Thursday, September 6, 2012

The Blue Shirt

Super simple outfit today... and it's Thursday, which means awk and awe! :D

 Shirt: Goodwill
Tank: JCPenny's
Skirt: Made by me
  • Finding out the embarrassing way that you have a fear of frogs that causes you to involuntarily scream at the top of your lungs when your sister puts one on your lap while you're talking to a neighbor.
  • The guy at the co-op trying to make you feel better about being short (the counter is about your chest height) by telling you that you're a tall 4' 14". Said that line has kept his wife happy for 41 years so he figures it must be good.
  • Accidentally arriving at Cheekwood Gardens on Homeschooler day. There were some 800 other homeschoolers there, and your family was the only one in skirts.
  • Working out to TTapp. It's a hilariously awkward but fabulous 15 minute work out that's basically just stretching and putting everything back in line. Also pretty awesome- Emma and I are starting to just do that instead of taking Tylenol or drinking coffee or taking a nap when we're not feeling so hot. :)
  • Cleaning your room and realizing that you've had a 6ft butterfly net at the bottom of your bed for several days and not noticed it.
  • The way guys look at you when you're listening to their truck conversations. So then it makes you want to understand it all the more, because they don't think you will. :P
  • Locking and unlocking and locking again our van when you're out shopping by yourself. Of course it beeps everytime you lock. I'm paranoid someone's going to sneak their way inside while I'm loading the trunk.
  • Having communication issues with the tire guy on the phone. "Well, it's 18" from center of tire to center of tire through the middle... it's a little tractor tire..." "Oh, that one someone brought in last week? I know whatchewtalkin bout. *laugh* That's a ittle bitty 12incher. Yeah, we got that in."
  • Trying a coconut oil hair treatment... basically, schmear it though your hair, let it sit, wash it out. Not so bad... except that it took 3 showers to get my hair not looking too greasy.
  • Falling completely flat on the ground between a truck and a trailer as you're trying to hop across. It may have been pitch black and may have been past 10pm, but somebody still saw you, so you try to figure out if you should laugh hysterically, be quiet, or start crying from embarrassment. Thankfully I did none of those and the only marks on my pride are those from hobbling around the house 'cause my knee hurt.
  • Mushrooms growing on the picnic table. Apparently we don't sit there often.
  • Meeting the whole neighborhood again while I'm still in my "chores" clothes.

  • Lavender oil. It is the best itch reliever ever. Bug bite? Dab of lavender oil. Tick bite? Chiggers? Bee sting? Lavender oil. 
  • Mud. The higher on the truck the better.
  • True friends, willing to call you out on issues, willing to debate, willing to love you in spite of your faults,  even when y'all don't agree. 
  • Feeling like you actually did something this time when the cows got out. Usually just stand there feeling like the 7 year old in the kitchen who could be helpful if they had any clue what to do, but are in the way while they're "in training".
  • Finding my worth in what God says about me, and not other people. It's a lesson I will always be learning.
  • Sunday evenings spent laughing with friends.
  • My Daddy. I'm so thankful for him allowing me to make my own choices, and mistakes. He loves me, grows with me, and is transparent. He encourages me to work hard to achieve my dreams, but reminds me that we live in a world where I'm not the only one to be thinking about. His confidence in me as his "right hand man" has inspired me so much. {this sounds like a book dedication. ;) O.o} 
  •  Washing machines. Who's with me?!
  • Finally doing those minor mends on some of the clothes in your closet. With a sewing machine less than 15 ft from the closet, you'd think keeping up with the mending wouldn't be an issue. :P

Upon request, here's a closet tour... I claim nothing by this. I take no pride in showing y'all my closet, but I'm also not going to hide it because it's not perfect. So, here's reality:

(Hair tutorial here.)
Whatcha think? What's been awkward or awesome about your week?

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P.S. I've taken the "Purple Dress" post down for now until I can get better pictures. I received many very kind emails/comments letting me know that it was attention drawing in the top. It doesn't appear that way in person, so I'm gonna try to see if I can take better pictures. :) Thanks for keeping me accountable.


  1. Heehee, I so love your awkward and awesome posts!
    I have a PHOBIA (And I mean PHOBIA) of frogs. Like, even if one's hopping 10 metres away from me I'll still scream. (It's dead embarrassing!)

  2. LOVED your hair in the closet tour video!!! What is the name of the "do" called? Did you make it up? I love your closet BTW, and the wood floors and walls! :D


    1. Thanks! That "do" is my favorite braided updo. I posted a video of how to do it here:

  3. JMJ
    Washers are really awesome. :)
    In Christ,

  4. My Mom just started doing TTap and it gets kind of awkward sometimes but she mostly does it after we kids are in bed.

  5. That's neat that you guys do TTapp! My mom has been doing it for a couple weeks and has good results. Now I'm planning on starting "boot camp" soon. :) But yes, the positions arent shall I say?...flattering. :) But there are goood results so I guess its worth looking like a duck for 15 minutes. :)

  6. I love seeing your closet:) I'm not sure why it's just fun!!!

    P.S. washers are amazing!

