Monday, October 29, 2012


Howdy! Hope your weekend has been fabulous! I got to go shopping on Thursday (thus why I missed the Awk and Awe post) and I acquired this new shirt:

 It's in the "peplum" style which apparently has been all the rage lately. I just like it because it's super feminine and isn't your typical style of shirt.

It can be trickier to wear with skirts, though, because of the flowy nature of it so I chose my slimmest church skirt- actually, my moms- to pair with it. I really like how it has a seam right at the smallest point of my natural waist which makes it more flattering.
I wore the only nice clean tank I could find (let's say I'm super behind on laundry) which happened to be my favorite color for this fall~ mustard! The colors came out a little more contrasting in these pictures, but the burgundy (oxblood?) and mustard really complimented each other well. Simple pearls and gray shoes finished the outfit, which was perfect for yesterday's weather. :)

Shirt: JCP
Tank: JCP
Skirt: Mom's
Shoes: Walmart years ago
Pearls: Gift from grandmother

I'm linking up to Modern Modest Beauty.
What do y'all think of the peplum style? Hard to do right?

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  1. Peplum....haven't heard that word since I sewed the funky trim on a renaissance jacket I made. :)

  2. Love it! Super cute! (Are you in love with the new mustard trend as much as I am?!? 'Cause I'm loving it for fall!)

  3. I just wore a peplum skirt to church yesterday! I like it as a skirt and with a slimmer top.


  4. Yes, I think that shirt would be hard for ME to pull off, but it works well with your body type!
    A Modest Fashion Blog:

  5. Super cute! I recently bought a peplum lace top and I wore it to church last Sunday (I even remembered to take outfit pics)...I did wear it with a more flowing skirt, so it didn't have a very slimming effect! :P I just really liked the colors together.(;


  6. Personally I'm not crazy about the style/cut of the shirt, but you managed to make it look cute. =) My favorite part of your outfit is the lacy sleeves... oh, and the pearls. You definitely can't go wrong there!

    *sigh* I just LOVE your blog, Olivia!

  7. Love the shirt! I'm a big peplum fan. This question isn't about the post but, how did you get the pin it button to appear beneath your posts?

  8. You look adorable, Olivia. Everything just "goes" so well. :)

    If only we could all dress like you do. :)

  9. usually I really don't like peplum shirts, but you did a really good job making it look fabulous olivia :)) I think its usually hard to do right while keeping it flattering. but love love love the lace sleeves and i love you :) i think our convo last night should go in the awk and awe post of the week hahaha or at least in mine ;))

  10. Love the top :-)


  11. YAY for shopping! Love the shirt! Yes, the cut looks hard to pair with skirts. I'll bet it would look good with a pencil skirt. Cute outfit overall!

  12. Oh yeah! I saw that shirt at Penney's....didn't really think it was my style though.

  13. We in France don't have the peplum trend (yet!) but I'm definitly into mustard (I bought a cute mustard top on Friday and wore it yesterday for church...I love the way you paired the colors : it looks good even if I'd never thought of this ;-)
    Hope you'll have a great week !

  14. Aaawwww.....
    I LOVE your shirt! And the outfit altogether, I think that is what I would have worn to Church anyway (my style)! But, I couldn't go to Church due to a flu.... Grrrrr... Don't ya' hate getting the flu?


  15. My weekend was good, but busy. I was with at least someone from church Friday, Saturday, and Sunday night.
    I've never really thought much of this style... but I kind of like it. And I just now realized how blue your eyes are. They are so pretty! <3


  16. What an ADORABLE top!! I love the color, and the style, and the sleeves, and... well I just love that shirt! I never would have thought to put those colors together, but I think it turned out looking really great!

    BTW I think you did an amazing job of keeping it slimming.....:)

  17. Hey, I was curious where you got the idea for A+A Thursdays. Just wondering :)

  18. Very pretty. I love the sleeves and the skirt looks really nice on you! I love you blog!!!

  19. Hey, did you know that JC Penney's is very adamant in their support of gay rights and has at least one pro-gay policy? No offense at all, just curious and wondering if you have any thoughts on boycotting.

  20. I've seen the peplum thing around and while I think it's cute (in moderation, some of those things are pretty bizarre looking), I don't think it's really for me. I think it would be good as an early maternity or post-baby sort of thing, when you have some extra belly you want to hide, but I am afraid it would make my already wide hips look even wider. Your shirt is much more tame than some of the crazy peplum 'high fashion' stuff out there, and is a good way to bring it off the runway and into normal life.
    Also, I second Sarah's question (above). I didn't ever really shop there to begin with because it is usually out of my price range, but I'm curious what your take is on that.


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