Thursday, January 24, 2013

Too Easy + Relationship + Music Q's

Happy Thursday, y'all! I trust the week has been good for you so far. 
This outfit is one of those super duper no thinking no ironing no fuss outfits. It's respectable and looks nice, but I won't claim it's anything special. Just can't go wrong with a striped shirt and denim skirt! 

Shirt and Tank: JCP
Skirt: Made by me
Necklaec: Made by my sister 

Thought I'd answer a few more questions today. The first couple are about relationships, then there are some random ones, then a few about music. I am trying to answer each question that comes in (with repeats combined, obviously), so some of these may be strange. ;)

What are your views on courtship vs. dating?
Here's the answer I wrote previously on this blog:
I believe every relationship (sister, girlfriend, guyfriend, grandmother, family friends, marriage-potential, parents, etc) that is woven into our lives has one purpose: to grow us, and them, closer to our heavenly Father. I try to keep this in mind as I interact with everyone in my life. I don't believe in "recreational" dating. I do, however, see a time before engagement where a couple is specifically praying, getting to know one another, and seeking the counsel of others as to whether their match is a God-glorifying one, is a good thing. Most people call this courtship to differentiate from the stereotypical dating scene. I also know that every relationship and situation is different and strict rules and models are not always advantageous. So, all that to say, everything should be approached with fear and trembling (don't want to hurt anyone!) and the goal of glorifying God (that is the purpose of marriage, anyway) in mind. I try not to box myself into a mold that when circumstances and people change I won't be able to happily adapt. I do, however, wish my father to be approached by the guy before I have caught on to his interest and I know my Daddy will help us as we pursue a relationship. 

Have you ever dated?
No, I haven't. My parents encouraged me from a young age to focus on my relationship with the Lord instead of a relationship with a guy.

Are you in any kind of relationship with a guy right now? [One of the most frequent questions I received. :P]
Nope. Free as a bird... or something. ;)

Have you had many or any guys ask to court you, or date, or actually even propose? 

Since this blog is so public, I probably shouldn't answer that, sorry. :)

What personality trait are you most drawn to in the opposite gender? :)

You know, I haven't thought about it much! Punny, passionate, and thoughtful come to mind, though.

What do you do when a guy friend tries to give you a hug?

I hug them back! I personally don't have a problem with friendly hugs.

Are you planning to do something drastic to your hair in the future? Layer it, bob it, grow it out...?
Well, for me, getting a profesh hair cut is drastic. ;) I'm thinking of getting another before summer... and then probably naturally bleaching it again when it's warm. I love summer highlights. I tried chalking this week and it was really fun/cute. I did it very subtly though. ;)

Are you self conscious about anything?

*whispers* The back of my heels. Not the bottoms of my feet, but that bone on the back. I'm being serious. I don't wear flats because I think they're unflattering. It's silly, I know.

I've noticed you occasionally talk about gf foods/natural etc and I'd like to know a bit more about it.// I've noticed your in good shape and was wondering if you workout daily? If so, what are some exercises you recommend? I was also wondering if you were in a specific diet?

I'm a health nut. :D I wrote a whole post a while back about how our family eats, if you'd like to read it. I also cover exercise in that post, but, in short, I don't do much except live an active life. I'll do crunches when I feel my stomach needs tightened.

What type of music do you and your family listen to? Have you ever heard of Robing Mark, Andrew Peterson or Rich Mullins? If so, which do you like best? :)

I listen to a huge variety of stuff. I keep Pandora on shuffle pretty much all the time. :) Some pop, a lot of hymns/CCM, some classical, lots of oldies. Annie Moses Band is a favorite. I have not heard of Robing Mark, but I have heard Andrew Peterson and Rich Mullins. I'd have to say I like Mr. Peterson's style better, but I've only heard Mr. Mullin's earlier stuff. LOVE "Dancing In A Minefield" by Andrew Peterson.

You mentioned in one of your posts that you watched Psych with your sisters on the Clearplay. My family has a clearplay too and I was wondering how you get TV shows on a clearplay...?

We borrow the seasons on DVD sets from friends and the Clearplay player has filters for it. I've only seen Seasons 3 and 4, and, honestly, it's a pointless show, so I can't really recommend it. :)

What are your music standards?

Honestly, I'm still figuring that out. I was really strict for a long time and basically only listened to CCM and Oldies, but I've since realized that there are redeeming qualities to all kinds of music. My current standards are 1) no bad language, 2) can't put wrong thoughts in my head (like some love songs), and 3) my family can't hate me for listening to it (rules out rap). :D I'm trying to get into classical more. Please don't take my example in this area, I haven't sought God's face about it yet.

