Thursday, November 22, 2012

Green Stripes

Wow, you know how sometimes two weeks feels like two months? That's how I feel as I read over two weeks' worth of Awkward and Awesome notes to share with you-- some of these seem like ages and ages ago. :P

  • Spraying black oil paint for hours and hours, and coming in with black hair. 
  • The smell of clothes from Walmart. Is it just me or do they smell like Vaseline? 
  • Simultaneously teaching Seth how to wrap a gift, Elsia how to use the microwave, and Josiah to sit on the potty. Sounded something like, "No, this is right side up. Press 1. Cut here. Pull down your pants! Press 5, then start. Tape the middle. YAY JO!" 
  • Squishing three people into two seats in a vehicle. Even if it's just your siblings, it's awkward. 
  • Running out of gas at the "crossroads" of our driveway. Having not only your well-to-do neighbor walk past as you're filling it up with a too-short nozzle and a big red can, but a whole school bus of kids turns around right beside you. Did I mention it was frigidly cold outside? 
  • Getting a knock on your door, "Y'all want our deer guts?" and then thanking them for thinking of you. 
  • Talking to a friend you ran into at the gas station as you pump. *click* Me: "Oh, it stopped. That's weird." (thinking it should have farther to fill) Him: "Yeah, it does that when it's full." Me: (sarcastically) "No kidding!?" Him: "Oh, have you never filled it up before??" Me: o.O "Sorry, that was sarcastic..." Him: *surprised grin*     I'm 20, folks, and have been driving for 5 years. I've filled a tank before. 
  • The fact that it's been 14 days since I painted our fence and my fingernails STILL have black paint on them. Gloves, girls, gloves.
  • The chicken statues that are staring at me as I write this post. Those usually aren't too weird to have sitting around in our neck of the woods, but these two are painted with zebra stripes. Just a little rarer. 
  • Getting the cashier at the feed store's whole BBQ technique and recipe without asking. And trying not to drool on the floor for the 15 minutes he was explaining it.

  •  Getting to help take engagement pictures of a good friend with two other great friends, and a guy who's pretty awesome too. :D 
  •  Helping cook enough chili for 200 people in about 2 hours. And it not having been on your agenda when you woke up that morning. 
  • Being ridiculously happy these days. God's forgiveness and peace surpasses ALL understanding, and causes such joy!
  • Being ready for dinner guests early, so you're able to relax and just mosey around. Usually it's a royal kerfuffle around our house until the guests walk in. :P 
  • Having family drive through the area and staying with you. 
  • Staying up until midnight working on projects with friends. 
  • The marshmallow fight we had after Thanksgiving dinner with church family. Those things can hurt! 
  • Fires in the fireplace! Hot cocoa twice a day! Christmas music! 
  • Finding out from the bank teller that your neighbor was out of town. 
  • Global warming. I may not appreciate it later, but it being 60* outside in November kind of rocks.
  • Getting my ebook to the testers! Hoping to have it out by Christmas. :) :) 
  • Getting an email Thanksgiving morning from your pastor and jumping out of bed excited at the opportunity: "Hi Olivia, I got a deer this morning and you are welcome to come over and watch me process it if you wish." It's been on my "to learn" list for a while. :D 
  • My mommy feeling better! We don't take her health for granted at all anymore. :) 
  • Fellowship on Sunday evenings. So cozy, comfortable, and encouraging.
 Shirt: Goodwill
Tank: Target
Skirt: Made by me (I made it this week testing techniques for the eBook! Can never have too many. ;)
Necklaces: Gift and Etsy

Happy Thanksgiving, y'all! What's been awkward or awesome for you this week? Eat enough turkey?

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  1. OH....wayyyy too much turkey! Just not in one sitting, I don't overeat (or try not to) on Thanksgiving, but now it's Turkey, Turkey (part 2) Turkey breakfast and turkey the sequel...
    Lots to be thankful for!
    Did you cut your hair? It looks cute!
    How's Willa doing?
    Cute outfit-that green is splendid on you!
    A Modest Fashion Blog:

  2. Love it! you are so beautiful! ~ Hagen

  3. If that skirt pattern is in your new ebook I am SO getting it!! I love jean skirts, but the ones I buy are always pretty straight. I love how yours are flowy and loose - no leg restrictions! I'm excited about your new ebook!!
    This is a super cute outfit, btw. =)


  4. I love your awkward + awesome Thursdays! Hope your thanksgiving was awesome. xx

  5. These posts always make me laugh!

    Awkward: walking out of Lowes with my baby brother on my hip wandering around the parking lot in the rain trying to find our car. "Thinking" I see it, I proceed to go over and try to get the back passenger door open. It doesn't. Straaaaange... mom assured me it was unlocked. Okay, lets see if the front is unlocked. No dice. As I look inside and see how clean it is, it suddenly dawns on me.


