Friday, October 26, 2012

Friends of Fresh Modesty: Julia, Tricia, Kaelyn, Mindy, Hagen, and Layla!

Hey y'all! Have some lovely ladies' wear to share with you today! This first one is simple, but chicly adorable for fall! Love the class Julia's sandles add. 

   Hello friends! My name is Julia, I'm fifteen years old, and I live in the beautiful, central area of Arizona. I enjoy reading, home decorating, photography, and passionately playing the piano. I live with my family on a little farm were we keep goats, chickens, dogs, 1 sheep, and my cat :)
  I wore this outfit to do shopping one week and loved it because it's so perfect for the weather we've been having. The long sleeve kept me warm, and the skirt was very flowing and breezy and kept me cool enough. I live this shirt because It goes with absolutely everything and gives it a very feminine touch. The shoes are my favorite sandals I've ever bought, and no matter where I go, I always have someone telling me they love them!
  I'm very thankful for this wonderful blog and all the beautiful girls of God that share their ideas! Thank you all!

 Shirt- Old Navy  Tank- Maurices  Skirt- My sister's awesome closet ( Target )   Shoes- Payless


 Tricia has two outfits for us! Our paths have crossed for several years a couple times in life, and I've learned so much from her example as a stay-at-home daughter, and now wife! Love her dressier outfit, and how the jewelry really steps it up. And love the layering of her second, more causal, outfit!

 Hi, friends of Olivia! My name's Tricia, and I'm a wife to Matt and a mom to three little people--two little girls, and a little boy who's due in February! During my pregnancies, I have a lot of problems with varicose veins, and have to wear compression stockings every day--which leads me to wearing a skirt almost every day, too! I've had to try to figure out how to be comfortable, but still wear fun and attractive clothing--which can be especially difficult sometimes with a growing belly. :)

Earrings and necklace: gift

Skirt and top: Target (they're both non-maternity, but the skirt has a nice thick panel for a waistband which works perfectly for maternity wear!)
Shoes: Goody's
Earrings: Walmart

Short-sleeve shirt: Target
Long-sleeve shirt: Goody's
Skirt: Motherhood Maternity
Shoes: Yard sale

I've enjoyed sharing these pictures with you! If you'd like to read more about our life, I blog about motherhood, DIY projects, movies, and anything else that comes to mind at!

 Now, here's something fun! This group of stylish friends was together and decided to send in their outfits! Love them all!

Hi ladies! My name is Kaelyn. I love the Lord, I am 15 and I live on a farm. I absolutely love to cook and love reading Fresh Modesty. And really love music. Like I said I live on a farm, so I love every time I get to dress up. I love this outfit, it's so comfy and simple, but pretty!!! I blog over at Burtons Farm
Blessings to all of you!!!

Hi girls! My name is Mindy (or Mims, as my brothers nicknamed me) and I'm 16! I have 9 siblings and I LOVE little kids! :D I love the Lord and one of my very favorite places to be is out in His beautiful creation!  I really love Fresh Modesty blog...I always find such cute fun outfits and neat ideas on there! I like simple outfits that look fun, simple, and that have extra little details to add character! .... And as you can see I simply love denim jackets! ;) 
God bless you all and Thanks for reading! :)

Hello friends! My name is Hagen; I'm 13 years old. I live in a tiny town in Missouri, with my five sweet siblings and two wonderful parents. I love the Lord and enjoy being in His word. I enjoy photography, my favorite things to take pictures of are my family, God's beautiful creations, and any little thing that catches my eye! I love reading and drinking hot cups of tea with my dear mother and sister < 3. My sister and I blog over at Two Blessed Damsels

I love this outfit because it's very practical and comfortable, it also shows my creativity. I made this skirt out of old tee shirts. I love how my red shoes really POP! The necklace I'm wearing is my late grandmothers.
Hope you enjoyed!

Hi Fresh Modesty readers! My name is Layla and I'm 18 years old. (Hagen is my little sister) I live in southern Missouri, with my beautiful family. I come from a very artistic family, so I enjoy all arts, music, crafting, crocheting, and even creating outfits! I also love animals and working in the garden. We raise rabbits, layer hens and grow produce, all on less than 1/2 an acre! My sister and I have a little online shop where we sell our handmade goodies, at The Whispering Tree Shop.

I love this outfit mostly because I made the skirt from recycled tee shirts. I am really happy with this skirt because it actaully turned out how I imagined! And I love this shirt because it's comfy and simple, and doesn't take away from the skirt. Also,blue is one of my favorite colors!
Thank you Olivia, for sharing our outfits and letting the world get a little peak at our wardrobe!

Aren't these awesome? Thanks so much everyone for your entries! If you would like to submit an outfit for a future Friends of Fresh Modesty post, please see this post

So, what is it about these outfits that set them apart from ho-hum? Have a great evening! 

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  1. Love the simplicity, yet classiness of Julia's and Tricia's first outfit. Love the layering in Tricia's second outift! Love Kaelyn's shirt paired with the long denim skirt! Mindy, Rock the feminine cowgirl look!
    Love, Katie

  2. I like the handmade t-shirt skirts!


  3. My favorite, out of the lot.... Was Mindy's outfit. I like denim jackets, and boots!


  4. Hey ;) You did a post ( a while back on homemade bronzer that you use, and I was interested in trying it. The only thing is that I am allergic to corn starch (I know weird ;). I was wondering if there was any other alternative to corn starch?? If not, that's fine. I was just just curious to see if I had anymore options.

    Great post above! Thank you for sharing..


    1. Potato starch! Thats what I use (for everything that requires corn starch), and it always works just the same. For shortbread. ;)
      I even used it for the bronzer recipe!


  5. I love Kaelyn's outfit.

  6. Cute outfits... especially Kaelyn's. I love how all the different girls have a unique style, and either wear accessories, or bright colors to make the outfits interesting.

  7. So beautiful! I like to see the range in ages (and to know I'm not the only mom who follows this blog! ;)
    When I was pregnant I wore a lot of non-maternity clothing, just bought or made it a size or two bigger than usual. It seemed like most of the "maternity" clothes were extra baggy and frumpy and made me feel unattractive.
    As always, thank you for sharing these beautiful girls' outfits!

  8. I cannot wait for this tutprial! I love you blog! I had never sewn before in my life and my soon to be mom in law let me use her machine. Your blog has helped me create so many wonderful items and they are perfect for a 1st grade teacher!Thanks for sharing.
    Current Fashion Trends


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