Sunday, November 4, 2012

My First Repeat

This morning I woke up with absolutely no idea what I was going to wear. I didn't have anything new to work around, or any particular piece in mind like I normally do. I usually lay in bed mentally scrolling through my closet until I have a general idea/theme I'm going for, and then haul myself out from under my 3 quilts.

This morning I rolled out of bed, despite the extra hour of sleep, and pulled on my jeans to go do the chores. Came inside, still had no clue what to wear. Gathered the laundry from the basement and carried it upstairs. Walked into my closet. Still no clue. Just turned around and around, looking for something to catch my eye. Rooted through the piles on the floor...oh, my box of winter skirts. Pulled this plaid one out, and remembered the outfit I posted back in the spring... "Gray and Tan?"

Being short on time and inspiration, I decided to repeat the outfit. And not just wear it again, but blog it again, too, because there are about 500 more of you reading now than when I originally posted it. Hope you don't mind; I don't have an endless supply of clothes, unfortunately.

Now, the funny part. I looked up the original post as I was dressing to see what shoes I wore with it, and lo and behold, I wore this outfit when daylight savings time started in March, and here I am randomly repeating it on the day DST ended in November. How ironic is that?

Okay, saga's over. Here's what I was wearing:
Shirt: Kohl's
Skirt: Made by me
Shoes: Steinmart
Hat: Original post says Steinmart, but I don't think that's right...

It was a slow Lord's Day, with lots of folks traveling or sick, so after Q&A in the afternoon I took my siblings to the playground, about 25 minutes away. It was a drive.

After it got too dark for the park, we stopped at Save-a-Lot for hot dogs for dinner. I forget that my siblings don't usually get the chance to go into the market with us, so they treated it like a grand adventure. They didn't know what bologna was. The great big jugs of unlabeled pink drink? I didn't have any explaination of what it could possibly be except, "Poison." They thought that was pretty gnarly.

Alright, 'nough about me. How was your day?

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  1. It's a simple but very lovely outfit! Totally worth the repeat! :) I repeat outfits ALL THE TIME!

    With Love,


  2. My day was okay, it's been a very long, rough week-but it's over now! :) Hopefully this coming week will be a bit better.
    Love the outfit-even if it is a repeat...;)
    I should share a secret with you-most people think I never wear the same outfit twice, the trick is to wear them set apart by at least a month, and style it totally different each time! So like with the outfit you're wearing, while styling it the same was fine (of course adorable, as always!) you could wear it with a vest over the top, different/no hat and maybe a necklace-then it's a completely different outfit! 'Voila! :)
    I can sure relate! I feel like a truck ran me over this morning, for whatever reason I slept HORRIBLE last night, I'm completely exhausted now, and the sad thing is it's only 9:00!!!! Please thank Benjamin Franklin if you see him...
    A Modest Fashion Blog:

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  4. It was a very warm day for the beginning of November for me. I was looking forward to wearing one of my cozy sweaters and wool skirts with tights and closed toed shoes to church. No such luck. The day started at 65 degrees and just got warmer from there. It is November and I refused to wear short sleeves, so I put on a turtle neck and scarf and all the above mentioned (minus the sweater). I was a little warm in the middle of the day, but I didn't care. I only wish it would stay cold here. The temp. goes up and down all the time.
    You outfit is really cute. I love the hat! I can't believe you made the skirt. It looks so professional! I only wish my sewing skills extended that far.

  5. Hey, no worries on repeat outfits. Not everyone is going to remember exactly what you wore 9 months ago (Although I wouldn't put it past some blog readers out there), and a recycle might not be a bad idea if it fits in with the season. I have a very limited wardrobe so I recycle ALL the time.

  6. Very pretty! Is that a bias cut skirt you made? awesome! I've been thinking about taking on a bias challenge... I bought some striped material for a skirt but don't know if it will be enough for a bias cut.
    I HATE IT when I can't figure out what to wear! I had that problem today. I really wanted to wear a shirt I was making that I had about halfway finished. Luckily, church doesn't start until 1 (and is across the street), so I sewed pretty frantically for a couple hours and finished at 12:50! woohoo!

  7. O.k. I'm not really sure what happened to the bottom half of my post. But, the rest of it should say: I ended up wearing a turtle neck with a scarf and all of the above mentioned ( minus the scarf and heels). I was actually glad I wore the turtle neck because my church was freezing. I was a little warm outside in the 81 degree weather, but that's ok. I wish the weather would pick a temp. and stay at it. Down here, the weather is changing all the time.
    Your outfit is really cute. I love the hat! I just can't believe you made the skirt. I wish my sewing skills extended that far. You should make clothes and sell them.

