Monday, February 18, 2013

Glory, Immortality, and 80's Hair

Hey y'all! You know those days that start off just too good to be true? You're ahead of schedule, your outfit's easy, your hair will just take a quick curl to get that funny pony-tail bump out, and your several-day-long headache has finally passed and you're cheerful, energetic, and out of bed without grunting and groaning? (okay, so maybe that's just what I do...)
That was my morning, until I was ironing my skirt and...dun dun dun.... the power went out! For no reason, according to the power company.

Thankfully Daddy was able to get the generator sort of going enough for me to iron my mom's outfit, but that was about it before it went off again. Not cool. What would I do without my curler, my sister do without the stovetop making breakfast, and my face without bathroom lights? It did all turn out okay in the end, with the power kicking on half an hour before we needed to leave, so I was able to squeeze in a curl... and apparently an 80's throwback kind of curl, looking at these pictures. O.o

 This morning's sermon was so convicting. Romans 2:6-16 is one of the most extensive passages detailing what will happen on the day of judgement for us. Scary stuff, apart from Christ. If we don't recognize judgement and justice, then we don't realize what our Savior has done for us.
 Interesting statistic here: 74% of modern evangelical Christians do not believe in original sin- that is, that we are born depraved and dead in our trespasses. I don't want to get into a discussion about this, but how can one see the need to be "reborn" without seeing a problem with your first birth? If you believe that everyone has a little bit of good in them (or the ability to choose good or evil), instead of knowing that apart from Christ we are totally wicked, then why must we become totally new creations when we follow Him? So many implications.
So in Romans, Paul is trying to help us understand that everyone will be judged according to the truth (v.2), their deeds (v.6) and the Gospel (v.16). Also, that we will be judged individually. Not as "Americans", not as a denomination, not as families. Your dad won't be standing there explaining your actions, "Well, you see God, it was like this..." You standing alone before your Creator. Yikes.

Another point of the sermon was that God shows no partiality. There are only two categories of people in this passage. The first is people who seek glory (not satisfied being a sinner), honor (wanting to please God), and immortality (desiring an eternal relationship with Him) (v7) and the second is people who are self-seeking, probably doing awesome "good works", just with a slightly wrong attitude (v.8). How often do I do the right thing, but with ulterior motives? Do I run after glory, honor, and immortality?

I've probably worn this get-up on the blog before, but it's one of those awesome "basics" outfits that is perfect for crazy mornings. I think every girl needs a long printed linen skirt that's always effortless.
Sweater: Gift
Tank: Penny's
Skirt: Made by me
Boots: Shoe Carnival 
Headcovering: Belt from my sister's pants yeeeeears ago
Earrings: Thrift store
Have an awesome week! I really really hope things will calm down soon for me to get back to Friends of Fresh Modesty and answering questions. My mind is full of sewing projects, too, and my bedroom full of fabric. I just haven't had any of my usual (which really isn't that much) energy this past week and each day was a huge struggle. Here's hoping for a better week! Blessings!

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  1. I love the laid back look of this outfit with the knit sweater. I love your boots too! They look like something that would go with everything.

    God bless!

  2. beautiful! I just recently found your blog and I am hooked (: I wear lots of skirts, and I have to admit that I am pretty envious of your sowing skills! Keep going for Christ
    ~ Jennifer

  3. Hello Olivia! Thank you so much for sharing the sermon! I love your outfit, it's really pretty! I really like the skirt, you did a good job on it! I know how it is, when your hair is never right in a hurry, and you try to dress somewhat normally! LOL! My hair is naturally curly, so I don't have to worry about curls. Just how am I going to put it up, or am I going to leave it down? That's always a specific question! Thanks Olivia!

  4. Haha, our power went out on Sunday morning too! Thankfully breakfast was ready to go, and we were staying for a fellowship meal :D
    Your hair is fabulous, and doesn't seem at all 80s to me :) Pretty outfit too.


