Monday, November 26, 2012

Cyber Monday Sale!!

Hey y'all! I don't do very many sales on my first eBook, "Creating Custom Swimwear", but here is the sale of the year! 50% off the normal price of $13.99, bringing it down to just $6.99. This sale will only last until midnight tomorrow night (Tuesday the 27th here in the states. No idea what that translates to around the world).
I have a lot of new followers since I've mentioned my swimsuit eBook, so here's a synopsis:

Fresh Modesty: Creating Custom Swimwear is a 34-page tutorial with step-by-step directions for sewing an individual, well-fitting swimsuit for yourself, a friend, or a family member. I share how I draft a pattern from a series of measurements to make the various pieces of the suit as well as how to sew it all together. Countless modest style options are given including a maternity option, making it so fun to design a suit you adore. Here are a couple of suits that y'all have made:

The eBook is for all sizes, from adorable toddlers (I made the swimsuit on the right)...

 To pre-teens...

On up to us older girls...

 ...and our mothers! There are some more show and tell pictures on my website, if you'd like to look.

Also, if you're a mother looking for a gift idea for your daughter, there is information on gift certificates in the yellow bar at the top of this page. :)

So, there ya go! I hope this helps some of you trying to find a solution to the lack-of-modest-swimwear problem! Remember, the 50% off sale ends tomorrow night, so don't wait too long! Have a great Cyber Monday!

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  1. Super thoughtful, Olivia! =) I think my favorite one of the swimsuits pictured is your navy polka-dot cute and modest. =) Blessings!

  2. Why is it o.k. to show your knees and above in a swimsuit but not in everyday clothing?

  3. Hey! I like your ideas for the e-book, and all the options. However, do you have an option to make it sleevless? Like a tank top? The sleeves may prevent burning, but I still like regular swim suit straps. Oh wait, do think that is immodest? Thanks for your time!

    1. Hi! So sorry I'm just now getting back to you. Yes, there are worded instructions for how to make it sleeveless, but no pictures because I ended up putting sleeves on my sleeveless suit. Sleeves do make it more modest, but I wouldn't personally call sleeveless immodest. I also have a little snippet in there about how I made my halter suit.
      If you decide you'd like to purchase it now that I've hopefully answered your question, I'll give you a coupon to extend the sale to you since I wasn't able to get back to you yesterday. Just email me using my "contact" page to get the code. :)

  4. I commented before but my husband's lap top doesn't work for posting comments; kinda frustrating...I am kinda bummed I missed your steal of a deal sale, I would totally buy this for a friend of mine.

    Just wanna tell ya girls how beautiful you all look, so adorable, comfortable and modest. Classy and elegant too. But I have to say, and don't let this diminish any of your beauty other girls but Olivia, and is it Bethany (I'm familiar with Olivia's show and tell page, my daughter is in love with that purple suit...)Girls, it goes to you for I think polka dots and a contrasting bottom really adds some fashion, and spunk. I am quite curious if both of you have a full circle skirt on the bottom of your tunic top. As if Bethany will see this comment. But anyways. Oh and Olivia, you have different skirt options from your ebook but mention the circle skirt works the best. Why is that? And would a semi-circle skirt work just as well? Have you done that before (semi-circle skirt).
    Sewing modest swim wear gets me giddy. Dreaming, planning, sewing, its the funnest adventure. Olivia did you do a new swim suit this year? I guess you do have quite a few already, but its always fun to see what you come up with.
    If you are on the fence whether to buy Olivia's it. I'd totally recommend it.


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