Monday, January 28, 2013

New Cardigan

Hey y'all! Hope this Monday finds you happy and encouraged. I woke up to beautiful temperatures; reading my Bible whilst snuggled under my covers next to a huge open window with a cool breeze blowing was so blissful. 

Lest you think my life is perfect, I'll also tell you that I'm sipping lukewarm coffee (no sugar and I'm too lazy to get to honey, so bitter it is) because my head is so foggy I forget to blink and typing this while still in my PJ's at noon because the water went freezing cold while starting my shower this morning. It's a wonderful life. :) #onlyslightlysarcastic 

Thanks to Natasha who brought the F21 clearance sale to my attention last week, I picked up a couple things, including this cardigan. It's their "Essential Marino Wool Cardigan" (they're all gone now, sorry). It's super comfy, perfect color and weight, and has pretty little buttons all down the front. :) Score. 

Cardigan: Forever21, $7
Tank: JCPenny's, $4
Skirt: Made by me (How to, here) Fabric free. :) 
Boots: Shoe Carnival, $30 (originally $70, so I thought I got a good deal. ;) 

Yesterday's sermon was on Romans 1:18-25, and it was so good. I've been taking notes since we're going verse by verse through the book and I want to get the most out of the series I can, and to help me stay awake. Maybe I've just never really thought about what I was reading in Romans as I read it before, but having someone explain it has opened my eyes to just how much I was missing by the confusing commas, odd clauses, and otherwise unfamiliar wording of Scripture. I guess I just need to pay more attention and not just read to read. 

The main emphasis of the passage from yesterday was that no man is exempt from the wrath of God, and when men suppress the truth of knowing that God is there, all sorts of things happen. As verses 19 and 20 say, "because what may be known of God is manifest [innate, built in] in them, for God has shown it to them. For since the creation of the world His invisible attributes are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made [nature, etc],... so that they are without excuse."

I never realized it, but verses 21-23 clearly spell out the 5-step downward spiral that comes from suppressing the truth, "Because, although they knew God, they did not glorify Him as God, nor were thankful [--step 1, need to make sure we're thankful or else this spiral continues], but became futile in their thoughts [--step 2, they have skewed opinions and wrong thinking], and their foolish hearts were darkened [--step 3, when you squelch God, you often shut your heart up]. Professing to be wise, they became fools [--step 4, "fools" here literally means "moron". Just think of some of the stupid things scientists claim in trying to explain away the miraculous], and changed the glory of the incorruptible God into an image made like corruptible man—and birds and four-footed animals and creeping things [--step 5, we worship the creature instead of the Creator. We have idols; we worship animals (like rats), money, and 'save the trees!']. 

Our pastor used a lot of examples and analogies that helped clarify each step, which I neglected to write down, so that all may or may not make sense. :-p

One last note that I thought was interesting, was that all of the verbs from those verses have to do with an act of one's will, not something passive that is done to you, but something that we have to choose. The problem is our hearts. We have decisions to make.
We are inexcusable in our trespasses against our Creator, and God is totally justified in his wrath for us, because He is righteousness itself. (Romans 1:17) We must not suppress the truth of knowing that He is there. We have no "get out of jail because I didn't know better" card to play.  The truth sets us free. The gospel message is awesome. I have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God, but Christ took the wrath of God that I deserved upon Himself through His bloody sacrifice on my behalf. (Romans 3:23-25) 
Sometimes I think us believers need to hear this more often than the unbeliever, because it is so easy to enjoy the blessings of being God's child, while forgetting that we are not at all entitled to those blessings. Preaching to myself this Monday morning. 

Well, my coffee's gone and I think the water's warmed up again. What are you thankful for this day? 

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  1. I love the simplistic yet, stylish look of your outfit! Mondays can be so rough, I think it's good to looking for things to be thankful for! It always, is but Monday in particular. Today I am most thankful that the snow has melted due to the rain!

  2. My breath. :)

    Thank-you for writing this, Olivia. I think we all needed to hear it.

    {John 16:33}

  3. Oh my goodness,my Pastor has chosen to go verse by verse through Romans as well! I thought I knew quite a bit from that book,but I had no idea how deep it is! We are on chapter 5 right now. It is so good!