What music cd do you listen to the most?

Actual CD would have to be Gregory Wilber's My Cry Ascends: New Parish Psalms. Second would be Michael Card's Poiema. On Pandora my favorite station is either Laura Story or Colbie Caillat.

Well, that's all folks! You can submit questions to be answered here. I would love to hear your answers to these questions! What are your music standards?

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  1. I love Dancing In A Minefield by Andrew Peterson, as well. (: He is such a good artist!

  2. Awesome Answers Olivia! ~Sarah

  3. Cute outfit, nice answers!

    love, love, love Laura story's song, Blessing. :)

  4. Since some questions were about music... can I recommend you some singers/bands? =D

    - JJ Heller
    - Brianna Gaither
    - Shane & Shane
    - Young Oceans

    Hope you like them =]

    Yellow Blog [design]

  5. Music standards for me right now are what my parents standards are which is music with no drums whatsoever. So no CCM even. Things like classical and swing are fine with them though, but mostly just hymns and Christian music.

    Once I am out on my own, I think my own personal standards are different when it comes to music. Similair to your standards. No cussing or immoral stuff. I'm still unsure about this though. Still praying about it.

  6. Um, excuse me? Did you just say that Psych was "pointless"?!? Whaaaaatt???

    We can no longer be friends.

    1. I personally think it is time well spent, but Daddy would like the opinion of the family to be that it's pointless, so I oblige. ;)

    2. Ok, well I guess I can still talk to you then. ;)

      Good girl for following your daddy! You have my full support. :) Love you!

    3. Your dad dictates what your opinions on specific shows are supposed to be? That goes way beyond normal guidance and veers toward creepy control.

    4. Hm, I guess it could seem that way from what I wrote, couldn't it? I should clarify a bit... I knew Kaliste would understand so I didn't before.
      By mentioning Psych on my blog, I unintentionally can "recommend" it. However, I have a lot of young readers and it is not a totally wholesome show or one that I want to put my "stamp of approval" on. I came to that conclusion way before my dad mentioned (when I asked him and my mom to proofread the post for errors/ gracious answers to the questions) that I might want to put that disclaimer on there.
      He has no problem with us watching it, and enjoys an episode occasionally himself, but wants us to realize that there are probably better things to do with our time. Just like any dad would suggest going outside when you've been on Pinterest for hours. :D
      By "opinion of the family", I meant that I represent, whether intentionally or not, my family and so when it comes to recommendations, I generally need to make sure I'm in accord with them. No control whatsoever, just my dad asking me to put a disclaimer that watching that show is not a great use of time when it comes up on the blog. :)

    5. Got it, that makes a lot more sense. You're right that a lot of readers are looking up to you and it could seem like an endorsement. Thanks for clarifying.

  7. Love your answers, especially on question's 1, 2, & 9. So true! :)

    Cute necklace btw!

  8. I'm so self conscious about my heels too! I have a bone that sticks out or something I don't know. I don't know if it's abnormal or not but I hate it haha. However I still wear flip flops and what not. Loved all your answers. xx

  9. I think your music standards are really good. I agree there are some great songs that aren't Christian, but you do have to be careful, even with love songs, some of them give the wrong ideas (like "I can't live without you" but referring to a man and not God!) So much of the current pop music is about going to clubs and partying. While I think it's fine to occasionally have fun and dance, it's sad that there are so many songs promoting meaningless time spent in nightclubs. I sort of determine what to listen to on a song by song basis. I try to listen carefully to the lyrics the first or second time I hear a new song and if it is something uplifting, with nothing offensive, then it's on my list, but if it's questionable then it's off. Sometimes when we aren't listening to the Christian station, I have turn to off songs in the middle the first time I hear it (or right away if I know it's not very wholesome) because there are always little ones in the car (even if they don't know what it means, I don't want to continue playing something I know isn't good for them.)

  10. I asked the question about your hair: "For me getting a profesh hair cut is drastic."

    The same applies for me! I'm getting my first ever, professional cut (hopefully) before the end of January. :D I have a foot problem that causes aches and pain occasionally. I'm thankful that it isn't visible though.

    My week hasn't gone so well... Unfortunately we had to deal with more than a few night prowlers (basically vandals/thiefs). NOT nice!
    But, Lord willing we will catch them at it some time on another!


