Fresh Modesty: Summer, Rachel, Sarah D, and Sarah H!

It's Fresh Modesty Friends Friday! I love alliterations, in all their cheesiness. First today we have a super cute outfit from Summer! Her headband is so much fun. 
Hey Olivia's followers! ;)
I'm Summer.  I was super excited when Olivia picked my outfit to be apart of this Friends of Fresh Modesty.
I love this outfit pretty much because pink and black are two of my most Favorite color combinations. I love the way the pattern on the skirt, has that vintage look, and yet in a way, it's still modern, and modest.  :)
The pink T-shirt I think helped to add color to outfit, instead of just going with a white or black T-shirt, While the shoes keep this outfit looking more formal. :) Last of all the purse. I actually had no intention to use it in the outfit, but seeing my half put together outfit, and then seeing then purse, I had to use it. :)  So, there ya go, a formal and Modest outfit, made pretty much from a thrift store. Well that brings me to the point of were I got everything. :D

Headband-Forever 21
Skirt-Thrift store
Shoes-Thrift store.
Purse-Thrift store.

Next comes Rachel! She has just the right amount of accessorizing and a lovely color scheme. :)
Hello name is Rachel and I blog at Rachel's Blog  (yeah, got slighty un-creative with the blog title!).  This outfit is one of my favorites and I have to be careful not wear it too often because I love the combo so much.  :-)  The dark pink tank adds a splash of color that the black and grey wouldn't normally get.  I love the necklace because each of the stones is a different color, so it will coordinate with practically any solid-color outfit I pair it with.

Outfit Details:
Skirt:  thrift store
Shirt:  Ross
Tank:  Walmart
Necklace:  Walmart
Flip Flops:  Beall's
Belt: thrift store
Here's Sarah D., an Australian reader! Her hair: O.o Her outfit is monochromatic, but with just the right details to make it fabulous.
I'm wearing a print maxi skirt (Big W, stolen from sister), black tee (Rivers), brown over wrap (Harris Scalfe), ballet flats (not seen)(Rivers), handmade feather earrings (by me!), and head band (cheap shop). The strange thing is that this is perhaps the only one of my favourite outfits that is not from an op shop. Almost all of my clothing is from op shops, bargain bins, hand-me-downs or stolen from sisters.

I have a funny fashion sense - anything I wear is a mix of boho/practical/classy, and I LOVE feather earrings.

And last but certainly not least is Sarah H.! Take note of this loveliness, ladies. Suit-ish, ruffly jackets with curly hair is always gorgeous.
This outfit was one that I groggily pulled out of my closet on sunday morning. I had never ever paired these pieces of clothing together before, but you know what? I think it worked. The jacket is my favorite item in this outfit. Immediately upon seeing it in the store, I knew I was in love. Ruffles grace the front of this silver-gray suit coat, while a matching tie keeps it closed tight. The skirt is flowing and comes well below the knees...which I personally prefer. The silky dark-purple shirt adds a perfect pop of color. I believe that this outfit is going to become a regular favorite of mine!

Outfit details:
Shirt - Goodwill
Suit Jacket - Kohls(for $4!!!!)
Skirt - a hand-me-down from my sister
Thank you so much, girls! Seriously lovely stuff today. Don't the rest of you think so?

Would you like to be featured on Fresh Modesty? Here are the details! I added a new item to the details list, for those of you who have already read it: "I like to have a mostly uniform look to my pictures, so I'll take care of editing and cropping the photos. :)" So, keep the amazingness coming ladies!  Send 'em to freshmodesty {at} gmail {dot} com. :) Dressy, everyday, casual-classy, anything! Remember the purpose of these posts is to inspire creativity of modest dress in others. :)

What are your favorite bits of these outfits, readers? Have an awesome weekend!

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  1. Oh! I LOVE Sarah D's outfit! And her hair! Wow! I used to have that much but then I trimmed some off.... you are making me wish I hadn't. :D

  2. JMJ
    Love, love, love, all the outfits!
    I LOVE Sarah D's hair. :)
    In Christ,

  3. Sarah H: Her hair is so beautiful! The suit/jacket thing, oh my stars!--enough said....
    Sarah D: Her outfit looks super comfy! And super duper amazing! I'd defiantly wear it!
    Rachel: I'm dying over her outfit! It's put together so well! Such a classy look.
    Summer: Her skirt is a.d.o.r.a.b.l.e.! I need one just like it.... right now!


  4. Thanks for posting me!
    Great job girls!
    Summer your skirt is so cute!
    Sarah D your hair is gorgeous!
    Rachel your entire outfits is adorable!

  5. Sarah D's outfit is so much like my own style. She made her earrings? Those are great!


    1. Yep, she made her earrings. Clever, huh? (She also happens to be my sister!) :-)

  6. These were great choices. They are all so different yet all very cute and modest! Love to see so many young ladies out there being feminine and appropriate.

  7. I love Sarah H's outfit! So cute!


  8. Sarah H's outfit is so cute! So is Rachel's!

  9. Thanks SO much for posting me Oliva! :D

  10. Summers shoes and skirt are such a cute match together!

    Rachel's is very modern and stylish! Love the layered look.

    Sarah D's hair is lovely, and her outfit is my favorite! I love the shirt sleeves.

    Sarah H's is adorable. Her shirt with ruffles is so cute and matches her curly hair.

    All lovely ladies!

  11. Sarah D:
    love the outfit and the skirt is soooo cute! Your hair is amazing! Do you have any tips on growing long hair?


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