Friday, November 2, 2012

Friends of Fresh Modesty: Reagan, Elizabeth, Rebecca, and Lauren!

Hey y'all! Hope you're doing well! There are some lovely outfits for y'all to enjoy today!
First up is Reagan. This is such a gorgeous outfit! Its great, and her shoes are perfect. I'm gonna be on the look out for a similar pair. :) {note, I have no idea why these pictures are colored so differently. I tried to make them the same with editing, but to no avail. oh well, they're both lovely!}

Hi readers, I'm Reagan and I've been reading this blog for about three months. I love looking at everyone's adorable outfits. Down to business, I like this outfit because it combines the more modern shirt with the older skirt. The color of the skirt also brings out the flower pattern on the shirt.

Shirt - Papaya
Skirt - old hand-me down
Shoes - Goodwill
Earrings - walmart


 Love pink and gray together!
Hi Everyone! My name is Elizabeth and I am 19 years old. I live in Minnesota with my family. I have eight younger siblings and my baby sister was just born recently. I am in my second year of college and I hope to be a nurse someday, specifically a pediatric nurse because I love helping people, and I love kids! I enjoy sewing, quilting, reading, writing, running and playing my violin. I blog about my sewing adventures over at The College Seamstress.
I wore this outfit on a very cold day when I took my siblings to the park. I added the pink sweater for a pop of color. Without it the outfit was kind of boring. The skirt is one of my favorites that I have made. It is great for colder weather and it is very comfortable too. Thanks for letting me share my outfit, Olivia!

 Sweater: gift
Wool Skirt: made by me
Leggings: Walmart
Necklace: gift


 Shrugs are great! Love how this one pulls out the colors in her skirt:

Hello Fresh Modesty readers! :) My name is Rebecca Ann and I am a young woman who loves all things beautiful. I think of fashion as a way for me to express myself as type of art. I love putting together outfits with different textures and lots of bold colors. Recently, I have enjoyed learning more and more about color seasons too and figured out that I am in the winter color family. Besides fashion, I have many interests, such as writing letters to friends and family, reading and learning about politics and current events, talking to friends about all things in life, holding babies, laughing with freinds and family, hiking, and doing living history reenacting , and swing and english country/civil war dancing among many things. I am studying music through Carnegie Hall to teach and perform in piano and voice. If you are interested to see a tutorial for braiding your hair with a scarf like I did go here-
I am so blessed by the Lord that He is faithful and just and His mercies are new to me each day. I pray the Lord shines through in my life. I blog over at

White tank top- Walmart
Turquoise shrug- hand-me-down from a friend
Silk Floral Skirt- Brand New York And Company (thrifted and altered by me)
Floral hair scarf-thrifted


 Super adorable summer outfit from this pretty lady! I've met her several times and always come away thinking, "Wow, she's got a lovely way about her!"

I'm Lauren! I'm 16 and I live in Phoenix, I love Jesus Christ, my Lord and Savior with my whole heart! I love music and I love playing my viola and my violin...I have been dressing modestly for a couple years now, and I love it!  I hope to one day live out in the country, and be a country girl!

Top: Savers Thrift Store
Skirt: Savers Thrift Store
Tank: 5 years ago.
Shoes: My Mom's:-). But she got them at Payless.
Earrings: Wal-Mart
Sunglasses: I found them.  At a park.  How gross is that?!

Thanks for entering, girls! Readers, what are your favorite elements of these outfits? How have they inspired you?
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  1. All lovely outfits! Lauren's is a great example of feminine casual!
    Love, Katie

  2. I love these outfis, especially the fact that 2 of the girls are wearing something they created/altered...And I really like Lauren's and Reagan's, with the right amount of pink in the whole outfit !
    Thanks one more time for hosting this great post every other week ! I'm looking forward to the next one !
    Enjoy your weekend ! ;-)

  3. Love all the pink in this post. =) Reagan's shirt is so lovely and feminine and I love Rebecca's shrug and the cute yet casual look of Lauren's outfit. Thanks for sharing, ladies! Maybe I'll have to submit an outfit one of these days... ;)

  4. I like Reagan's and Rebecca Ann's outfits!

    I liked the combination of that top and skirt. Especially the skirt colour!

    Rebecca Ann's:
    I liked the blue shrug! It really added a pop of colour.


  5. I LOVE all of those outfits!! :) What editing program so you use? Ever since Picnick closed down, I haven't found a good photo-editing program! Thanks so much! These pictures are great!

    1. Alexandra, try! It's free and has a lot of the same features (maybe even more) that Picnik did. =)

  6. That's funny-all the outfits have pink accents (at the very least)!
    Let me see....
    #1 love the whole outfit, very feminine and 'airy' feeling
    #2 Love the unique use of long sleeves under 3/4 length sleeves!
    #3 Love the shrug (especially the color!)
    #4 Love the color pops!
    A Modest Fashion Blog:

  7. Lauren,
    ha-ha I have a pair of sunglasses from a park too! I washed them up and had them for years & then a bottle of hand sanitizer leaked all over them in the glove box... (what a mess!) sadly the sanitizer ruined the lens' (they are annoyingly blurry now).


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