Thursday, February 21, 2013

A+A: Stripes

 Hey y'all! I hope you've enjoyed this week as much as I have! It's a bit nippy out today, but I'm cozy here in front of the fire now. I love doing awkward and awesomes.

  • Getting a free adjustment and massage at the chiropractor's for helping with tornado clean up. Love small towns. 
  • The Discovering Music DVDs we've been watching. Such fascinating stuff. 
  • The huge box of perfectly ripe avocados that means I've had guacamole, chips, and sliced peppers for lunch nearly every day for a week without having to feel guilty for eating the "expensive" fruit. ;) 
  • Grace to push through sickness to get done what has to get done. 
  • The sermon this past week that has sustained me and encouraged me during the rough patches this week. Still going on the momentum. 
  • That after 5.5 hours and at least 5 miles of searching thorny, woody, steep hills (and much trespassing, ha) in the cold, we finally found our three cows and were easily able to get them home. 
  • Burning our Christmas tree with friends. Diesel was involved. 
  • My momma! And the ice cream and cake we had in honor of her birthday. ;) 
  • A quote of a quote that someone said during a discussion on finding a spouse on Sunday: "Run your race towards Jesus, then look beside you and see who's running too." 
  • Finishing the majority of the project for my dad that has been like a full-time job for weeks now. 
  • Decorating gingerbread houses with the kids! It's our Valentine's Day tradition. :)


  • The limping I've been doing today because of a super pulled muscle that happened during our cow escapade yesterday. I have to use my arm to lift my right leg going up the stairs. It's ridiculous.
  • Being in a rush to head out the door, but knowing you need snack food, so you dump 2 dozen cookies into a half-filled Costco-sized bag of tortilla chips and throw that on the car console. Reach in to get a chip, and out comes a cookie. Not a bad system. ;)
  • Climbing over a fence at the top of a super steep hill, eating a carrot. You start sliding down, shove the carrot in your mouth so you have two hands, and accidentally chew the nasty dirty bitter carrot top. 
  • Finding the kids shooting air soft BBs in the house. (With parental approval and supervision, but still.)
  • Being so physically tired last night that I couldn't scroll through Pinterest on my phone, while laying down in bed. 9:30 asleep time best thing ever. 
  • Trying not to be a back-seat driver with your younger sister driving. My personal mix of comments ranges from my dad, "Yeah, next time let's stop at that stop sign..." to my mom, "Up here, you're gonna want to start breaking. BREAK. DID you see that car?? Speed limit is 25. Watch your wheel." :D 
  • Three-year-olds' logic: Jo: I want a tookie. Me: Not right now. J: I'll take da tookie to a RAT. O: A rat? Do rats like cookies? J: Rats lite tookies and dey EAT DEM. Rats are yittle. *head nod* I yittle! Yittle tings lite tookies. O: So I should give you a cookie because rats like cookies? J: YUP! *violent head nod*
  • Buying and carrying a 50lbs of potatoes from Save-A-Lot. "Just me... walking through the parking lot on a sunny day... bear hugging a bag of spuds half my height..."

This outfit is so comfortable. Nothing comfier than knit! I normally would not pair a loose flowy cardigan with this long skirt, but somehow it worked when I tried it this morning. It is fitted across my back, so I think that helps keep it flattering, although you can't tell from these pictures. :)
Shirt: Thrift store ($3) (I'm guessing)
Cardigan: Forever 21 ($8)
Skirt: Charity Shop ($5 max)
Tennis shoes that thankfully you can't see with this skirt: Payless. ($15) I'm wearing them today because of my pulled muscle. I need support. ;)
Earrings: Charity Shop ($1.50)
Also wearing a nude tank from F21 ($3) to keep me warmer. :) 

What's been awesome or awkward about your week? I LOVE reading your responses! So funny sometimes. :)
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  1. Your outfit is so cute Olivia! ;)
    -- younger cousin telling me "I bet you wear makeup to make your eyes look bigger so that your boyfriend will want to kiss you" Ummmmmm... no!
    -- telling a lady at the homeschool co-op that you have the same pro-life tshirt as her and that you admire her for wearing it, she thinks that you're talking to her little boy (wearing a dump truck shirt) and tells him to say "thank you!" and we both hurry away embarrassed
    -- skiing!
    -- finding the black sweater that I wanted to buy at Goodwill for only $1

  2. Awesome: Starting to read Northanger Abbey; Finding a classic black skirt for $17; Sunshine all day yesterday.

    Awkward: Not wearing my coat while driving because I was afraid of feeling too constricted; Hearing my extremely classy grandma burp; Taking a walk due to cabin fever in super cold weather -- can anyone say "numb ears"?

    Hope you enjoy! haha :)

  3. I wrote all my Awks & Awes, for this week on this post:

    As usual, I wrote far too many! :-)

  4. I love your blog!!!! I have a 3 year old bro so i totally understand about the cookies. I also love your snack system! Thanks for an awesome blog for modest girls like me. you are a great role model! THANKS

  5. Awesome: I've heard the message that the "quote of a quote" came from (here, actually: It's a really awesome podcast. If you haven't heard it, I'd encourage you to listen to it!

    Awkward: While I was running, an elderly lady pulled up beside me in her car and asked for directions to the house of a lady who happens to be my next door neighbor. I gave her the directions (she wasn't far from the house) and she said thank you. Then I watched her drive right past the house... /:)

    Love your blog, Olivia! Keep doing what you do. :)


  6. That is one smart three year old! I love that quote about seeing who is running beside you. Perfect.

    Awkward: "So are you homeschooled?" "I am in University and it is reading week." "I am so sorry."

