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Friends of Fresh Modesty: Elisa, Faith, Hope, Hannah, and Charlotte!

 Hey y'all! Sorry the post is up again so late-- my allotted "blogging" time got thrown to the side with a bale of hay (or 94) this evening.  But, I have some lovely ladies to share with you, who look the exact opposite of how I do at the moment! ;) First up, are three sisters, Elisa, Faith, and Hope! They all look amazing and so chic! They all do a different "style", and they're each done so well! Take a look for yourselves:

Hi, I'm Elisa (21) and these are my 15 year old sisters Faith and Hope. I enjoy my job at Homestead Farms, doing everything from managing the kitchen and waiting on customers to working in the greenhouses and fields. When I'm not at work I like to read, run, bake, sew, browse blogs and FB, and take long walks w/my sisters and friends. The twins have recently started helping out at the farm and keep busy trying to balance work, 11th grade homeschooling, and playing on the varsity volleyball team at the local high school. When they get a chance they love to draw, (they're great artists) read, spend time with friends, and play more volleyball just for fun.

The fitted skirt helps balance the more flowy top
Top- Maurices- clearance
Skirt- Target clearance-borrowed from Elisa
Flats- Sears clearance- gifted 

I like this outfit because it's super comfy and feels pretty. The flowy skirt is kept from being frumpy by paring it with fitted top and the neutral tones of the skirt and shirt keep the bright sweater from looking too young.
Cardigan- Hannah's Closet Thrift shop
Black cowl neck shirt- OSJL
Skirt- thrifted and handed down from older sister
Boots- 80% off clearance from Bass Outlet 

Hope- This is one of her favorite shirts.
Shirt- Sears clearance- gifted
Belt- borrowed from another shirt
Skirt- homemade and refashioned
Shoes- Bass Outlet-clearance-several years ago

Hannah! She has the prettiest pale blue top that just pops with her white skirt:
 Hi Olivia's blog readers!  My name is Hannah.  I am fifteen, almost sixteen years old!  I have been home schooled all of my life and love it! I come from a family of six.  I have two older sisters, and one younger brother.  I live in Ohio, near the Cleveland area.  My hobbies are sewing, writing reading blogs, (if you can actually call that a hobby!) and I absolutely LOVE doing jig-saw puzzles!  This is one of my new favorite outfits.  Even though this outfit is not entirely new, it is new to me! 

The shirt I am wearing is from Dress Barn, but it is a hand-me-down from my sister, who got it several years ago.  My shoes are from Kmart!  I got them about 3 years ago, and they are a girls size!  It is amazing that they still fit!  My necklace is from Forever 21.  Love that store by the way!  And lastly, my skirt is from Banana Republic.  Someone from church gave it to me and was never able to wear it.  It still had the tag on!  I was shocked when I read what it said.  Originally ninety six, on clearance for four dollars!  Awesome deal, if you ask me!   I love this outfit mainly because it really fits in will with my style.  It is simple, yet cute.  That is how I like to dress, and how most of my outfits are!  Thanks so much, Olivia for featuring my on Friends of Fresh Modesty!  


 Charlotte! She looks adorable in this button up and knotted belt combo!

Hi there readers of Fresh Modesty!
My name is Charlotte Boyer, and I blog over at my family's online journal  The Boyer Family Singers. Over there, I am known as "The Little Whispering Birdy". 
I am an avid graphic/web designer in training, I adore vintage fashion, am a homemaker in training, LOVE sewing my own clothes (however, I am not sporting any of mine in this outfit), sing with my sisters, and strive to glorify God in all that I do (including the way I dress.) I am the youngest of three sisters, and we all love dressing fashionably, though modestly. 

My type of style is bright colors, vintage silhouettes (1910s- early 60s), and little details, making the whole outfit "pop". I incorporated all those features into my outfit-
Blouse: Thrifted (I rolled up the cuffs to show the bright print)
Skirt: Thrifted
Shoes: Thrifted (wow, a lot of thrifted things today!) ;)
Belt: Target
Earrings: Gift

I put on the outfit, thinking that it looked nothing like a vintage silhouette; when suddenly I realized, "Hey, this is sooo 1910s!" The high waisted skirt + the belt right in the middle + the blouse + loafers = late 1910s! :) (of course it helps to have a sister who is so into this type of stuff, so that she can help you find just the right era to which your outfit belongs!) ;) 
I'm actually wearing one of my least favorite skirts, but when I picked out this ensemble, I found a way to wear it in which I like- no - love sporting it! :D   

Now, didn't I tell you these were adorable? What do you love about them? Want to share an outfit on Friends of Fresh Modesty? Check out this post!

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  1. It's so neat to see so many young women dressing femininely and modestly. Love Elisa's and Hannah's outfits!

  2. i love the outfits, especially charlotte's! so cute :)

  3. My favorites are Hope's & Elisa's outfits! Mixed together, they really represent my style!


  4. I simply adore the three sister's outfits, especially Hope's. :) Great job girls!

  5. Elisa's outfit is my favorite, then Charlotte's, Hope's! So cute! :D My style, though it is never what I wear. I wear what I find and my parents find presentable. :) All the ladies look great. Hannah's shoes are so pretty, and Faith's skirt.

  6. Love Faith's skirt! Rock the feminine cowgirl look Hope! I love Hannah's shirt!
    Love, Katie

  7. Hmmm...all of them are lovely, however I REALLY like Charlotte's! I love vintage inspired outfits!
    A Modest Fashion Blog:

  8. Elisa's outfit is sooo nice!!!

  9. I really liked Elisha, Faiths, and Hopes! All of their shirts were definitely something I would wear <3


  10. My favorite was Faith's outfit. So cute and classy!

  11. Once again, I am loving to see this post. I love seeing sisters who share and help each other look great. I allowed myself to get into too many selfish fights as a teen, with my sisters. I love hearing about the of my favorite things to do, is thrift, and re-fashion from thrifting as needed as it is a lot faster than starting from scratch. (And I am now a busy mama of young children.) Hannah's post reminds me how God clothes the Lilly's of the field, and even brings things to us that are just our style. And lastly, "whispering birdy" I just wish I could listen to you and your sisters sing, see a picture of all of you dressed fashionably/modestly and would especially like seeing you sport wearing something you made. :) Isn't sewing so much fun! ...And whispering birdy, I am not sure what I love more, your outfit, your cute confident poses, or that you are a home maker in training/lover of vintage style? Delicious!

  12. Faith's outfit is my favorite! :) Thought she was the oldest. LoL

  13. I love Faith's outfit :)

  14. Faith and Elisa's outfit are so cute!



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