  8. Haha, I think it's a super cute outfit, even if it is a repeat! I just love the mix of colors.(: and that hat looks so cute on you! I never like the way I look in hats, so I never wear them... :P
    I was so grateful for that extra hour of sleep! Or rather...the extra hour to stay up late, which is what it ended up being! I had to study the French constitution for my comparative politics class, and had been putting it off, thinking constitutions were pretty short and straightforward...but then the French one was 50 pages long! :P I was originally going to write my essay on the German constitution, cuz that just sounded interesting, but it was 150 pages I opted for the French one.(; and with that extra hour, I was able to go to bed late and still be bright eyed and bushy tailed for church this morning.


  9. Which one of us does have an endless supply of clothes?? I know I repeat things too! Your daylight savings outfit is cute!

  10. Oh goodness! Those are some cute little kiddos!

  11. Such a gorgeous backyard, I live in the desert of CA so I never see anything like that here. I love the ruching on your sweater.

    Method Clothe

  12. Your hair is SO gorgeous Olivia!
    What does your hair look like without you pulling out the flat iron and/or curling iron?
    Is it naturally straight or curly?

  13. Love the curls, Olivia! ;) I wear repeat outfits too often, but for church I try to do it months apart or change it up a little, like Natasha suggested. But it's good to know that you don't have an endless supply of clothes, because I certainly don't. It's discouraging to read fashion blogs with a new outfit each day... I love that you have versatile pieces and lots of creative ideas!

  14. I love this outfit ! And the repeat is not a problem ! I had forgotten the outfit, so it's nice seeing it again ! And the hat is soooo cute !
    And BTW your siblings are awesome ! How old is Josiah now? The 3 of them look like fun gang!
    My sunday was great : after service we had a youth meeting with some christians from switzerland. We played some game, had a good Bible study together and then it was time to go home !
    Have a great week Olivia !
    God bless !

  15. I'm feeling really stupid about my comment coming up twice. Forgive my very unpredictable computer.


    1. Don't worry, that happens alllll the time. I usually delete the repeat, but my stupid computer posted them both! :p

  16. i love your blog :)

  17. Hey, I love repeats! (Probably cuz I do them so much myself. ^.^) I also awarded you on my blog, be sure to check it out. ;)

  18. I love this outfit, Olivia! Perfect for autumn and winter. =) I definitely repeat outfits often, so it's nice to hear that you repeat some, too, but I should probably think of more creative ideas to put together the pieces I have differently. Hmm...any suggestions? =) Come to think of it, I'm excited for the next session of the beauty webinar's been very interesting so far! =) Anyway, thanks for your inspiring examples of outfits...super encouraging! =) Hope you're having a lovely day. =)

  19. Your siblings are SOOOOO cute!!!! :)

  20. I love this outfit. The boots and hat especially. :)

  21. So...I have been hearing rumors about you writing a denim skirt book?! Are you really doing that? Because if you are, I want to be the very first one to buy it from you. :) I've always loved your denim skits, and when I tried to design and make my own (3 so far) they turn out less than stellar. The main problem is the denim though... jean denim is way too stiff, and the denim I buy at Hobby Lobby and Walmart actually started pilling! :( Oh well!

  22. I love this outfit!
    it is super cute!

  23. I'm rather glad you did a repeat for some strange reason. And you know that repeating even of day light saving's times, why its foreshadowing of your future life, we repeat lots of things sort of ritualistically as mothers...and the trick is finding joy in them, and especially the memories you make around each holiday, your children will crave those special things you do together that you look forward to from doing last year, the familiarity being beautiful and comforting. Btw I think I've always been meant to have a pair of soft gray heely boots but I just haven't found them yet. Someday.

  24. I just discovered your blog...I'm sure me and my daughter will have fun looking around! Adding you to my blog roll at obediencewithoutlegalism (dot) blogspot (dot) com

    Mrs. Sarah Coller

  25. Love all the colors together. I see you are reformed Presbyterian...I am too!! but I am going to a small reformed baptist church out in the country as there is not a reformed Presbyterian church in my area(I live in a town of 3,400 people so there is mostly baptist churches). Reformed baptist believe almost everything us reformed presbys do,but I have been getting some judgement for the beliefs we do not see eye to eye(When the church votes for things I don't, because I believe women are to be quite in the church,I believe in using wine for communion and I cover my head for worship and I believe in baptizing infants). Do you have any advice on how to handle my fellow brothers,sisters and my parents(they are reformed baptist but completely okay with me being presby just don't get some of my beliefs lol.)

    Sorry for such a long comment...if you do not want to answer on here you can email me at

    God bless you and yours!


  26. Soo cute!! I love the shoes!

    ~Sarah Cox

  27. It cracks me up that you wore the skirt on the daylight savings time changes in March 2012, then in November 2012, and then in November 2013! That skirt is too cute; I want to make one.


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