  11. You mentioned that in the summer you "naturally bleach" your hair... How do you do that? :D

    1. Yea that sounds interesting would love to know how that is done:)

    2. I've used hydrogen peroxide and lemon juice, but I'm not sure which one works better. From what I can tell the lemon juice gives a whiter bleach than the peroxide which is more of a redish tint, at least in my hair. I just wet my hair down with the liquid and go work in the garden or read in the sun for a few hours. The longer you're out there the more bleaching happens. :) I repeat until I like the result, usually 2 or 3 applications. :) Google's a great source.

  12. Well music standards is for me a very tricky subject...When I was in high school I hang out with the wrong person, got to listen to rock/metal and really like it, though I was getting more and more depressed and draw me away from God...Then after a summer camp and before my senior year, I broke all my CD and ask God to set me free of the toxic relationships I'd been in...And He did ! I was in a class where I didn't know anybody and basically was alone all year long. But I really came to the point where I was thankful for that and happy that the Lord did this to help me cut with these persons...Unfortunatly, during my first/second year of college, I listened to a lot of crap again (because of a toxic relationship AGAIN, but that's another story !) and ended up really praying that God would help me and keep me away from this because when I'm listening to the wrong kind of music, I'm a really bad mood and my thoughts turn to everything but godly things...And since 2 years I've been drastic with myself : I avoid at all costs wordly music and I try to listen to hymn and good ol' classic christian songs...But I totally understand that my standards are...well...mine, and I wouldn't judge anybody for not sharing them but it's where God has led me...
    Sorry I've been so talkative, but it's good to write this to remember another area of my life where God worked tremendously and how He gently guide me at a safe place...
    Blessings from France

    1. I have a kind of similar story of giving up friends and the Lord blessing me because of it. :) Thanks for sharing.

  13. It is always too funny to hear what others are self conscious about! For me it is my arms... long arm hair. Oh the dread... So I try to wear long sleeves most often (sort of out of vanity but then also more modest) I know it is an irony. I am sure that I must be the hairiest girl in the world. Why!? Summer is the hardest season for me to dress during.

    1. Haha, oh my, I've got this problem, too. Mine's blonde, but it's still super long and thick. I start to get self-conscious about it every now and then, and when I do I just talk myself out of it. Like, "Hair is normal. nobody cares. there's nothing you can do about it. so just FORGET about it." and I take a deep breath and go about my life. :P I love to feel the sun on my arms though, so it's a lose-win thing. Also the sunshine helps lighten the hairs. ;)

      Well now, quite a topic... Blessings!

  14. Thanks for answering my question, Olivia! We love Rich Mullins-- although not all his earlier stuff. I would encourage you to listen to some more of his music... It's amazing! We also love Andrew Peterson! My brother and sister-in-law used "Dancing in the Minefields" in their wedding along with "No More Faith", a instramental piece Mr. Peterson did. It was beautiful! Here is a link to a short video my Dad (who is a videographer) put together for my Brother and his wife of video from their wedding. I think you would like it. :)

  15. It might help to add the link to the wedding video... :)

  16. Such a pretty and practical outfit, Olivia! And it is a blessing to hear your answers to the questions, too. =) Blessings!

    {p.s.} Thank you so much for your thoughtful emails and for helping me out with ordering the e-book - I really appreciate your patience. :) Blessings and thanks again!!

  17. Olivia,
    I was wondering if you could give me a quick tip on casual modest outfits? I do fine with dressy and semi-dressy outfits, but whenever I try to wear just a basic t-shirt and a knee-length denim skirt, I struggle because it seems like so many t-shirts are made of such clingy material and you can see the outline of my 'unmentionable', as well as the outline of the waistband of my skirt. Yet, if the shirt is more loose-fitting, it almost appears too big. I've been having a hard time with this for a little while now. I would REALLy appreaciate anything you can share!

    1. I'll try to keep this issue in mind for future posts, but my first reaction is to recommend a tank. I wear one under most of my T-shirts, even if they're not too low, to help smooth out the unmentionables and skirt waistbands. When I buy t-shirts, I actually prefer the v-necks because they kind of help conceal the bra lines. (Lines may also be a sign of ill-fitting undergarments)
      Also, when I buy and make skirts, a slimming, non-bulky waistband is the top requirement.
      You might also belting or taking in (sewing the side seams) the more loose-fitting tops.
      Hope this kind of helps! I'll try to think of more ways.

