Monday, December 3, 2012

Its A Long Day

Hey y'all! So so sorry I wasn't able to get a Friends of Fresh Modesty post together for you on Friday. I've thought about listing out everything that I have on my plate right now, but its making my head explode and me want to go back to bed. Or maybe that's the typical Sunday hangover.

 Yesterday was a fabulous day, despite being insanely tired. After church and good conversation at lunch, we drove into Nashville and attended two concerts. I wore this outfit all day, except after feeding hay (which, for my city friends, means loading 4 bales into the truck from the stack, driving through the mud, not stepping in cow stuff, and throwing the bales out and pulling them apart) in the afternoon (yes, in this get-up!)... I had to change into another black skirt which was a little longer because I couldn't vacuum the hay off fast enough. :P

Performing the first concert was the "Concert Chorale of Nashville". It was sooo beautiful and extra special because a friend was part of the choir. Some of the songs were in Latin and some were more well known. Unfortunately we had to hurry out as soon as it was over to make it to the second concert of the evening.

Annie Moses Band! We weren't sure we'd have time to get there so we almost didn't go, but I'm SO glad we did. They are absolutely amazing and just, wow. Such high energy! And excellence. Really hoping we can go to another concert in the future!

 Alright, I had such a hard time finding something to wear to church. My room's a disaster, I couldn't find anything, kept tripping, was late, and even my hair wouldn't hold it's curl. I'm sure I'm not the only one with blah mornings. And I had this whole part of my post typed out and somehow lost it but didn't realize it until 10 hours later. Fail.

Rhythm: Not sure I did so well with rhythm this time. But, it did work out that I kept the "flow" of the black bottom half of my shirt by continuing the black in my skirt.

Color: Monochromatic/ achromatic, with black, silver, gray, and white.
Emphasis: The white top of my shirt definitely brings your attention to the top 1/4 of me, but the contrasting black trim along the neckline takes your eye right up to my face, I hope. :P

Unity: I was this close to wearing a green corderoy skirt with this top, but the fabrics just didn't agree as much, so I begged this skirt literally off my sister and the slinkyness goes much better with the satin. 

Shirt: Gift from Sears
Skirt: Kohl's 7 years ago
Boots: Stein Mart
Necklace: Charity Shop, looped three times

Are you attending any concerts this advent season?

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  1. JMJ
    Lovely outfit as usual Olivia. :)
    I don't think I will be attending any concerts, but I sure loooooovvvvvve Advent. :D
    In Christ,

    1. I ♥ Advent too!!! It is my favorite liturgical season of the 'Church Year'.
      Advent blessings!

  2. Ohh... I sympathize with you!
    My "blah" morning was a few weeks ago, in fact, everyone in our family seemed to be having a Blah morning at the same time! Let me say, that we were a little late for church! :P
    Congratulations on finding something to wear though!


  3. LOL! "begged it off my sister" too funny! My younger sister is about the same size as me, she always knows that if she hears me yell her name on Sunday morning, it's because I want to borrow something! *GRIN*
    Super cute outfit, definitely agree with the black skirt instead of green! :)
    And yes, I've had Sundays were I've made my room a mess throwing clothes on the floor! Being the Pastor's family, and part of the church worship team, it's frowned upon being late!
    I would say that the shirt doesn't draw too much attention, though on someone like me with my "shape" would definitely not be appropriate.
    Super cute outfit, Olivia!
    A Modest Fashion Blog:

  4. Just wanted to tell you, I think this outfit is gorgeous! And I'm in love with your boots :)

    God bless,

  5. I like the outfit :)
    No concerts, but I am singing in a choir and performing soon!

  6. I'm just commenting realy quickly to tell you that you are definitely NOT the only one with "blah mornings"! I have one occasionally, and they're no fun. But, I suppose that without them, we'd never know just what a good, smooth, easy morning was! :)

  7. I'm being IN several concerts. Hearing a few other people in them. Does that count? ;)

  8. I like this outfit! Is the shirt all one piece? It looks neat... You're certainly not the only one to have hectic Sunday mornings. Even sometimes frantic. ;) But then we get to church and I can sit down with a sigh and worship. =) This week we're going to a Christmas concert by Andrew Peterson! I'm very excited.
    Happy Advent!

  9. The photos are blurry, but beautiful!!!

  10. I have not attended any so far , but I was in one on Sunday :)

  11. If you click on the pictures, then they aren't blurry.
    Super cute though!!

  12. LOVE it! Looks so modest and stylish at the same time! Really like the style too!

  13. Your outfit is just adorable!
    And I LOVE the Annie Moses Band! My Dad and I went to one of their concerts last spring and it was fantastic! :)

  14. This outfit is absolutely adorable!!!


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