Thursday, September 20, 2012

Western Wellies

Howdy! I've got 12 minutes to get this up until it's Friday! Our internet's been down all day. :P

  • Running through Whole Foods' parking lot barefoot. Twice. 
  • Trying to find a place to get turtle meat semi-locally so we don't have to pay shipping. I called literally a dozen places. The responses to, "Hi, I was wondering if you sold turtle meat?" were usually, "Whhhat?!" Turtle meat. "Oh, no, maam. We don't carry that!" But my favorites were: "Whhhat?! In Nashville? Thailand maybe. Why would you want turtle meat?! Those poor turtles. You shouldn't be eating that." and when Chappy from Chappy's on Church (a restaurant) called me back: "Ha! You're not gonna find turtle in Nashville. Ohhh no huh uh." And then there were the Jason and Mikes who just laughed at me.
  • Breaking the bucket of your tractor off trying to pull up the green bean stakes.
  • Taking a relaxing bath and thinking, "Oh, I should try a healthy body scrub!" so you go to the bathroom counter and just start dumping stuff in... epsom salt? Sure. Charcoal? Well, heard it was good for you topically. Almond oil? That'll be lovely!.... Fail. Fail. Fail. Fail. Fail. Works great on the skin, but takes an hour to clean off of you and the tub. *smacks palm on forehead* charcoal in the bathtub? Stupid. 
  • Eating at a restaurant named after a dog. 
  • Book discussions with 20 people but only 3 talk. 
  • Having time to kill with a friend, so you go to Olivia Olive Oil and have a private oil/vinegar tasting. Florida orange olive oil with pomegranate balsamic vinegar, anyone?
  • Living close to your church family. It's no big deal to pick up folks from 3 different families and carpool for ice cream at 10 pm. Or get together for a movie two nights in a row. Or leave at the time you're supposed to be getting there, because it's literally a 2 minute drive.
  • The Wood House latte at Fido's. It had apple butter, rosemary, honey, nutmeg, espresso, and milk. SO good. Worth staying up until 2am from the caffine. 
  • Going to lunch with real good friends, spur of the moment- as in, "Let's leave in 10 minutes!" < 3 
  • My daddy and my sister returning safe and sound from London and Scotland! They were gone two whole weeks and boy, did we miss them! And not just because I had to catch the chickens and get up at 5:30 every morning by myself. ;)
  • Spicy Chocolate. SO good for you.
 So, on Monday it was rainy and I was out shopping with a friend. I wore cloth shoes and my feet were wrinkly and soaked the whole day. I froze so much that I changed into the pants I bought halfway through the day. I decided I needed a pair of nicer waterproof boots for wearing on days just as that. So, at 2 am that night (morning?) I found these. They finally arrived today and were put to a good first use helping me herd cows. And clean algae out of their water trough. Eeww.

Shirt: Walmart
Skirt: JCP
Boots: Amazon
Hair flower: Claire's
Y'all have an awesome day! What's been awkward or awesome about your week?

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  1. "Running through Whole Foods' parking lot barefoot. Twice."

    You forgot the " the pouring down rain and splashing your friend when you jump in the puddles." part.

  2. LOVE those boots!!! toooooooo cute. :)

    Andie :)

  3. Just out of curiosity, what did you want the turtle meat for? Haha, it's just such an unusual item to see on someone's shopping list! :P
    Haha, and you gotta love those awkward book club/class discussions!

    I love your new boots! They're darling! And they look perfect for stomping through puddles with!


  4. Was it just about midnight when you did that post?!
    It was only 6.15 pm here in New Zealand!

    Cute boots!

    Awkward: Thinking of something REALLY FUNNY, and laughing so hard about it, while your family just stares at you cos' they have no clue! By the way, that happened at the dinner table...... ;-)

    Awesome: Finding a really lovely pink, chiffon-ey, floral, dress, in the back of your closet, and saying: "Ahhh, thats right! I totally forgot all about it!"


  5. I have that shirt from Walmart! Same color too! :D Oh and I love your boots!

  6. Went to my first concert to see mikeschiar and I seen my best friend there.

  7. haha. i loved this. one of my awkward moments was having a staring contest and sorely loosing. honestly, the guy could stare forever.

  8. Love the outfit! And the third picture is so cute! :)

  9. JMJ
    Lovely, lovely, pictures.
    Your outfit is super cute, those boots are just too pretty. :)
    In Christ,

  10. That latte sounds amazing! I will definitely have to look Fido's up when my family moves to the Nashville area!
    Those wellies are splendid, perfect for living in the country!

  11. OKay, what was the turtle meat for?;) I love the new boots!

  12. Cute outfit, Olivia! Love the boots actually (don't usually like "cowboy" boots, but you pull them off so nicely!

    Turtle's sort of gross! Why were you looking for that?! LOL!
    A Modest Fashion Blog:

  13. Um, why are you buying turtle meat?

  14. LOVE the pictures! And of course, you know I love your awkward and awesome posts. xD

    Awkward- Rounding up animals in the pouring rain and hoping that no one you know drives by your pasture since your clothes are plastered to you.
    Awesome- True friends who are there for you and put up with your weirdness. ;)

  15. I love these pictures! The last one was so cute :) I might have to pin it... And I totally loved the outfit. It was definitely one I would wear everyday.
    As hard as I think, I can't think of anything awkward, but my week has been pretty awesome. Those awesome things include Pumpkin Whoopie Pies, getting a dog, and planning a trip to Iowa and then Minnesota :D


  16. Cute outfit! Love the boots!
    Love, Katie

  17. Loved your outfit! Especially your shirt. :) What did your dad and sister go to England and Scotland for? :)
    Have a blessed weekend.

  18. This was a great post! I love the rain boots and I really need a new pair, like yesterday. It is pouring as I type this. I'm going to pin them right now!

  19. Do you shop at Claire's a whole lot? I jump on any chance there is to get over there and the adorable hair flowers are what I go straight to when I get there! :)

  20. Those boots are so super cute! I might just have to get me a pair. I've been needing to get myself some rain boots so I think I might just do that soon. Your outfit was super cute too!

  21. Love the outfit.

  22. Lol! Y'all are too funny. Have you girls ever seen Babette's Feast the movie? We're trying to recreate the feast at the end and the first course is turtle soup. :D

  23. Love , love, love your outfit!! Everything about it is cute! And the shoes are oh so awesome. Gotta get me a pair of those! Blessings :)


  24. Very cute outfit! Love it!

    I wanted to stop by and let you know I love reading your blog and just now added your button to a list on my blog of blogs I enjoy reading!

    Blue Eyed Beauty Blog

  25. OMS! I'm going to HAVE to get those boots for myself...... Just D>A>R>L>E>N!

  26. So cute! Love it! could try mock turtle meat... ;)

  27. Hahaha im new to your blog and have been looking thru past posts! I love your blog! Btw funny awkward --> im a toddler teacher and i was picking something up for class, i thought "would this hurt if they hit each other with in the middle of the store i hit myself in the head with it to see if it would hurt......then i relized how funny i looked lol :) have a great day! Thanks for being epic!!


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