  7. I just found your blog through pinterest. You are too cute for words and quite an inspiration. I have a 12 year old daughter and cute yet covered is such a great way to explain modesty. Thanks for your blog, I look forward to reading more.

  8. So interesting to see a closet that isn't perfect! I have the tiniest wardrobe (I sacrificed clothing space for book space) and it is such a pain to try to keep it neat.

    I keep thinking that I should go through all my clothes, number everything and have a key of which items go together into outfits. Never seem to get around to it though!

  9. Love the closet tour video! Lavender oil for bug bites? Wow! I've got to try that!

    Have a blesses weekend,


  10. Your closet is nicer than mine;) I have mine under our pretty-short stair-case, so it's just a small wooden hanging rack with a shoe rack below it on the floor [which doens't work very well with boots on the rack and dresses hanging down over them, but you work with what you have!]. And I also have that problem with skirts-- I have like, two or three maybe, of the actaul skirt hangers, and all the rest are regular plastic hangers, so I just drape like 2-4 skirts on one [which stretches out the hanger a lot!], and that works. Basically any clothing that I can fold I just keep on shelves outside my closet since the hanging space is so small [and I squish a LOT of clothes in there too!]. I remember at one point I had so many 'hanging' clothes that we went out and baught a metal hanging rack, and I THOUGHT it worked great, until it broke under the weight of my clothes and fell on me [OUCH!!]. So we took that back, and I got rid of most of my clothes. It's way more under control now, but I always get rid of clothes every now and then to make sure I don't overload on them again;)

    And as for the purple dress thing, your response to the comments was beyond graceful:) So proud of you for taking it so well:)

    BTW, Love your hair in the video!


  11. I LOVE the way your closet is woodenish inside, and the mirror on the door, and the one in your closet. I really need one.
    And yes, knowing that I am not the only one with a messy closet is VERY encouraging. Although, I don't use mine too much, usually just on church days, and when there is something special going on. Otherwise, I've got a pretty big dresser which is where I keep my jeans, regular shirts, stuff that I wear on a daily basis.
    And about the Purple Dress pictures... I honestly didn't notice anything, I really like the dress, but I am glad that people did notice, and that you are reacting nicely to it :D
    Awkward? Probably having to make a poster for a service thing at church, and having the one your group made look like a bunch of 6 year olds made it...
    Awesome? Finding these new nice dress pants that can pass for almost anything: Church, school, and just for around the house!


  12. I thought your purple outfit the other day was really pretty. I wasn't paying excruciatingly close attention to the bust area though. Hope you can get some new pics. posted of the outfit. :)

    Meghan C.

  13. Thanks for the fun video! Did you get that shirt at Goodwill recently? I just went there this week and found a dozen things! :)

    1. No, I think I got it there last summer. :) Glad you found great things!

  14. Love your awesome and awkward posts. :)

  15. We have that same issue with hanging up skirts! Awful, isn't it? :)


  16. So if you didn't laugh hysterically, be quiet, or start crying from embarressment, what DID you do? ;)

  17. Ha ha... I love awkward and awesome!

    P.S. is there a way you could upload photos of your closet? I can't get your video's to work anymore :(

  18. The washer. YES! Washers are amazing. Ours died last week, and since I have six siblings, we've been doing laundry in the bathtub. -_- On Monday, when the repairman is finally free to come out, I might just hug him! ;P

    By the way, your closet is lovely! :)

    -Grace @

  19. HAHA!! me and mom do ttapp, and i thought we were the only ones that had ever heard of it!

  20. Very cute outfit Olivia! Your closet is awesome! And nope! You aren't the only one with shoes on the floor. ;) I LOVE your awkward and awesome Thursday posts. I look forward to them every week. Our lives are very similar and I love knowing that I'm not the only girl with an awesome yet sometimes awkward life. :) And about the purple dress? I didn't notice anything wrong with it! You are taking it with such grace though.

  21. Loved your blog,followed you! Feeling honoured to be your 556th follower! Please follow me back at:

    Asmita <3

  22. You have inspired me to go "fix" my closet!!! I like the shirt a lot...GoodWill can be amazing, though I am forever biased toward a great Mennonite thrift shop we have fairly close by. It is better than GW!

    And thanks for getting rid of the purple dress post. My mom got a little disappointed when she saw that post... I understand what you mean though, sometimes cameras just can't get what you really look like!

    Don't get discouraged, Keep pressing on!

    Another country girl,


  23. Love the closet tour!
    Love, Katie

  24. Thanks for the closet tour! Could you show us your bedroom tour????

  25. I liked looking into your closet, what made you want to do a video on it? My closet is messy a lot of the time! I'm so glad i'm not the only one that has a wreck for a closet!:)

    Sarah @

  26. Hey, Olivia. I just watched your video about your closet. that was so true with me. I know how you feel, so, I am so glad you put that on. It helps with my closet as well.
    God Bless You!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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