    2. Thank you so much, that was very helpful!

  18. Hi Olivia! That's a cute style you have! So simple, yet very attractive! Yeah, I've had a couple guys ask me out, asking like "How old are you?" or "Are you dating anyone at the moment?" I'm like, "I"m in my early teens, I'm not available!"
    Thanks for sharing Olivia!

  19. You can't go wrong with a simple tee and jean skirt! Cute, simple, modest, feminine, and comfy. I've never given much thought to music standards, I usually just listen to christian and country. Occasionally I will listen to rock or oldies but only when I'm with my brother or dad.

  20. Love Rich Mullins!! His lyrics aren't like any other artists I've listened to.

    1. I agree!! His songs are so powerful and mean so much. We've grown up listening to his stuff!!

  21. I absolutely love that last picture of you! You are SO gorgeous, both on the outside, and from what I can tell, inside too. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on dating, relationships, and music. I really appreciate it. :) God bless!

    1. Kudos!
      I couldn't have said it better. Praise the Lord!

  22. I like some rock/pop and some country and some CCM. You should look up Audrey Assad. I think she's catholic but her music is great!

  23. Hey I played violin with Robin Mark last summer and probably will this summer...good songs:-). Btw I love your top in the outfit pictures, and always, the skirt:/). -Lauren H.

  24. I so love thats skirt! Wish Icould sew like you:)

  25. Hey, a really great Christian music artist is TobyMac. Doesn't anyone listen to him?

    1. Yes! Love tobyMac!

    2. I know isn't he great?? I love his latest album, Eye on It.

  26. Hey Everybody :) I'm a music minor (comm major) at university and I think this topic about appropriate music for biblically minded people is really fascinating. This happens to be one of the topics that many, many, Christians disagree about (much like clothing choices actually), and one that I happen to really enjoy talking about, so here we go. First of all, I think Olivia's answer to this question showed a lot of discernment, and was especially good since she is a role model for a lot of us here who read the site, so props to her! YAY! As for the topic in general goes, I definitely think there is a little gray area here. Not that sin is a matter of gray area, just that how music affects your ability to sin can be a matter of gray area. Now, that being said, I think that what you listen to and how it affects your sin, not to mention, the sin of those around you, is something to really consider and pray about. There are no universal Christian rules about this topic, and on the whole, I don't think that mere music choice alone can ruin your place in heaven (Only your relationship with god can do that), however, if listening to music with a lot of cussing in it finds you saying our Lord's vain in name, it might not be the best music to listen to. In the same sense, if you like Rihanna, but your friend who also likes Rihanna goes out and parties all night and comes back to your dorm with a man she's only met once and turns on Rihanna, it's probably a good idea to give up on Rihanna for awhile unless you can keep it to yourself. Also, if you listen to your favorite secular band obsessively, and only spend a few minutes worshiping the lord, you might want to reconsider your schedule a little bit so you can give God a bit more room.
    Now, that's not to say having set standards for your own listening habits is not a bad idea (and if your parents have standards for your listening, you should definitely adhere to those), but again, those standards should be used as a way of being a guiding light in the world, not a condemnation. I know some people who have left the faith over matters of music before, and I don't know if that's really a fight worth picking in the long run.

    1. But in the end music should be drawing us closer to the Lord. If you can't see Jesus himself approving the music, maybe you shouldn't listen to it. Like secular bands. :)

    2. Yes, and we are commanded to worship God in the beauty of holiness.

  27. The Annie Moses Band is one of my new favorites - so talented!

  28. David Cloud's "Music for Good or Evil" is based scripture and study of music, if anyone is interested. I have the videos and would we be willing to send them to you. I found them to be very imformative and truthful. :)

  29. I did a study on music in scripture about a year ago and while it's somewhat unstructered and not quite complete. I would like to share what I have found. :)Keep in mind please that this isn't a complete thought and it is highly recommended that you search out the scriptures for yourself to find your beliefs.

    PS. Thank-you for running this blog. I can't tell you how much it has encouraged me to see other young ladies striving to please our Creator.


    How should we worship?

    In Holiness:


    Unto the LORD:

    What is wrong with CCM?
    It mirrors the world:

    Is there only one way to worship?


  30. I didn't read all of the comments, but she was talking about Robin Mark, an Irish worship singer. One of my favorites!! I love your honesty in those questions/answers!

  31. In that question about Robing Mark, I think the asker just did a typo and meant Robin Mark. I listen to his stuff and love it!
    BTW, love your blog. :-)


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