Monday, August 20, 2012

Lovely Day

Hey y'all! I trust you had a lovely day yesterday. Our sermon was on Philippians 4:6-9 and worry. A good one for us girls who sometimes can't just "go with the flow"... we have to go through every scenario and worry about it. :D

So, I had plans to wear a favorite shorter skirt to church this week... but when I found a whole string of bug bites on my leg, I opted for a longer skirt. :P I've realized I don't have very many long church skirts... may need to remedy that! ;)

Anybody else freeze in air conditioning in the summer? This cardigan has become my friend.

 Tank: Target
Cardigan: Handmedown
Belt: Gift from Grandma (she got it at a thrift store)
Skirt: Made by me
Shoes: Payless
Hat: Target
Feather earrings: Forever21

My hair I just did a little waterfall braid on either side before putting my hat on. It stayed fine enough that I didn't have hat hair when I took it off after service! :D

After church and fellowship lunch, we watched a session of Paul Tripp's "What Did You Expect?" marriage video. It may be for married people, but the principles and lessons are so applicable to all relationships! It's great stuff.
Had a lovely, cool evening holding a baby and talking with friends. Sweaters in August? Happy days.

How was your day?
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  1. So Olivia, do you normally wear a head-covering type thing for church? I just noticed that on Sundays you normally wear a hat or scarf or something... there are a few people at my church that do, but I haven't thought a whole lot about it until recently.

    1. Yes, I do! I base my conviction about it on 1 Corinthians 11. This topic is on my long list of "really need to answer all the questions about..." posts. :P

    2. I would very interested in reading it...I'm open to what the Lord has to say about it. In verse 15 it says after talking about coverings "But if a woman have long hair, it is a glory to her: for her hair is given her for a covering." So does having long hair count as a covering?
      I think I will be doing some in depth study on this chapter...

    3. I clicked on comments to ask you this exact question! So I'd be very interested to read your thoughts on the subject! Does your whole family cover or just you? (Other ladies in the family!) What is the general practice at your church? I just started covering for worship in the last year at my husband's gentle suggestion. There are some ladies in our Church who cover and some who don't.

    4. I'll hopefully get my thoughts together on the subject at some point, but to answer your questions: My mom and sisters and I all cover, but my little sister doesn't like to keep hers on, despite encouragement. Daddy doesn't require it, and has left it up to our own conviction.
      All but a few of the ladies at our church wear headcoverings, but again, its not required. :)

  2. JMJ
    Too cute!! Love it. :)
    In Christ,

  3. Love the color of the skirt. We just went through "What Did you Expect" too!
    I wish I could dress for winter in church, its so cold. I would if I didn't have to walk outside to get to and from my house to church...

  4. Crazy, our sermon was called "The Secret of Contentment" and was on Philippians 4:10-20... haha! :)

    Love your belt. :)

  5. I love your skirt you're wearing, it's nicely paired with the cardigan. And that hat is to die for. You always look so good in hats, but when I wear them they always look funny on me. Maybe it's just because I don't wear them enough?
    Have a blessed week!

  6. The cool weather around here has allowed me to pull out of my ample supply of cardigans lately! :) Looove cardigans!


  7. Cute! Love your hair and the belt! My classes started today!
    Love, Katie

  8. I love your outfit and your hair style!


  9. I love your outfit! Long skirts are great for church, and other days when you have bug bites (or in my case, bruises...from running into multiple objects) running up and down your legs!

    I worry about those things all the time, though I know it's bad (not only sinful, but bad for my mental health as well!). I'm heading to read those Philippians verses right now...and highlight them. Thanks for sharing that!


  10. Yes, I freeze at church every week. This week I wore a 3/4 length sleeve shirt AND a shawl to church. The air conditioning blows right on "our row", sometimes so much that the hymnal pages are flapping about in the breeze! :P

  11. Hey,i know you have your ears pierced when did you get them pierced and whats your familys rules on that?

  12. We didn't attend church yesterday. A really good friend of our family passed away. She was only 8 years old. She was suffering of some sort of heart transplant. Please keep her in you prayers. Her name is MaKenna. Thank you & God bless! Love the skirt!

  13. Love the there a closer pic of it??

  14. =) I can't help but smile at all the "cold churches" conversation. Seems like it's that way lots of places. I don't think it's cold at our church (it's hot more than cold, to me!) But there's always someone who says it's cold! =)

    Btw, I like your outfit.

  15. I've almost completely switched to long maxi skirts these days.

    I just put up some really cute cheap clothes on my shop my closet page today.

    if you're interested stop by.

  16. Our church keeps the air conditioning quite cold to keep people awake during the service.

  17. How many of those tanks have you gotten so far...aren't thay awesome? :) I feel like I'm wearing one everyday!

  18. you are simply gorgeous! i love your fashion style, even if it's slightly different to mine! :)


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