  4. Nice outfit ! I bought myself a new cardi on sales last week and it's also a light color ;-)
    I'm so very thankful for the huge blessing of God putting me in such a great lab (actually, there's 2 different labs since I'm doing biology and chemistry ;-)) for my internship...I'm blessed beyond measure by the things I'm learning and the work I'm doing...And I'm also thankful for penpals that encourage me ans help me grow in the Lord !
    Blessings on your day !

  5. I'm thankful for so much at the moment! But I suppose the fact that I got a bit of a taste of Spring this week-gorgeous weather!
    So glad you found some items at F21! They had some amazing deals!
    Cute outfit! I actually almost bought that cardigan! Too funny!
    A Modest Fashion Blog:

  6. I love your outfit! So simple and fresh at the same time! Yeah, I know EXACTLY how you feel, tea's never right, and as soon as you start washing your hair in the shower you are showered with freezing water! Blah! Or should I say Brrrrrrr... anyways, that's great that you could have some Bible time in your room. It's too cold to open windows now. Pout.
    Have a great day and thanks for sharing!

  7. I love your cardigan... It seems so perfect for chilly weather!
    Today I am thankful for my younger siblings. Without them, life would be "Blah!" I am also thankful for our ice cream maker. Here in NZ it is the middle of summer... You can imagine how useful it is!

  8. Wow, lovely post, Olivia! And nice outfit, too. :) We had an interesting sermon too yesterday about how everyone within the Body of Christ has a job to do. No matter how small a part it may seem, it's just as important as all the others. It was really comforting to hear that. :) Happy Monday!

  9. That's a really interesting sermon! I love the cardigan. Wish we had a F21 around here. Have no idea where the closest one is. Now I will have to google it.

  10. Oh, Romans 1, verse 20 is one of my favorites. It's my theme verse (along with Phil. 1:11) for my photography. :) Loooooove it! Also, regardin' the last paragraph, I remind myself often that I'm not deserving of any of God's gifts to me. Not that I have it all together, but I've found that it's a really beneficial exercise to ingrain in yourself -- when praying for things, asking God for direction, or just praising Him for the blessings you've counted up, we all need to good reminder that we don't deserve a thing . . . well, we do deserve just one thing -- hell. Aren't you so glad that He paid the price?! :)

  11. Too bad those cardigans are gone! It's lovely! I am thankful for Christ's ever guiding hand and my wonderful family!


  12. Love the sweater. I bought a nice purple one on clearance at JC Penney last winter for $4. Love those deals.
    The Lod has blessed us with so much and we can't ever be thankful enough. Thanks for sharing your sermon notes. It's a small world as some dear friends of our's travelled up to help with your church's Christmas service this year. They were sharing some of the wonderful times they had visiting with your pastor and his family and various folks in your church.


    1. Oh, wow, it is a small world! They were such a blessing to us! :)

  13. I love your sweater! And the skirt! I think I've read all of both of your blogs, and I wanted to say what an inspiration you are to me, both in your life and your talent with sewing. Your blogs are what made me finally bite the bullet and get a sewing machine! Well actually, my husband got it for me for Christmas. :-)


  14. With having such a gracious and merciful God, there is just so MUCH I can be thankful for. (:
    Very cute outfit, I love the skirt! God Bless
    Hannah Sue-

  15. I am so thankful for the people in my speech and debate league (Christian Communicators of America) I love them like my brothers and sisters - which they are! I've met some of the most amazing, Godliest young men and women I know through this. And the memories and friends I've made, the adventures some of us have had together...they are great blessing from God. I love the "speech people!"

  16. Also, what do you think of Celtic Woman? the lyrics in particular.

    1. I don't prefer their style, so I haven't listened to much. I watched one of their tv specials once and wasn't particularly impressed by their lyrics, and decided not to jump on the CW bandwagon. :D Sorry!

  17. Hi Olivia!

    I tagged you!


  18. I just got a white cardigan around the same time you did, LOL! Except mine has a cable knit style on the front, but it's still quite similar to yours. How funny! Love your blog! Blessings to you Olivia,

  19. Ooooopppppsssss!!!!!!!!!!! I'm the one that left the comment about having just purchased a white cardigan as well, but I didn't realize it was signed into my dad's account! I'm terribly sorry Olivia! Blessings to you,

  20. LOOVE IT!! ~ Sarah

  21. Hi Olivia Im Kaylee, i love your outfits and you look really pretty. I love your blog, i found your blog on pinterest, and its inspired me to make one my self. I have a question, so I want to learn how to sew and sewing machines are really expensive do you know how to find a more affortable price sewing machine?


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