Sunday, September 16, 2012


LBD-- Little Black Dress. Everyone should have one. Except, so many LBDs are just that-- little. So, I get excited when we acquire another modest one. I found mine at Target, and you may remember seeing it on the bottom of this post.  The one I wore to church this morning my sister Emma found at the thrift store. Shhh... It's actually a maternity dress Target brand. :P

 Sermon this morning was on Philippians 4:10-23-- we finished the series! My main take-aways were that contentment only comes when we abide in Christ and He in us. We must have real relationship with Him if we are to be happy in every situation. We must be consistently, earnestly, and on our knees pray. Dwell in prayer, start our day with prayer, and pray about everything. That's how we have relationship- spend time with Him. Also, Paul's contentment didn't just fall from the sky in verse 11, he learned it. He had to learn to be content, and so do we.

 Dress: Thrift store 
Undershirt: Halftee (black! I'm so excited.)
Boots: Steinmart
Hat: Sears
Earrings: Walmart
Big honkin flower ring: Payless

 Well, I'm off to a book discussion on "All God's Children in Blue Suede Shoes" by Kenneth A. Myers... should be fun! What were y'alls sermons about? If you've read that book, what did you think? Where have you found your LBD?

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  1. It's been quite a while since I read "All God's Children," but I remember enjoying it when I did read it.

    That's a very nice LBD you found.

  2. Alright. You are gorgeous. And I am so jealous of all of your clothes.

  3. Ooh, I love the dress! Super cute--i never would have guessed it was a maternity dress! And I love the boots as well...I'm getting ready to pull out my boots again! :P fall isn't quite here, but I'm definitely ready for fall fashions. :P

    I have a couple of LBDs from Target (back from the time where for some reason I only bought black annoys me so much now to see so many black dresses in my closet, haha!), and a few others from thrift stores. My favorite is a comfy jersey one from my's perfect for everyday wear, but it can also be dressed up for church or an outing.(:

  4. Well I do not have a LBD, but I do have a LBS a Long Black Skirt. :)
    Did you do all 4 chapters of Phli.? One of my Elders is doinh that book. He just started. So far it is good.
    Today another Elder ( we have three ) talked about The Godly Election.It was good.

  5. I have a LBD I found at a thrift store, but I'm still on the search for the perfect one.

  6. I have the book on my reading list, because I've heard it mentioned a few times before. :)

    Funny, my LBD is supposed to be maternity as well. :-D (Goodwill find.)

    I *love* your boots.

  7. I totally love this one! And black looks great on you, it really brings out your eyes, and with the hat, you looked gorgeous :)
    Have you worn those boots before in a post? I don't know, they look kind of familiar, but I do know that they are super cute :D


  8. You look lovely Olivia!!

  9. I haven't got a LBD......

    Unless you count my dark denim shirtdress one! I wear it a lot!


  10. My Dad was reading over my shoulder as I read this... he approves! ;)

  11. i love LBDs! yours is super cute, olivia! the only thing with my little black dress is that it's more semi-formal, so i can't just wear it any it hangs up in my cuboard until a party or dance is on! kind of a shame...oh well :)
    oh, but i LOVE your boots, they are amazing. send me a pair won't you?!

  12. I had a LBD that I bought 2 or 3 years ago, but it's too small for me now and was above my knees. So I don't wear it anymore, but I'm looking forward to sew myself one, or to find a decent one (ahaha, in France, that's a tough exercice !) BtW, I *looooooooooooooooove* your boots. Today I went to the mall, looking for some new boots (mine are like 3 years old and falling apart) but I so despaired to see that it costs more than 110€ (which is aroung 130$...yyykes !)
    Yesterday in church we had a great sermon which basically was a comparison between Lot and Abraham. Very interesting and encouraging !
    Have a great week Olivia !

  13. Haha, I'm always finding that some of my best finds are maternity.

  14. Over the years I've had many "LBD's" that I've loved... unfortunately, I've grown out of all of them:( Yours is super cute. I love the sheer overhang... gives the dress a more elegant look.

  15. Cute! I've never read that book but it sounds like I would enjoy it!
    Love, Katie

  16. The dress is gorgeous! You look awesome in it, and I love the boots and hat!
    Purple Pixie♥

  17. You look so cute!! I love your dress,boots and all! My family And I were going to move to Arkansas, but it just didn't work out.:\ I'm sad because I would have loved to live closer to you!


  18. i know what you mean most are just to little!

  19. I have a question for you FAQ's Page:
    I respect the fact that you dress modestly for religious reasons. However, I would like to question about your views on modesty for men. Should men where shirts and long shorts while swimming, or is that only women? I do not mean to come off as if I am attacking your beliefs, I am just curious about them.

    1. I'll try to add this into the next FAQ post, but I'll also answer real quick here:
      I believe men should be modest, too, since the point of modesty is to glorify the Lord and obviously they wish to do that as well. Most boys by personality are not as concerned with their form as we women, so they don't really care to be showing it off. I would venture that the same modesty rules for girls apply for guys: Neck to knees, not too tight, in general. And as far as swimming, the same rules apply. :)

  20. This is my black dress:
    It doesn't need a tank underneath and it comes to my knees. (yesss! ;D) Plus it was a good deal.
    Oh, and I love your boots. :D Thanks for having this blog, it really inspires me! ;)



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