Friday, October 19, 2012

Friends of Fresh Modesty: Emma, Emily, and Cassia!

Hey y'all! Got some lovely gems to share with you today! I LOVE our first submission: Fun skirt, simple top with an interest vest, and the perfect compliment to any outfit-- cowboy boots! And the butterfly. Look for it-- so cool! :)

 Hi! My name is Emma! I am 16 years old. I am homeschooled with my three sisters, I enjoy playing the cello, sewing and taking pictures. This is the outfit I wore to church this morning. All four of us girls and our mom wore a pink outfit to church without trying! That doesn't happen often!

Hot Pink Shirt- J.C. Penny
Coral Tank- Deb (It's a small clothing store.)
Brown Floral Skirt- Savers Thrift Store
Off-white Cover up- Garage Sale
Cowboy Boots- Runnings (a farm supply store)

Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make straight your paths. Proverbs 3: 5-6  
 Next up is a classy mother! I love that she puts effort into her appearance. Her plaid fabric is up to date and cute! :)

My name is Emily, I am a happy home-schooling mama of 5.  You can meet me at

I made this jumper from a vintage pattern.  To enlarge it, I took the lines directly over 1 inch.  (It was quite a small pattern.)  I brought the darts directly over and down one inch.  Pattern altering isn’t as tricky as it seems.  I made it longer and put in slits at the sides to make it walk able.  Also a simple alteration to the shirt I wore under it was a slight, tight zig-zag to rectify a low v-neck.
As a mother, I have found it frustrating to ‘feel fat’ when you grow out of old clothes to be pregnant, or right after the baby is born.  So to help feeling pretty and keeping modest too, I try to buy and make clothing that I can fit into in two stages (such as pre-pregnancy and early pregnancy.)  This ensures that I am not “busting” out of my clothes at any given point, and when my clothes have a bit of ease it gives me that classy look.  When my jeans don’t feel tight I don’t feel as if I am getting fat.  I certainly don’t try to over do it and go baggy and sloppy looking.  (This dress fits me nicely early and post pregnancy.  There is a zipper under that tab for nursing purposes.)

I just wanted to say great job to all you young and older gals alike, you are doing such a great job at using your beauty to refresh and inspire those around you.  We can be such great tools for the Lord when we are bright, appealing and modest, and our personalities are good and kind. 

Here's Cassia! I love her long shirt and the pop of black from her tank! And she has some fabulous accessories. :)

Hi! My name is Cassia. I'm very honored to be on this blog that I enjoy reading so much! I usually blog over at Clips, Combs, and Curls whenever I get the cance and so does my seven-year-old sister Bethel. I have just started posting my outfits over there, so I don't have very many on the blog at all.

Shirt- thrift store
Skirt- Goodwill :-)
Shoes- Shoe Dept
Headband- Gabriel Brother's

My hair is a copy cat of this tutorial and I just added a headband.

Thanks for the submissions, y'all! If you'd like to submit an outfit for Friends of Fresh Modesty, please read this post. :)

What are your favorite elements of these outfits?
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  1. Happy, happy birthday Olivia! :D
    Hope that you have a wonderful day!

  2. Happy Birthday Olivia! It's wonderful how long you've been posting on this blog such inspiring, and lovely content! Your blog is very uplifting both fashionably and spiritually!

    Oh, the butterfly is wonderful in the first outfit! <3
    Love the second outfit too! It's so nice to see a mom wearing something that she made + it being from a vintage pattern!


  3. Love Cassia's plaid shirt and earrings! Rock the feminine cowgirl look Emma!

  4. Definitely the country elements. ;) The plaid shirts and boots are my favorites in all of them. Great job you guys!

  5. Cute outfit, Emma! Your're skirt is adorable. :)

  6. In the first picture-is that butterfly real?! That's awesome if it is! What a great photo op!

    All of the outfits are superb-but the first one is my favorite!
    A Modest Fashion Blog:

  7. Oohhh Olivia, you had a birthday? Happy Birthday!!!! I am an autumn gal myself, not a better time to have a b-day. My friend of my mothering age mentioned how she is now following your blog and also doing the fashion make up course you introduced, I told her, isn't that Olivia one elect young lady! So fun and down to earth with a good grundle of integrity, sweetness and kindness. Not to mention pretty and feminine. Thanks for posting.

    Cassia you just brightened my day with your spunky and most importantly very sincerely happy look and that braid, head band and earrings are lovely. Frankly I love the spunky tennis shoes, they make me happy too, it looks like you could kick a flying soccer ball and says, I love femininity and personality and comfort are tops for me! (I think in high school I about only wore tennis shoes!) Emma is that a butterfly landed on your hands...and boot how did you manage that? I think you've inspired me to get some cowboy boots. Pretty gal you are ;)

  8. Love Emma's outfit, and the mommas entry! Love vintage.

  9. Hello! We are coming to Pigeon Forge, TN next month and will be looking into seeing what Church to attend on the Sunday we are there. I thought "wouldn't it be neat if I got to meet Olivia :)" I was wondering, would you mind saying what part of TN you live in...and what Church you attend? Just thought it would be cool if I could meet you :) If you don't want to mention what part of TN you live in, I understand!


    1. Hey Bethany! We live an hour west of Nashville- about 4.5 hours from Pigeon Forge. :-/ You may email me at freshmodest (at) gmail (dot) com if you'd still like church information. :) It'd be great to meet you!

    2. Hey Olivia...I sent you an e-mail, but it says that address is not valid...??? (Yes, I did take out the (at) and (dot) and replaced them with the correct symbols...)

      Help, please? Thanks!

    3. Sorry, freshmodestY (at) gmail(dot)com! Brain glitch. :-/

  10. Happy Birthday! Hope you are having lots of fun!

  11. I love the outfits!!!

    ~ Sarah

  12. Happy Birthday Olivia!
    God bless.


  13. Some of those outfits are soooo cute!! :) I love them!



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