Friday, September 7, 2012

Friends of Fresh Modesty: Callie and Kellie

Hey girls! Sorry this is going up late today! Been a non-stop day. :) I have just two lovely ladies for you today-- I need more entries! But, please see the end of this post for some additional ideas/guidelines. :) 
And, I've really gotta stop putting people with similar names on the same days. Rachel and Rachel? Rosie's sister and Rose? Today we have Callie and Kellie. *bangs head on desk* 

Here's the lovely Callie! She has a fabulous up-and-coming blog and knitting shop over at And yup, she's been on FofFM before! I'm all for repeats. :)
What I love about this outfit is how the plaid shirt and boots accentuate the lace dress while adding a spice of country to the overall look.  Adding the skirt underneath my dress helped make the outfit more modest while adding a cute band of color.  My hair is just three braids wound into low buns.  The braids bring out the cowgirl look, while pinning them into buns dresses the look up.  This outfit is perfect for any country girl at heart. =)

What I'm Wearing - Plaid Shirt: Kohls; 
White Shirt: Kohls; 
Blue Lace Dress: Forever 21, thrifted; 
White Skirt: Thrifted; 
Boots: Borrowed from a friend.
And here's Kellie! I adore this outift. Pink and navy. A stylish cardigan AND flowers on her shirt? It's perfect.  And her accessories are divine. 

Hi, I’m Kellie with nothinglessthanbread (referencing Matthew 7: 9,11)! I’m a single 25 year old living in an agricultural area of the west coast. Family is my world, photography is my hobby and Jesus is my true passion. I also love Chinese lanterns, zebra print, and sunsets. I enjoy presenting a “put together” appearance, although I admit to being a recovering frump. What I like most about this outfit is hard to decide, because this entire style is very typical and totally me. I’m fanatical about long cardigans and I wear then all year long, they’re great “curve eliminators,” especially for hip-py girls like me. ;) My favorite thing though, is my earrings, because they are colorful, bold, and make a statement. I call them my “frump-be-gones,” because adding them to any outfit instantly removes any traces of unwanted frump. My rules of thumb when getting my outfits ready are: 1) no "matchy-matchy," hence the color combinations of black, pink, gray, navy blue, and turquoise found in this particular outfit. 2) accessorize! Nothing say "put together" like those added touches of necklace, bracelets and earrings.

Cardigan: Target
Blouse: thrift Skirt: Target 
Shoes: Payless, 2 seasons ago (I bought two pairs 'cause I loved them so much)
Earrings: gift
Bracelets: ebay/Target

Aren't these two awesome? :D If you'd like to submit photos for Friends of Fresh Modesty, please read this post. I've added a new stipulation which I meant to put in from the beginning of these posts, but I kept neglecting to add it. :P Here it is:

I would rather not post pictures that you have featured as an outfit on your own blog- I'd like to share original or almost original photos. This doesn't have to be super strict, but repeating a post on my blog that you already had on yours kind of defeats the purpose. :)  

So, there ya go! I would love to see your creative outfit! What are your favorite parts of these two outfits?

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  1. Both of those girls are absolutely gorgeous! And I love their outfits. I'm not a country girl really, although I'm not a city girl either, but I think I'd find Kellie's outfit more wearable. It's a look I love. My favorite part of Callie's outfit was the plaid tied shirt LOVE it. Wow, Callie and Kellie does get confusing!

    I really want to enter this! I will definitely try to get some pictures taken as soon as I can.

  2. I love both outfits, even though I would rather wear Kellie's (with the skirt a couple inches longer) since I'm not really a country girl ^^ But I love her hairdo and the two skirt - it's so feminine and the white skirt makes it really modest ! I really love Kellie's blue t-shirt, the flowers are so cute !!
    Have a great weekend !

  3. I like Kellie's outfit - it's kind of the style I would like to have (instead of my current lack of style). :)

  4. I like Kellie's cute cardigan!The colors are fun. :)

  5. Rock the cowgirl look Callie!! I love how she layered a shirt over a dress to look like a skirt. I like her hair and how she knotted the plaid shirt! I like how Kellie wore a tighter, but not immodest skirt!
    Love, Katie

  6. I love the country girl look it so fun! Great Job!

  7. Callie, you look a lot like taylor swift!

  8. LOVED Kellies! I've never thought of putting a shirt over a dress, but it's a great idea! And the cowgirl boots made it all come together :D


  9. Cute!

  10. Replies

  11. You both look lovely! I love the bold colors in Kelli's outfit and Callie's outfit is super cute even though it's not exactly my style.

  12. They are both beautiful them! :)


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