Thursday, October 18, 2012

Orange Shawl

Hey Folks! Way too many awkwards for this week, ha. :D

  • Shopping with a friend, walking towards the Junior's shirt section where she got hers. You're talking, "Okay, I think I really need to have a shirt like yours. I think I'm gonna steal it"... right as an employee walks past. Obviously you mean steal her style choice, but the employee doesn't know that. You get a look. 
  • Setting an alarm to wake you up in the middle of the night to switch your laundry to the dryer so you can wear it the next day. 
  • Waking up at 4am to the sound of thunder and pouring rain. You weren't expecting a downpour, and realize the windows are down on the vehicles. So, out into the torrents you go in your PJs. The truck's window is broken, so you drive it into the car port, and upon exiting the carport, get completely drenched with freezing water from the roof. Since it's 4am and you're getting up in 1.5 hours anyway, you climb into bed wet and hope you don't catch cold.
  • Cutting your hand during chicken processing (worst injury I've ever had) and going inside to wash it off. As you're getting bandaged up, all 15 helpers migrate inside and are watching you, expecting you to pass out. Sorry folks, you're doing surprisingly well. Later you almost do from pain, but then you were sitting down on a tire in a pile of rusty junk and managed to pull through for fear of tetanus. ;)
  • Wearing your new pants to work at a farm, and it getting hot so you take your boots off and roll up your jeans. Ack! The dark blue dye had rubbed off onto your skin, making it look like you hadn't shaved in 2 weeks. 
  • Your dad bringing home bags of pig food from his business trip. My dad isn't a farmer, folks. He was training teachers. 4 hours from home. The pigs loved the catered macaroni.
  • You know that test where you yawn to see if the person you suspect is actually staring at you? And they'll yawn too if they are? It totally works. 
  • Laying in bed and dropping your phone square on your face. iPhoneites, tell me I'm not the only one.
  • Putting on a new shirt at 6am, and then realizing you need to run something over to the neighbor's, so you accidentally wear it over with the tags...
  •  Your sister finding your floss on the dirty chicken weighter scale thing in the living room. The joys of little siblings. 
  • Dumping in so much homemade vanilla (vodka+vanilla beans) that your cookie dough smells like Windex. 
  • Having a guy help you at the gas station who never tries to make conversation. You're bending down unscrewing can lids, and hear the guy ask, "So, what have you been up to today?" Surprised, you say, "UMMmmm"... and then a guy on the other side of him answers. Guess he wasn't being abnormally friendly. 

  • Fall in TN. Can take a walk to crunch and smell the wet leaves barefoot, but wearing a shawl. It's fabulously perfect and gorgeous weather. 
  • Seeing the snake in time and not stepping on it when you take barefoot walks in the woods^^. 
  • The fact that every week before we bless the fellowship meal at church, we see who's birthday/anniversary it is that week and sing to them. Uproariously, with "WOO" between each verse. It's a great tradition. 
  • All the awesome helpers who helped us do 70 chickens in 4 hours... definitely not our best time ever, but this group hadn't really worked together before, so I thought we did pretty well!
  • Art class! I thought I would be totally terrible at art, since when I've tried to draw I fail, but I enjoyed it and did okay! :) Excited to continue.
  • The grace of God. 
  • The Botkin's Reclaiming Beauty Webinar this week. I thought I was a fashion expert, but these ladies make me look like a beginner with their talk of the seasons of color, ethnicity dressing, and sketching out ideas! 
  • Friends who encourage you to clean your room. :D
  • Making it halfway to 40! My birthday's tomorrow. On my agenda is to pig out on ice cream with a friend I haven't hung out with for moooonths. And attend a pizza and talent show night at church. We're kicking off our Reformation Day weekend! If you're in the Hickman County area of TN, "Contact Me" and I'll give you details!
  • Someone turning in your debit card that you lost in Rite Aid's parking lot. Whew. 
  • Buying yourself a birthday present.
Shawl: Goody's yeeeears ago
Shirt: Kohl's
Tank: JCP
Skirt: Gift
Flip flops: Target
Earrings: F21
Hair: Video here

Have a great day! What's been awkey or awesome about your week?

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  1. My AWKWARD this week was: putting my stepping back to examine a paint job I did {on a mural} and knocking the paint tin full of water over and sort of flying backwards in order to get my body straight{so I wouldn't fall}. Then the guy next to me says: "Yeah, try to be more careful".

    1. I declare, I nearly died of laughing reading your comment! :-D

  2. Sorry. I forgot to put my blog address:

    ~Elina :/)

  3. I love the earrings!

    Awesome:waking up to God's provision every morning!

