Friday, November 9, 2012

Friends of Fresh Modesty: Iris, Christi, Allie, and Emily!

Howdy folks! Hope you've had a fabulous Friday! I managed to paint 1400 ft of fence today and I'm a bit tuckered out.
First up we have Iris from Germany again! I love this outfit of her's. It looks like a lovely warm outfit, but isn't frumpy. Her jewelry wonderfully accents the style and structure of her ensemble.

Pullover: (hand-me-down) X-Mail
Skirt: (thrifted) Colours Of The World
Boots: Deichmann (German shoe-store)
Necklace: gifted
Earings: Claires

Thank you Olivia for posting another of my outfits. I'm Iris and I blog over at The Blue Birdhouse. The reason I like this outfit is because it's so fun, modern, comfortable and pretty. This outfit came together on one of those days when I didn't really know what to wear.☺ Now I can't wait to wear it again in the future! I am always looking for nice sets that I can repeat in the future and every week I share an outfit on my blog. ☺

 Here is a fabulous mother/daughter duo! I love Ms. Christi's pulled-together ensemble with the scarf and cardigan! Her daughter Allie has a wonderful example to follow!

Hello!  My name is Christi.  I am a wife and mother and live in a small town in Tennessee.  I blog over at As a mother of a daughter, I love Fresh Modesty.  I am grateful that there are still young women dressing modestly.  I love showing my daughter the pictures of the different outfits.  My outfit in the picture is so comfortable.  I wear my black maxi and just change the tops to make new outfit.  And I love scarves.  Scaves completely dress up any outfit.
My daughter Allie is eight.  She loves to dress like a lady and look pretty.  Her black skirt can go with any top.  Today, she paired it with a hot pink top.  

 Lastly, we have my friend Emily! She's in Russia right now where the sun rises very late, so she's been excused the inside pictures. ;) She did a wonderful job with this outfit. The shirt and skirt are just the right shapes for each other, and her belt adds a feminine definition. Love the color on her, too!

My name is Emily; I'm twenty-four, and I'm currently serving as a missionary nanny for a family traveling in Russia. You can read about my adventures on my travel blog: or on the blog of my missionary companions:

I'm here to share with you my outfit for Russian Church on Sunday. Even though it's fairly cool outside, it's always super hot inside, so layers are a good idea. I also tried to pack clothes that would mix and match well, so I ended up with a lot of solid colors. It's funny how I'm so used to having a large closet at my disposal. I've been living out of a suitcase for four weeks and I'm already growing tired of what I packed! It's definitely a fashion challenge.

This Sunday I wore a simple charcoal grey skirt (thrifted, and I had to change the zipper) that is heavy enough to be warm outside, but soft enough to be comfortable inside. I also wore a short-sleeved purple high-neck T that I've had forever, with a crepe speckled blouse from the Dress Barn, and a black belt to keep it all in. I'm wear flats indoors, since everyone here wears some sort of slipper inside. To go out, since it's cool and muddy and we have to walk everywhere, everyone bundles up in coats, boots, scarves gloves and hats. These necessary additions rather ruin the effect of the outfit!

Thank you so much for your submissions, ladies! Readers, what are your favorite elements of these outfits? What makes them "work"?

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  1. Loved reading this! All those cute outfits:)


  2. Lovely outfits!
    Really enjoyed the last one, hearing about life in Russia!
    A Modest Fashion Blog:

  3. I totally agree with Ms. Christi! Scarves are awesome!! A total must have accessory. :)
    Emily's outfit is charming, and I can relate to having a limited wardrobe (I did a 15x15 remix in june), but having it that way for four weeks is crazy! An utterly challenging fashion challenge, I'm sure! :)


  4. I love all of those outfits!! How can I be a part of Friends of Fresh Modesty?

    1. sorry, forgot to put that in the post!

  5. As always, I loved all the outfits! So fun to have a mother/daughter and what an exciting adventure to nanny in Russia! Thank you for doing these, I always love looking at them!


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