Thursday, September 13, 2012

Stripes For Thursday

Hey y'all! It's a gorgeous day outside! 
  • When your 5-year-old sister goes around the house saying, "Well THAT was awkward." at the most opportune times.
  • Getting tickled by a pig. 
  • Walking down the street by yourself eating an ice cream cone. Usually ice cream is a social affair... and then seeing someone you think you might know across the street, and they're looking at you like, "Um, Hi?" But your ice cream is dripping down your hand, your hair is blowing in it, and your skirt is getting tangled around your legs, so you opt to go with the "I didn't see you/preoccupied" route and keep on walking.
  • Running down the hill towards your house in a tank top at full speed trying to get a jacket on before a bunch of guys (who were early, I might add) see you in your tacky clothes. phew. 
  • The way our front yard looks after it's been bush hogged instead of mowed. It makes our yard look like your hair would if you combed it with a salad fork. 
  • Walking into O Reilly's, expecting to be greeted by the normal talkative cashiers/mechanics, and instead finding the only one working the store to be the mechanic lady. With the guys, I don't mind feeling inferior when I have to ask questions or have them find it for me. With the lady though... I was not about to look like a blonde. Us women are competitive creatures. Buuuut I couldn't find the smaller brake fluid bottle, so I had to ask. "Right there in front of your face." Oh. I'm gonna hope I never see you again, thanks. 
  • Learning beer is good for your hair. That was a fun conversation. :D
  • Finally replying to all your wonderful emails. If you've emailed me ever and not received a response (except for Friends of Fresh Modesty emails. Haven't gotten to those yet), then your email was probably lost in my inbox somewhere. I read all emails, but if I haven't answered your question, etc, please let me know and I'll try to find your email. :) 
  • Getting ice cream on the town square with my sisters. SO yummy, and it hits the spot... every time. :) 
  • Fixing the tractor by myself and learning what a differential is in the process. Also re-attaching the riding lawn mower wheel... more confusing than it sounds.
  • My 2 year old brother thinking he's Superman. He just asked me, "Livia, you neen my tape?" (cape) 
  •  The Morning Center project. It's a ministry striving to provide free pre-natal and maternity care to women who have chosen life for their baby. I encourage y'all to watch the video on their website and get involved!
  • Learning about Back to Eden Gardening... have any of y'all tried this? I did the math and it would take 27 pick-up trucks of wood chips to cover our garden... I better get started. O.o
  • Starting to like getting up while it's still dark to do chores.
Cardigan: Kohl's, I believe// Takeout brand (seen here and here before)
Tank: JCP // Arizona
Skirt: JCP // American Living
Flip flops: Target // Merona maybe?

Many weeks I've contemplated adding an "awful" section to these awkward and awesome posts, but I always decide that it's better to go through life remembering the hilarious and happy times, and not the unpleasant times (unless of course you grow from them, in which case they become awesome). :D Things like the chicken smell, and seasonal allergies, and the return of lovehandles would go in this category, but I'm not complaining. ;)

What's been awkward or awesome in your life this week?

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  1. That outfit is sooooo flattering on you, Olivia. You look really nice. :)


  2. I L.O.V.E Stripes!! Espically Hot Pink ones! :D Do you highlight or color your hair? Or is it just naturally like that? It looks really pretty!

    1. I bleached the outer layer of my hair at the beginning of this summer, so it's kind of growing out now. :P Thanks!

  3. Absolutely gorgeous!

  4. Lovely outfit! Pink is such a good color on you!(:
    And beer is good for your hair? Who knew? :P that does sound like an interesting conversation, hahaha!


  5. We have done the Back to Eden gardening (you can go to our YouTube channel for tips:


  6. Loved this outfit! <3 And your hair looked really pretty today :)
    Awesome? Probably sitting in class, and having a kid start talking to the teacher, and then having him fall over in his chair. OK, I know that sounds really mean, but it's a given fact, that whenever somebody falls over in their chair, it's always the highlight of the day XD And it's also pretty awesome being able to have the first football party of the season! <3
    Awkward? For some reason, whenever I start laughing in class, my teacher is always looking at me...


  7. Hey Olivia!
    Love the bright pink paired with muted colors! So cute!
    I've heard that beer is good for hair...but I would feel weird buying it-especially since I don't drink! :) "um hi! Yes, I'm the pastor's daughter, can I have a six pack please?" *bats eyes* Add that to the awkward section! LOL!
    Is the weather getting cooler there? It's still pretty nice here in Montana, 80 deg today! But the Fall nip is here for sure! I'm actually looking forward to pulling out the sweaters and boots!
    A Modest Fashion Blog:

    1. LOL! Well, I would buy it, but I'm not 21 yet, so... ;) Although my friend said that even flat beer is good for hair, so I'll probably just ask for someone's beer they didn't want to finish. :P
      The evenings and mornings are definitely cooler, and although you can still break a sweat outside in the afternoon, it's not oppressive. I wouldn't mind if the weather stayed like this forever... I don't like the cold! Lol, probably why I moved to the south. :D

    2. And here I thought you moved south because your family did....:-)


  8. You are so gorgeous! I'm quite jealous of how well you pull everything off. ;) Hehe, I've given up attempting to make a run for the house when I'm out doing chores and someone stops by because usually I end up tripping in the rush to get back and hide my stained shirt and jeans before they see me. :)

  9. You look a lot like taylor swift!

  10. I love the color of your sweater! My favorite right now!

  11. That cardigan is awesome, it really pops! But I think I like your earrings even better. :)

  12. I wouldn't want my hair smelling like beer haha that's just nasty lol.

    I like this outfit. I've been loving navy blue lately. :)

    Awkward: being the only student in the computer lab because you have to finish a placement test. 0__o the teacher and you...that is all haha

    Awesome: the spaghetti sauce I made for dinner. Umm yeah haha :)

  13. I love your outfit, Olivia! So cute :)
    Our family found out about the Back to Eden gardening earlier this year, and it worked great on the parts of the garden that we did it on!! Would highly recommend it :)

  14. Wow that outfit looks really good on you! :) Love it!
    Awkward: Trying to do a few push ups and ending up spraining my wrist!
    Awesome: Texting a friend from Oklahoma :)
    Have a wonderful day!

  15. My siblings have been saying "Well THAT was awkward" too. Did they get it from somewhere? A movie? And now they've progressed to just saying "Awkward!" in, well, a really awkward voice. ;-) I have no idea where it's coming from, but do I seen a trend coming down the pipes? (I hope not!)

    I've seen the Back to Eden video, and my mom has called some places about wood chips--they're very easy to get, at least for us, here in the tree capitol of the world. We're only a few hours from the Back to Eden garden, and I have several friends who have visited it in person and came home raving about it and excited to transform their gardens!

  16. Can you show us how you were a newsboy hat?

    1. You can look through my posts where I wear hats here:
      Many of them are newsboy style. :)

    2. Thank you.
      Please keep this up and going.
      God Bless


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