  4. I have to agree, the Botkin Girls did an EXCELLENT job on their past webinar!! Even though we had to stop about 15-20 min before the end to be in time to watch the presidential debate, and then the next evening, you try and watch the rest of it via archives, and it won't load completely! :P We're planning on doing the color test that they suggest today though, and my sisters and I are uber excited about it! We found out yesterday via a quiz that both my sisters are autumns, and I'm a winter. So now we're going to do the real test, and hold up colors to our faces... etc.
    You come up with such awesome- er- awesome and awkward posts!! :D I love reading them!

    *Going over to to join in a conversation that your mom and sister are having with you neighbor, you in flip-flops that have a paperclip on the under thong that came out as your listening to them talk, so you take it off and try to fix it; all while wearing a pair of white socks. Ummmm...
    *Speaking into the little voice thingy on your Dad's iPad, and hoping no one's listening. A very awkward performance... :P

    *Playing a mixed up version of Apples to Apples (called Apple Potpourri) last night with your sisters, and nearly dying of laughter. Literally. Dying.
    *Drafting my own skirt pattern, and it actually almost being completely flawless! Just a few smallish fitting and hemming problems! :)

    okay this comment has gotten waaay to long, so I'll sign off!

  5. Happy Birthday!!!!
    ~ Faith

  6. I'm glad I'm not the only one who has awkward store moments!
    That's a good trick with the laundry, I'm always seem to plan outfits with items that are wet in the washer!
    Can't wait o get to TN and experience fall there for myself!

  7. Have a blessed Birthday!


    (hope your hand heals well)

  9. Ouch! Sorry about your hand! I was just precessing chickens for the first time last week with friends (mostly on the quality control end of it), so I know all about the sharp knives...

    Oh, and Happy Birthday! :)

  10. Hey Olivia!
    Lovely outfit! :) Loved the awkwards. :D
    I was hoping you could tell me how I can listen to the previous "Reclaiming Beauty" episodes...I saw that you can listen to some free but I wasn't sure where to find them. Can you help me out on that? Do you have to pay to be able to listen to the complete webinar or just sign up?

  11. Happy birthday Olivia! I've been following your blog for awhile, but I don't think I've commented before. Hope you have an awesome day tomorrow. Wish I could come visit from KY. *Wink*
    Absolutely love your awkward and awesome posts, I can relate to so many.
    The other day I had to wait for my sister in the gym, it was kinda awkward because of all the muscle guys, you know. So I was sitting reading a book, when these two dudes come and sit down in the chairs by me. I was at a interesting part of my book so I pretty much ignored them. Then one of them raised his voice and I thought "did he just talk to me?" and promptly went back to my book. Then I heard one of them say to the other "She's READING!" Lol! Bit awkward. :P
    God bless,

  12. Awkward: Wanting to go outside on your break but hesitating to because you boss, whom you like and you think might like you is out there talking to too his ex-girlfriend! Your not positive its her but you are pretty sure.While he's standing outside talking to her, he's looking at you as your are still inside and grinning. I decided to go out anyway because you want to and you don't care! Of, course their conversation awkwardly ceases when you come out. Your boss just kind of looks at you! You look to be sure it's her. It's her. You walk far enough past then so they can't see you, and you can barely hear them.
    Awesome: Fall break this week, between classes! Going shopping yesterday! Found, cute black flats, four scarves, and a cute new scrub top for work! Picking up two extra days of work this week!

  13. Cute outfit! Orange is a superb color on you!
    Awkward:Half listening to someone else's conversation and "wake up" to realize that one of them is staring at you, obviously just asked you a question...
    Awesome: Having dinner with our neighbor's and practicing for worship Sunday after dinner!
    A Modest Fashion Blog:

  14. Cute outfit! Love the shawl - it adds so much!
    I feel the same way about the Botkin's beauty webinar. They really showed me a lot of stuff I had never thought of before. Makes me want to do more research. =)
    Happy Birthday! I hope you have a really blessed day tomorrow. =)

  15. "Shopping with a friend, walking towards the Junior's shirt section where she got hers. You're talking, "Okay, I think I really need to have a shirt like yours. I think I'm gonna steal it"... right as an employee walks past. Obviously you mean steal her style choice, but the employee doesn't know that. You get a look. "
    This sort of thing happens to me ALL the time! I guess I blunder too much..... ;-)

    Hopefully.... Next time you go into that store, you won't be suspected/watched.......