    I wanted to melt. Or get swallowed up by the ground.

    Awesome: Spending Thanksgiving with our pastors family. Man, my cheeks still hurt. :)

  6. Love the skirt! And... flip-flops?! Lucky you! The windchill here in IA was 15 degrees today. Brrrr!

    Your awk & awes made my day. =) Cannot WAIT for the eBook!

  7. Your awk + awe moments definitely brighten one's day, Olivia. =) Sooo excited for your new e-book! It sounded absolutely wonderful. =) Blessings!

  8. Cute outfit! Awesome: Getting almost 16 hrs of overtime this week! The nursing home where I work had our state survey this week. The surveyors left this morning! We passed with only one possible citation! and that one isn't even our department! How was your Thanksgiving?
    Love, Katie

  9. Your outfit is so pretty! I really like your hair, too. :) I love your awkward & awesome posts; they really make me laugh and are very relatable. I know I say this a lot, but thank you for all your posts; I truly enjoy them. ~Lauren :)

  10. Love the skirt so much!
    And your awesome/awkward made my day.

    Awesome and awkward for me?
    Awkward: Having a short old lady ask my mom if she could rent me (because I'm tall) when she goes shopping just so I could reach the shelves that she can't.
    Awesome: decorating the house for Christmas and planning hysterical Christmas card ideas.

  11. This post was very enjoyable, and your smile is just gorgeous! ;)

    Looking forward to see your eBook come out!

    Take care,

  12. Awkward! Driving through a very confusing school parking lot trying to find where you're supposed to pick up your friend from drivers ed. I saw my old driving instructor and asked her where to go, then a minute later found out I was driving the wrong way through a "one way parking lot". And to top it all off, my sister had just told me that my friend told her that our driving instuctor had said we were good students :P
    Awesome: first real snow today! Getting up at 5:30 almost every day this week for work. Getting to celebrate American thanksgiving too so I could get a picture for my aunt's american website for military families.
    My sister and I are so excited about your e-book coming out :)
    P.S. I really like your hair like that ;)

  13. You look really beautiful! I awarded you, so please go to this link


  14. I love your awke & awes! Here are two Awks for ya and all three of them occurred in about a two hour period!

    Awk: Possibly hyperextending your elbow tagging a guy while playing a crazy game of capture the flag... with a lot of us probably being considered, by most people, too old to play it!

    Being one of the last people left untagged in a game of blob tag, and while trying to avoid three groups of people you slip in the mud and your sister simultaneously pulls your hair while you are falling, in an attempt to tag you. Apparently you lay in the dirt for too long (about 15 sec.) 'cause then a guy asks you if you need a hand up, um well.....

  15. I love your outfit! Funny thing, I own a shirt that looks exactly like yours. ;) And your hair looks just beautiful!!!!

  16. It would be so wonderful if that pattern was in the e-book!
    I've experimented a little with making long skirts, but they turn out rather boring and hard to wear.
    I really like all the great modesty ideas you share.

  17. Did you get to go and watch your pastor proccess the deer? I love hunting and proccessing deer!

  18. I love the skirt! Glad your mom is feeling better, too.

  19. Lovely outfit, and your awk and awe post CRACK ME UP! Sometimes they are so my country girl life.
    Awkward: Someone at church asking you how Tae Kwon Do is going, so you tell him you passed your yellow belt test, and he replies "Oh, so I won't beat you up then."

    Awesome: CLOSE friends - my parents and theirs go out for dinner and can spend four hours talking, their oldest girl is the sister you don't have and their oldest boy is like another brother.
    -baking pizza and German chocolate cake with the above brother and sister.


  20. ...may I ask what ya'll use deer guts for?


    Most awkward moment last week was ducking fresh, swinging elk 'halves' as I washed them down for my husband. (We were short of hands... usually this is a "boy" job... now I know why!)
    Then a few days later, wrapping them in fresh sheets, the hilarious side kicked in as I realized *what* I was hugging!

    I think the most memorable awkward memory is from a few years back: Stopping at the post office with my brother to pick up some stamps, (we were in a rush that day) I swung back out the door.
    Being used to our big white suburban, it took me a split second to remember what car we were driving.
    Oh yeah; black handle, burgundy door... what was a big white purse doing on my seat?
    Looking up, that's NOT my brother!

    The woman stared strangely as I swung around to see my brother *behind* me, totally cracking up!
    I think my face was red for three days!
    Needless to say, I always check carefully for strangers in "my" car now!!

    Thanks for sharing these pieces of your life, Olivia!
    It keeps it real! =)


    1. Hahahaha! That's quite a story!
      We fed the deer guts to our pigs. :P

  21. Hehe... I know it's a little late, but I had turkey at three different places. Yummylicious!

  22. soo was the comment bout the "awesome guy" meant to tell us anything? anyone special?:D


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