Friday, March 8, 2013

Day with Friends = A+A

Hey y'all! Thought I'd share with y'all the outfit I wore last Saturday when I hung out in Franklin with friends before heading to a wedding. It was chilly enough to flurry snow all day long but not frigid enough for gloves thankfully.

Slightly awkwards:
  • Posing for these pictures in CVS's parking lot with a guy friend nearby. Makes you look full of yourself to ask a girlfriend to snap pictures as fast as the paparazzi as you twirl and spin in a bedraggled outfit. Girls understand. Guys don't. 
  • Strenuously reaching for something in the top of the cabinet and accidentally knocking a bag of goldfish crackers down and it falls hard into a soaking-full-of-water-so-its-easier-to-clean burnt pot of chili, splashing nasty greasy red water allll over your face and outfit. 
  • Spending more on your Starbucks drink in the morning than you do on your grilled chicken nuggets and fries at ChickFilA for lunch. 
  • Arriving at the wedding in an unfamiliar town half an hour early only to discover the bathroom line was quite long and you and a friend needed to change into your dresses. So you take off driving in your big ol' van looking for a place to change, ending up 5 miles (aka 15 minutes) down the road at Dairy Queen. If anyone stared at you as you carried heels and garment bags into the restroom, you didn't notice. Managing to change in about 3 minutes, you rush back to the wedding, arriving just in time. 
  • As you rush in to get seated at the wedding, you're a bit flustered and uncoordinated, having just run through the rainy snow in heels, You try to step over your friend and her husband's feet as you get to your seat, but there's an arrangement along the aisle you don't want to knock down, so you over compensate, loudly scooch a chair, and still end up with grass sheds on your dress. And hope the video cameras weren't rolling yet.
  • Having conversations with guys and girls you've never really talked to about bathrooms and it actually being entertaining, informative, and lively.
  • People making references to hilarious conversations you had while you were highly fevered and not remembering what happened until they were laughing at you for being so out of it.
  • Getting home from some friends' house and realizing you've had a fever for like 4 hours. Oopths.
  • Someone telling you, "You're gonna get stuck if you drive there" but you go anyway and they have to pull you out. And then they won't let you forget it for at least two weeks.
  • Realizing that you haven't vacuumed the cab of your truck out since December... 2011. 
Rather Awesomes:
  • Walking around The Factory at Franklin with good friends, just hanging out like old times. You know, the times we had four months ago before one of us got married and moved away. :P
  • How much a part of my life humor and laughter is. I must spend at least an hour a day busting a gut. 
  • How quickly I'm healing! I had a friend come down with this same illness 24 hours before me and he's had it pretty bad and longer. Also thankful for a family who nurses me well as I lay in bed for 48 hours, and makes me chocolate eclairs. :D 
  • Cleaning and rearranging our loft so I could spread out my sewing stuff and actually get some work done without having to turn the lights out so my sisters can sleep like I've been doing in our bedroom. Y'all may not know this, but my Navy Lace Dress was made 75% by single lamp and sewing machine light. :P I've been able to make two new maxi skirts (this one and a simple black one) that I hope to post about on my sewing blog soon. 
  • Beautiful weddings. The colors were like a gunmetal gray, dark purple, and a greeny yellow with lots of natural elements. It was so well done, but not ostentatious. The fellowship and food were great, the dancing fun, and the atmosphere delightful. :) 
  • A friend who will pick up you and the three littlest siblings under your charge and take y'all on her errands with her just so you can spend an hour or so together.
  • Looking through past journal entries, blog posts, and photos, remembering the crazy times you've had. Laughing with sisters about how insane you were to take on so much at once and shaking your head at how young everyone looks. "Days go by/ I can feel 'em flying/ like my hand out the window in the wind/" 
  • Timing my quilts to be done drying just before I go to bed so I carry them straight from the dryer to my bed and climb under the warmth. :) It's fabulous. 
  • Passing 800 followers this evening. "This is the Lord's doing and it is marvelous in my eyes" is about all I can say.
So, this outfit. I wanted something I didn't have to wear a coat with, so I layered a long sleeved thermal black shirt under my mom's button-up black blouse. My maxi skirt is thin, so I had to wear a slip with it which gave me enough warmth. With hose that I needed to have on for the wedding anyway and my sister's warm gray boots, I wasn't too cold. Sure, my skirt dragged through the puddles (I can't decide if I like it too long or not, so I'm testing it out :)), but I didn't mind. Some leftover fabric kept my bizarre curls out of my face, and a couple green bracelets brought some color to my ensemble. I decided to just wear my pearls all day so I wouldn't have to worry about putting them on just with the Navy Blue Dress I wore to the wedding. :)
Jacket: Old Navy
Shirt: Target
Undershirt: Thrift store
Skirt: Made by me
Jewelry all gifts. :)

Y'all have an awesome day! What's been awkward or awesome about your week?

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  1. The skirt is absolutely gorgeous!!!

    I posted my Awk's & Awe's here:

  2. DUDE. if your skirt goes missing, you know who stole it. IT'S GORGEOUS. and I laughed so hard over your awkward moments.

  3. Olivia,
    Ah, yes those "bathroom" conversations. :)

    It was good talk with you for awhile at the wedding.

    Hannah Noel

  4. Your skirt is so cute! Where did you get the fabric? How long ago did you make it? I think jean jackets are so cute and versatile! It is sometimes hard to find a nice one though. :)
    Awesome: Getting 17 pinterest followers...well its a start. ;)

  5. Super cute outfit, Olivia! Maxi skirts are awesome!
    Sounds like you had a really great time!
    have a lovely Friday (woohoo-it's practically the weekend again!)
    A Modest Fashion Blog:

  6. I love your skirt i have one just like it but in brown.

  7. Wow love it! Glad you had fun! Yeah, guys find it amusing when girls pose. I remember one time I was posing for a pic on our trip, and a guy was giving me some weird looks(I was making a goofy pic of me in a store for Grandpa's humor). Still... awesome about my week is that school is awesome. I am getting lots done, and I'm doing well! And sadly one of my fish died, a special guppy named Pacific. He was one of my favorites. Zoomer's all on his lonesome. But... I'll be getting some new fish soon. I'm excited for that! Well, sorry about babbling. Thanks for sharing! :)

  8. That outfit looks so comfy! Glad your feeling better and have a place to sew now! Warm quilts are amazing!

  9. Hehe, the first awkward. xD Thanks for sharing! ♥


  10. Looks like you had fun Olivia! LOL! Awesome?! Let's see, I got my drivers license!!! So excited! Awkward?! I don't know. Thanks for sharing Olivia! ~ Sarah

  11. I. Need. Your. Skirt. :)

    I mentioned to my mom the other day that I would like a grey chevron maxi skirt, and, POOF! You make one exactly like what I'm wanting. Tutorial please!!!

    Super cute outfit. I love how you paired the denim and the skirt together.

    Awesome: Going to the Portland Symphony for the first time :)

    Awkward: Having to eat everything with a baby spoon and fork since I got my gum graft done. :( PB&J's with a fork just aren't the same...


  12. The denim jacket looks cute, and the maxi skirt, although I don't think I could stand a wet-trippable-hem...

    I wrote my own A+A post here:

  13. This outfit is so perfect!! I want a chevron maxi skirt sooo bad...and you made yours?! so jealous :) Newest follower!

    -Jenna Brianne

  14. That skirt is a.w.e.s.o.m.e! Where did you find the fabric? Tutorial please? :)


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