  16. Ah! Love the fall colors.
    Your Awkeys and Awesomes are so amusing!:D:D

  17. Nice finger bandage thing. :P

  18. Love the shawl. I have a shawl that you have to pin or tie, but it is kind of similar and a mustard yellow color. I'm going to "steal" your styling idea! Ha ha, that awkward really made me laugh too. We hope to go on a trip to TN next month and I'm hoping it will still be "fall-like" out because fall is truly awesome there!

  19. Happy, Happy Birthday, Olivia! A day early :)
    Your shawl is just gorgeous! I love how fall colors bring out your beautiful blue eyes so well. It's always nice to find stuff that makes you look amazing!
    Thanks for your fun outfits that you always post- you're a wonderful example of femininity and grace in your style, and I just wanted to tell you that I appreciate your efforts to dress modestly.
    Awesome: Listening to your little siblings recite Bible verses in the adjoining room and having a contest to see who has memorized the most.
    Awkward: Being the one who always ends up making dinner when your sister's sweetheart comes over. Isn't he supposed to be trying out her cooking? :)

  20. Happy Birthday!!
    That shawl is so cute! I love the color.
    I'll pray your hand get's better.


  21. You look beautiful. My favorite awkward thing is the shopping one, very funny!!!
    Very nice blog.

  22. Happy Birthday!
    How old will you be?

  23. I love your shawl! I completely get where you're coming from with the chicken processing! I did that at a plant here in Missouri, two days ago. It was the first time I'd ever done it though! It wasn't like I'd thought it would be though. The only thing I couldn't stand to do was pull the heads off...... I hope you get past the cut on your hand! Blessings,

  24. Aha, totally trying the yawning thing. I've heard of it before, but I've never really known if it works, I'm so trying it sometime soon :)
    And these pictures of you on your front porch are so beautiful! I love the fall colors! <3


  25. LoL Loved your awkwards, and your shawl is gorgeous. Shawls go with everything. :)


  26. What is it with losing things in Rite-Aid? My sister left her whole wallet there once. Thankfully, the patrons at our Rite-Aid are as honest as the ones at yours, so her wallet was returned fully intact.

    I love your outfit and your hair. Have a wonderful birthday!

  27. Hope you have a very happy and blessed birthday!

  28. HAPPPPPPPYYYYYYYYYYYYYY BIRTHDAYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHOOP WHOOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D hope you have a fantastic day!!!!!!! Your a beautiful women and i know God has many great things planed for your future! you have been an amazing encouragement to me since i found your blog! thank you for all your awesome "tips" :)
    God bless!!! and have a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!

  29. oh and so sorry about your finger!! it looks pitiful! :( hope it heals soon!!


  30. Ouch, so sorry about your hand! What happened? :( You look adorable, if it's any consolation. :) Love your awkwards!

  31. I love these posts! They never fail to make me laugh!

    Happy Birthday, Olivia! I hope you have a great day!

  32. I loved the first photo! You always seem to give me plenty of laughts with your awkward and awesome posts, I love them! Plus It's nice to realize I'm not the only the only one that has done some pretty awkward things recently. :) Happy 20th birthday, by the way! Have a great day, girl!

  33. Have a wonderful birthday!!!! Cute shawl too :)

  34. Happy birthday Olivia!!! :-) Now we're the same age, lol :-) I love your awkward and awesome posts!

  35. Yes I have dropped an iphone in my face! Really nice photos. I love the shawl.

    P.S. these posts are awesome!

  36. "Laying in bed and dropping your phone square on your face." Yup. My lip was puffy for about three days afterward. :p
    Happy Birthday!

  37. Ahh! I've always wondered if the "yawn to see if they're watching" trick works! LOL! :)

  38. Cute! I love your shawl!
    Haha, I've totally done the same thing at stores! The looks from employees are priceless...only after getting over the initial embarrassment, though!
    Yow! Sorry about your hand! I totally would've fainted...but then, I'm known for being the queasy type.(; I hope it heals well!
    Hehe, we do the same thing at church! But our fellowship meals are only once a month, so it's a LOT of birthdays! So we sing "Happy birthday to y'all."(; I'm exceedingly excited to celebrate Reformation. I love the history, the Reformation sermons, the hymns (like A Mighty Fortress), the fellowship, and being able to sing in the choir...(: and happy birthday to you! Congrats on reaching two decades!(; may this year be full of blessings for you.(:


  39. Happy birthday!
    And by the way, just found the blog today and I absolutley LOVE it! Great job!
    Love the shawl, too. Orange and brown looks good on you! ;)

  40. Happy birthday, Olivia! =) I always enjoy reading your awkward/awesome posts. :) I loved last week's webinar session, too, and am excited for tomorrow evening. :) Blessings!!


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