    Mum hit the wrong button on my sister's alarm and Bro. Branham starts preaching at the top of his voice at 5:30am.

    Awesome: We run a booth at a farmers convention about giving the excess to the local food bank and one woman telling us she give 10% of her crop off the top. Her words "because that is Right".

    The booth beside us giving us the pick of wooden baskets because they don't want to take them home. I now am the proud owner of a sweet little brown stained wooden basket. My yarn has a nice little home.

    It has been a pretty grand reading week all in all

  7. Well, I don't usually keep track of awesome and awkward but..

    Awesome: Making apple pie yesterday! The chopping may be painful, especially if you forget to peel them before you chop them, but the end results are always awesome!

    Awkward: Pulling a muscle in your back as you tighten the girth straps on your horse...Yeah, that was kinda odd. She's not fat either! lol :)


  8. I love reading the awkwards! They always make me laugh my head off! ;D
    Also LOVE the outfit, especially the skirt.

  9. Awkward: Working your abs so hard the day before that you can barely exercise!
    Awesome: Bountiful Baskets! It's similar to a food co-op, you pay on Monday and pick up your basket on Saturday-awesome to be able to fresh fruits and veggies in Montana!

    I LOVE your outfit-so cute!
    A Modest Fashion Blog:

  10. Thats funny, I wore a knit green maxi skirt today too except mine was from Penneys. :)
    Awesome: Getting my new Singer curvy...can't wait to get started on some new projects!

  11. Awkward:
    Wearing a hat to church that I made myself, then someone asks me, "Are you wearing your sister's hat? It does look kind of cute on you, though.". I'd made one identical for my 3 year old sister before I made mine. Like I'd fit that small of a hat!

    Walking out the back door of our house and banging my head with it. Don't ask how I managed that, but it is a new door with lots of clear glass, and it's hung the opposite of our old door. (Good thing no one saw that)

    Playing a new piece for one of my piano students. "I could never play that!", he said. "Of course you can, let's give it a try!" You should have seen his face after he found out he could!

  12. Love your outfit ! Comfy yet cute ! I'm wearing a maxi today, but it's a denim one ! It's also my "I'm too tired to think about wearing something more put together than this" skirt...
    Awkward : stressing for a meeting w/ my boss at the lab so much that my back was contracted and my physio had to give me 2x1/2 hour massage to get rid of the entangled muscles...:/
    And also talking to a friend while entering into a lab, and suddenly realizing there's somebody standing right in front of me -> I was so scared I almost yelled and then started laughing uncontrollably...I don't anything better to make you look totally stupid !
    Awesome :during the meeting w/ my boss, discover that she really wants to keep me for the PhD and has already applied to 3 grants for me...Yeah !
    and going this weekend to see my sister that is 8 months pregnant :-)
    Blessings from France !

  13. Awesome: Having dinner with friends and family
    Awkward: Hearing, seeing, and FEELING everything that the little two-year-old you babysit just sneezed all over your skirt... :p
    You look very comfy in that outfit! Thank you for all the work you do to encourage us!
    God bless,
    Michaela B.

  14. I love your snack system! :)

    One of my brothers made croissants from scratch this week. They were scrumptious!

    Goat kiddings! One kidded Monday with quads; sadly, one was still born, but the other three are healthy and hoppity. :D And just yesterday, a second doe kidded triplet doelings!! They're adorable! :D I'm so thankful for our dear goaties. We're just waiting for the next (and last) doe to kid.

    ~Lauren :)

  15. LOVE your outfit! Small wonder it's comfy! :) Awesome about my week, was that I can skate nice'n fast, I finished my #10 scarf! Awkward- I did fall on the ice, sprawled in different directions. And, slipping on the ice during a walk, did a near split! LOL! The driver driving past I'm sure had a good laugh, he had a hilarious smirk on his face!
    Thanks for sharing!

  16. P.S I hope your leg gets better soon! I once spained my ankle, hated it! It can be VERY painful!

    1. Thanks, my leg is totally better! Took about 24hrs, but I can function normally. :)

  17. Hi Olivia, random question here.... I just realized that I don't think I've ever seen a pic of you wearing a scarf. Would you mind sharing why? Is it just because you don't enjoy them? I hope you don't find this question too odd, but I was just curious. :)

    1. Haha, it is an odd question, but I don't mind! I wouldn't have noticed the lack of them- now I see a way to expand my options! haha. I mostly just find them impractical for every day because I do so much moving, but I wear them often to keep warm during church, although usually shed 'em before I take pictures. :) I just did a quick search of this blog, and the only post where I'm wearing a legit scarf is here:
      Thanks for asking!

  18. Awesome: Making pumpkin bread yesterday! My husband and I tasted it, and it is delicious.
    Awkward: Overloading the dryer so my husband's work pants weren't dry when he had to go to work in the morning. He had to wear the previous day's pants, and I felt *awful.*

    I love your skirt! And I have a cardigan just like that, but it's a little longer. I love it!


  19. What brand is your skirt? I love it! Jersey tiered skirts are my weakness! :)

  20. Awkward: That moment when you set the fork down after beating eggs for cookie-baking....then you turn around and see the nice CLEAN fork that you THOUGHT you were using is actually sitting on the counter behind you, and the nice DIRTY fork you just used was actually left on the table from lunch.
    Awesome: Reading your blog posts. :)


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