  5. Cute! Love the sweater! I never would have thought to wear a black sweater and yellow tank with that skirt. Look good though! I hope we both have a better week than last week!!
    Love, Katie

    1. Thanks! The sweater is actually a darker brown, not black. It matches the browns in the skirt well. :)

  6. I think I struggle because I don't have any of those awesome basic outfits!

    Need to find some modest and feminine pieces that can be mixed and matched! x

  7. Awe, I'm sorry about your headache(s). I know from experience that those are NO FUN. I love your outfit, especially the skirt! I had a rough week last week, as well. Between a long, extensive dental procedure, a really rough night followed by seven hours of babysitting a three year old, and putting together 51 scrap-booking pages, I didn't get much school work or laundry done at all last week. Welp, here's to better weeks for the both of us! :)

  8. Your outfit is adorable! And your hair is super cute too!
    Hmm...that's an interesting percentage. I have definitely been seeing that to be true in the past few years, and honestly, it really confuses me that christians would not believe in original sin. Without that, where is the need for Christ?

    Decked Out in Ruffles

  9. cuuuuute! and that skirt??? so adorbs. :)


  10. I love how laid back yet totally adorable this outfit is. Sorry about the headache, glad it finally decided to go away.What a great and touching sermon thanks for sharing that.

  11. I feel for you, our house has been sick for the past week. I have a weird neck/shoulder tightness and a headache currently (and for the past week) not much fun! I didn't even get outfit pictures at all this week due to the fact that I feel pretty cruddy. I'm currently wearing a pair of slouch jeans and a ratty old tee shirt...not much to post about! LOL! :)

    Your information on the 74% was interesting-wonder how that can even be? As you said, what reason is there for God if we don't NEED Him? I had an interesting conversation with a couple people from church on relative and absolute truth-going along the same lines as that. People figure they can earn their way to heaven! The guy I was talking to pointed out that before he became a Christian his basic view of "sin"/right/wrong was that if his actions didn't hurt anyone, it was okay. Interesting perspective-I've grown up in a Christian environmental my whole life so it was good to have another perspective.
    A Modest Fashion Blog:

  12. I love the sweater! And the mustard tank. I like having a backup "Basic" outfit like that, for such mornings. :D

    I totally know what it feels like to have a power cut when trying to get to Church!

  13. I love your skirt! Also your hair. :-) We had a guest pastor from Romania Sunday, and we visited a new small group! That was exciting. I believe that most people have good in them, I just don't think it matters, even if they're the nicest person I know. Any tiny bit of sin makes us unworthy for the glory of God, and we can only be saved through the faith that allows us to be washed clean in Christ. It makes me sad to know people, even Christians, who believe that God will welcome everyone into Heaven.


  14. I hope your week is better, too! Thanks for the reminder from Romans.
    The next time you're having ironing troubles:
    Actually, I use it on a number of my skirts and dresses even when my iron's working fine - it's faster than ironing, though it doesn't work as well for every type of material. I did increase the vanilla, just to tame the vinegar smell)

  15. I love your curls, very pretty! :)

  16. Are you going to continue answering questions?

    1. She said she hopes to soon! :) Olivia is always staying busy!


    2. Yes, I hope so! I've begun to answer some more, but y'all ask such interesting questions, so it's taking a bit longer to complete a post. :)

  17. I love this outfit! You match everything together so well!
    And I love how you always write what your sermon was about, so good!

  18. Is that a newly made skirt? It is lovely.

    1. No, actually! I made it back in 2009. :) It's been a great skirt for me.

  19. Hi,

    The last weeks I am following youre blog. And I just want to say I love youre style! And i love the way you dress youreself modestly. I live in the Netherlands and I love to read wat you write and it helps me to find my own modest way of dressing!

    Greetings from the Netherlands!


  20. Cute outfit. Loving the curls. :)

    Grace P.

  21. Love that skirt! It's so beautiful!

    ~Kelly Beth~

  22. I love your skirt! Is it elastic waist?

    1. Thank you! No, it's actually just hemmed on the top with a zipper in the side. No waistband even. :p :D

  23. Ah, to be so young again, when "basic" looked that put together ;) The skirt is beautiful. Do you have the pattern?


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