Friday, October 12, 2012

Skipping Friends Post

Hey y'all! Due to a couple of things, the top two being the fact that 1) I'm tired out and 2) my hand is strapped to a popscicle stick, I'm going to have to skip this week's Friends of Fresh Modesty post.  There are some lovely outfits waiting to be shared with y'all! I'm sorry my normal life got too busy this week to give y'all the attention you deserve.

And as far as my hand goes, it's just a knife cut, but we don't want it to scar since its on the back of my hand right above my left ring finger, so it's immobilized in an attempt to let it heal.  :D
Take care, and I'll be back soon! :)

P.S. Its only been 24 hours and I already have 5 awkwards to share with you next Thursday.  *grin*


  1. Aww. So sad to hear you're hurt:( hopefully the scar heals nicely. Can't wait to read your a&a post:)


  2. Oh dear Olivia! Praying for hand heals up real soon! What did you do to cut yourself? I can't wait for the ackward and awesome thursdays! Those are my favorite posts to see on your blog. Always makes me laguh out loud. ;)I may have to start doing ackward and awesome on my blog.


  3. Hope your hand heals soon!
    Love, Katie

  4. Sorry to hear about your hand! Hope it heels quickly! And I look forward to seein the friends of Fresh Modesty post whenever you get it up! ;)

  5. Ouch! I hate it when I cut my hand... the best thing that works for scars is if you apply coconut oil with a drop or two of Lavender essential oil. Lavender helps promote skin growth, so it heals much more quickly and you have less of a chance of scarring... :)

    1. Ooo Thanks for the tip! We put a green salve on it, but its the kind of thing that you have to rub on and that hurt like crazy, so maybe I'll go drop some oil/lavender on it. :)

  6. I hope that your hand heals quickly!


  7. Ouch. :(
    I know you'll probably get 10,000 tips on how to keep it from scarring, but I thought I'd mention Vitamin E oil. I've used it on acne scars, a pretty horrible scrape I had on my hand, and a small scratch on my left hand (received from a kitten just before my wedding). It's something I'd apply topically once the cut has healed; works quite nicely. ;)

  8. hey olivia, so sorry about you'r hand, iam praying it heals fast.( with no scar:D by the way great advice about the lavender really need to try that one out.) thanks for letting us know about you not posting FM freinds, thanks for doing you'r blog I really do love it. love you'r sister in christ.

  9. Hmm, I can't help but wonder if the scar has something to do with ripping the guts out of 70 chickens. Get better soon Olivia!!

  10. Oh wow, I'm sorry 'bout your hand. Prayin' for ya!


  11. Oh you poor dear! :( hope your hand heals quickly, and with no scar!! it would be awful to have one right there on you ring finger! My Mum cut herself very badly on the same finger just after she got married - cutting pumpkin i think.... pray your finger has a speedy recovery!!!! So looking forward to the next Friends of FM post! :) oh! and A&A!!!! ;)

    God bless you dear!

    Em xox

  12. Hi Olivia! I awarded you the Up All Night blogger Award(I don't know if I already told you LOL...awkward)!! Please check out my blog for the contest rules!
    P.S. hope your hand heals nicely! I can't go very long without reading your posts,because I'm always like "AHHHH what was Olivia's outfit today OMGGGG I NEED TO KNOWWWW"
    Yeah, I'm weird like that.


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