Saturday, March 16, 2013

Belated + Busy

Hey y'all! I have a super late Awkward and Awesome this week... let's just say blogging has not been my top priority or even my second... or third... or sixth. But, I wanted to chat with you sometime this week, so here I am. :)

  • Deciding to act on your craving and make yourself a pan of healthy brownies at 10:30 pm. When they're done, you carry your plate and cup of milk up to eat them in your warm bed; but, being the last one awake, you turn out the lights as you walk to your room. Your bedroom door is closed, so you try to balance your phone, its charger, your plate, a water bottle, and a full cup of milk in one hand so you can open it... and... well, bang into the door frame in the dark spilling milk on the floor. 
  • Meaning to send 20 seconds of an embarrassing video to someone, and then freaking out (I use the term loosely, it was more of a facepalm. :P) thinking you accidentally sent the whole thing. 
  • The hill we had to climb to get to the train bridge on Sunday. So steep and unsteady... good thing we're not afraid of dirt! 
  • How addicted I am to drinking water with asorbic acid (vitamin C), baking soda, and lemon oil in it. At least 75 oz a day for weeks now... I feel aweesome and can't wake up or go to sleep without it. 
  • Taking our trash to the dumpster down the road and wishing the grumpy little man who watches it a good day.  He replied with "Alright" in such a way that he might as well have said, "No, you can't make me." :-/ He helped me with my bags though. :)
  • Driving a really beat up truck that everyone stares at. Nothing like driving down the highway with your duck tape flowing in the wind! 
  • The following picture my brother took:

  • SUNSHINE! The last two days have been over 70* outside with an amazing breeze and glorious sunshine. I sat out on the balcony to fold our laundry because I just couldn't stay inside. 
  • Making homemade natural deodorant! I followed this recipe pretty closely, and it is amazing. Works waaay better for me than conventional and especially natural stuff, smells great, and doesn't leave residue all over my clothes. Did you know armpit stains actually come from the aluminum in deodorant? Who knew? Hopefully my pretty summer clothes will last longer now! Best part? It took me about 10 minutes and cost about $1 for a normal sized stick. Um, yay! 
  • While I had my shea butter out (bought Organic Shea Butteron Amazon for a great price and I've been putting it in everything! Love it!), I made some Body Butter from this recipe. It's so amazing. Perfect in-container consistency, melts quick for easy application, smells great (although I don't remember what essential oils I did, ha), and soaks right in, but moisturizes all day. I'm hooked on making natural stuff! 
  • Knowing folks long enough for "Remember when?"s. Memories are awesome things to have and looking back at them extends their enjoyment value! :) 
  • Brittney at Happily Domestic wrote my Denim eBook the sweetest review yesterday! 
  • Finally deciding our family will be attending the Family Economics Conference in St. Louis in May! Anyone else going? I'd love to meet you! 

Shirt: Kohl's (Free, a friend gave me a $10 coupon!)
Tank: JCP, ($6)
Earrings: Charity Shop, ($1.50)
This outfit is characteristic of how I dress for most lazy summer days. Comfortable, slimming denim skirt, t-shirt with tank, and long/big earrings. Simple, versatile, and fuss-free. :)

Lots of y'all have been asking when Friends of Fresh Modesty is going to come back. I've been sent some lovely entries and I really want to share them with you! Unfortunately things here at home are crazy right now and my computer time is sporadic to say the least. So, it'll be back at some point (maybe in a few weeks), but right now I'm not able to make time for it. So sorry!

Along those same lines, I am waaaaay behind in replying to emails and I sincerely apologize. Y'all are so kind to bless me with kind words and great questions and I have neglected to get back to many of you. I really try to reply to every email, but sometimes it takes me a month or two. :-/

Also, a ton of you asked what pattern I used and where I got my fabric for my chevron skirt. I have a post for Eager Hands in the works with details, but to answer your questions now: Pattern was the skirt pattern from my eBook  altered a little, with a yoga waistband. Fabric I ordered from Girl Charlee-- it was a lightish weight cotton jersey knit blend. If you're looking for knit fabric, Girl Charlee is your place to go! 

Okay, I've gotta get back to cleaning now-- our vacuum broke and it makes things a little difficult! :P Y'all have an awesome day tomorrow! Lord willing I'll see you Monday!

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  1. I love your blog Olivia! Great job! ~ Sarah

  2. The outfit looks great, especially the colors in the top.

    I'm not going to the conference but I live here in St. Louis, and while you're here you should check out the zoo and the clothing/accessories thrift store called the Scholar Shop!

  3. Thanks for posting! I'm super excited to check out Girl Charlee because that fabric was soooooo cute!
    Wow, its so strange to think of you outside in the 70* degree weather, when all of us are sitting up here shivering and waiting for the next snow storm! You are fortunate....I have never liked winter. :(
    This was such cute, simplistic outfit...looks like something I would wear on a lazy summer Saturday. :)

  4. Hi Oliva,
    What is the recipe for the vitamin C water you mentioned? It sounds simple but I would love some measurements to work with.
    I've also made homemade deodorant before, and thought it was great. I switch back and forth between homemade and Toms of Maine which doesn't have the aluminum.

    1. Yes, I would love a recipe too (if you get a chance). :) I have that shirt in yellow stripes. :) Blessings! Maria

  5. Do u ever get hot in skirts? How can u wear long jean skirts in the heat of summer? What are some cool skirts for.summer?

    1. Sometimes the long denim skirts can get warm, but not suuuper hot, and I live in a pretty warm climate. I wear my short denim skirts and short cotton skirts a lot in the summer. You can scroll through my summer posts if you'd like some more suggestions:

  6. I understand! Hope all goes well! Love your outifit! It's totally awesome! Have a nice weekend!

  7. How many yards did you use for the gray chevron skirt?

    1. I used 2, but it was a *really* close fit. I would recommend at least 3.

  8. Where do you purchase Shea butter and other ingredients for natural skin care products?

    1. Everything except the shea butter I already had in my kitchen. The shea butter I bought on amazon, and there is a link in the post to it. :)

  9. Love the outfit! Will you be doing more Q/A soon I hope?

  10. I love your casual outfit - and your hair looks so pretty! :) great A & A


  11. Compliment your little brother, he's a great photographer! The lighting is perfect!

    Super cute outfit! love the casual/feminine looks!
    Oh no! Broken vacuum=really dirty house where I live! The floor pretty much gets dirty over night!
    A Modest Fashion Blog:

  12. Your style is SOooo similar to mine. On Summer days I normally wear a striped t-shirt, tank, and a denim skirt...
    I love the fact that you got the shirt free! And the photo your brother took is hilarious!

  13. What are the ratios for the asorbic acid/baking soda/lemon oil? Sounds fantastic, actually... :)

  14. I do things like the milk balancing and spilling all the time, then kick myself for doing it. While I clean up I always ask myself why I didn't just put something down, then I do the same thing next time. Maybe it is a talent all human beings want to learn, the art of balancing many things in one's hands at once.

    The truck you said you drive sounds just like one my dad used to own. A huge green one which was all beat up. We had to climb in the windows to get in as the doors wouldn't open. Trucks like that are so much fun.

  15. Haha- I love your awkward pic. ;)

  16. I love reading your blog.

    My family used to live in St. Louis. If you are there on a Sunday you should go to Bible Baptist Church in Maplewood. Its on Sutton Blvd. It is hard to find a good church, and I think you would appreciate this one.

    Anna Marie

  17. Lovely outfit Olivia, and I love your pose in the first one.

    My family and I are going to the same conference too. Perhaps we might bump into each other? ;)
    Take care, and hope you have a good day!

  18. Lovely pictures!

    I love A+A's!

    Oh, and btw, you're SOOOO LUCKY to have warm weather already. It's still in the 20's here, and SNOWING RIGHT NOW! Very upsetting.


  19. I would love to hear what goes into your Vit. C water as well. I'm a huge water drinker too so i would love the recipe

  20. Yes, PLEASE give us the recipe for your Vit C water!

  21. Alright, Vitamin C water recipe!
    I have one of those huge 50oz water bottles and sip on it all day.
    Fill the bottle 1/3 with water. Add 1/2 teaspoon asorbic acid and 1/4 teaspoon baking soda for every 2,500 mg of vitamin C you want to take. I've been doing 5 doses to fight off colds, but I'm going to go down to 2 of 3 a day with less germs floating around. The powders react together to create sodium ascorbate and carbon dioxide, which fizzes and bubbles, and is the easiest form of Vitamin C for your body to use. You want them to get all mixed together, so you can screw the lid on and shake once or twice. Make sure you take the lid off again until the reaction is done, otherwise your bottle might explode. :P Once it's not fizzing (it'll still be bubbly tho), I fill the rest of the bottle and add 3 or 4 drops of lemon oil, and sometimes 3 or 4 drops orange oil, too. That's for 50oz- if you're doing a smaller bottle, one or two drops of lemon oil would be plenty- it's strong stuff! Let me know if you have any questions! I don't remember if I was a huge fan of it when I first tried it, but I knew the health benefits and now loooove it. :)

  22. Hey, it just occured to me to ask you something. Do you watch the Duggar's 19 Kids & Counting?

    1. I've seen two or three episodes, but we don't have TV to watch it. :-/ :)

  23. Oliva,
    My sister and I just heard about your blog, and have been following for a few weeks now.
    We both appreciate your godly insight into life, fashion, and other areas!
    When you shared your exciting news of deciding to attend the Family Economics conference, we were both thrilled!
    Our family is planning to come, Lord willing, and it's a treat to know of someone else that will be going! (We actually just found out today that another acquaintance is going, too!)
    Thanks for your encouragement! May the Lord continue to bless the fruits of your labor!
    ~Elizabeth & Caroline
    P.S. I just saw your comment with the Vitamin C water---I'm hoping to try it soon!

  24. Is the Family Economics Conference the same as CHEF Missouri? 'Cause my entire family are possibly attending CHEF this year and I'm super excited about it. :)


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