Thursday, April 18, 2013

Awk+Awe+Shopping Day

Hey y'all! Hope your week has been fab.u.lous! Super simple and cool (as in temperature ;) outfit to share today, which is good, cause it's 85* outside!

 I bought this dress at Our Thrift Store on Saturday. I wanted an easy short dress to wear today, so I put this on. It's dressy and I'll probably wear it to church sometime, but its also a nice cotton for easy wearing around the house. I put it on with my Keds 'cause I'll be on my feet all day and I need something better than flip flops. :) As a bonus, it has pockets for my phone.
Dress: Our Thrift Store ($7)
Keds: Charity Shop ($2)
Long gold earrings: Charity Shop ($1.50)

  • Trying to cross the dark living room with a cup of hot cocoa and tripping over the mini trampoline...
  • Going running and then promptly downing three cookies and a pint of milk upon your return, probably undoing all the exercise.
  • Standing there as your friend is speaking with an old gentleman in the nursing home (well, I think he was only 57!) and him saying over and over, "She's purty!" pointing at you and then as you're leaving, he asks for you to send him a picture of yourself. O.o What do you respond to, "You're gonna send me a pitcher, aren't ya?"?? 
  • When you realize you literally just ate half a cup of homemade chocolate icing. 
  • The dressing room at Our Thrift Store. It's just a stall with a shower curtain (thankfully there's velcro on the edges) but the mirror is outside the curtain on the wall about 8 ft away. So you have no idea what you look like until you open up to the world for scrutiny. ;) A complete stranger helped me decide on a couple things this past time, ha!
  • Needing to contain a bonfire, you hop up on the back of a flatbed truck and open the water tank to allow the water to sprinkle on the ground. Conveniently, instead of pouring out in a stream, it was hitting the lip of the bed and spraying, but, before you could get off the truck after opening the valve, it started moving, and you were stuck crouching for the ride. The fire was quite smokey and the water quite airborne, so that by the time the grass was finally soaked, so were you-- in black water from the combination. :P 
  • The conversations that can be heard at church. I may be newer to this country thing, but I don't think animal reproduction is a normal Sunday afternoon chit-chat topic in which everyone is involved and has an opinion and experience. Makes for some good laughs!
  • Smashing the exhaust pipe into the truck tire. Oopsies. Also sightly awks-- my dad and me in our pajamas outside fixing it.
  • Little brother falling in the creek and coming out with a crawdad on his sleeve. 
  • Checking out at Sears three times because your mom is late picking you up and you keep finding stuff you like. 
  • Not being able to decide if you should get certain things so you waffle back and forth at the checkout counter, saying, "Yes, put that on there... wait no! This one. Ohhh I can't decide. Okay, I want all of it but this...I think..." 
  • Talking to the lady who is cutting your hair and, upon recognizing the last name on her nametag, you ask if she's related to so-and-so... turns out she was divorced from the relative of them and hadn't changed her nametag yet... and then you don't know what to say...
(Self- Timer pictures today... sorry...)

  • SPRING! It's finally here, and it's so warm and humid and windy and polleny and purple and green outside! Nothing spells "life" to me like always being sore, sneezing from allergies, dishes never finished, windows open all night, lots of fresh eggs, piles of wet clothes from the kids playing in the hose, and flllllliiiiiipfllllllllooooops...
  • A quote I've heard before, but Douglas Wilson brought back to mind this weekend: What's a summary of the Bible? Slay the dragon, get the girl. Jesus crushing the head of the serpent and saving His bride the church. 
  • When your protein shake matches your running clothes. Purple and purple, friends. Makes me happy. :)
  • Buying a new printed dress (this one!) and then coming home and finding not one, not two, but ten pairs of shoes that match and look good with it. 
  • Hanging out with friends, just watching TV or planning things. It's great to have peeps to unwind with. :)
  • Homemade ice cream. 
  • Getting some sewing done! I just altered a few things and made a new shirt, but it felt so good to have the machine in front of me again and to have that stack off my table and into my closet. :) 
  • Finally getting caught up on blog emails last week! I hate it that I don't get around to answering them for weeks or months sometimes. If you emailed me before last Thursday and haven't received a reply, please let me know. It possibly got lost. 
  • Being all packed and ready to go a full 12 hours before leaving for a trip this weekend! Ha, that's never happened before. ;) 
  • My family is pretty awesome. The other night I got home from a bonfire after bedtime, but the older ones of my family were still up and eating ice cream in the living room. My sisters told me a story of something that had happened the other night and I laughed and laughed and laughed until my sides ached. My dad walked in the room after I got my composure and we decided he needed to know the story too, so my sister told it. I couldn't breath-- I was laughing harder the longer I thought about it! I have never seen my dad laugh so hard-- tears, almost-giggles, clutching of sides. Then my mom had to hear it. Again, painful laughter. As we were all going to sleep 15 minutes later, you could still hear ripples of chuckles throughout our house.
  • I'm off to photograph a wedding and consequently I won't be able to publish comments until Sunday night. It's promising to be a great trip-- traveling 8 hours with two of my closest friends!

 I went shopping a little while ago and thought I'd show y'all some oh-so-classy iPhone photos I took while trying clothes on and share my thought process on each piece to maybe help y'all see how I make clothing decisions.
This plaid top was priced at $3.50 at Our Thrift Store. The fabric was nice and stretchy and a good quality. Not too tight on top, flattering sleeves, nice scoop neck perfect for a tank. The problem? It was the "flouffy" style where there's elastic along the hem and the midsection is less than slimming. I decided that this was an easy fix with the sewing machine, so I went ahead and bought it. 

This striped top was at Plato's Closet for $7. It had great dolmen sleeves and my favorite scoop neck, but it was about 6" too long and kind of thin and stretched out. I could have chopped it off and resewn the hem, but I wasn't sure how easy it would be with the thin cotton-- I'm not experienced enough with it. I decided it wasn't worth $7+ my time. 

This polkadot top I looooved. It was $15 at Sears on sale. Super flattering, springy, and something I thought my mom might borrow (which means double the use, right?)... and blue brings out our eyes. But, for the same price, I could have bought at least 3 thrift store shirts. With much regret that I'm not rich, ;) I put it back in favor of being wise. 

So. Something y'all should know about me. I get an idea in my head and it will stay there until I complete it. For instance, this backpack. I have been planning on going to Target for about 2 months, hoping to find a floral backpack with leather trim. I pictured mint green with camel. I knew I'd be willing to spend the money on it; I just had to get one. I finally got into civilization and Target had floral backpacks... but they were tacky looking with no leather trim. I was downhearted, thinking I was going to have to sew it or order the $80 one online. My sister and I decided to walk to Ross a few doors down while we waited on my mom and they sadly didn't have any floral either. But, they had some nice leather ones that weren't outrageously expensive, so I found my favorite. I had basically decided against this one, since it's kind of plain, but my sister talked me into it. I am *so* glad she did. As soon as I bought it I realized how much I loved it... I'm seriously now obsessed with it and I'm super excited to travel this weekend just so I can use it- ha! It was about $26. Just for fun, I decided to see how much stuff I could fit in it-- 5 shirts, 2 skirts, a pair of boots, 3 tanks, a flowy jacket, my purse, my straightener, and make up. O.o Oh, and a denim jacket. It doesn't look huge and bulky, either. Okay... enough with the back pack. 

 Tell me about YOUR week! I'd also love to read some thrifting tips! 

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  1. I must admit I'm awful jealous...85*! We are going through our fifth huge snowstorm of April here...:(

  2. Your awkward dressing room reminded me of a funny/not so funny thing that happened to me.
    So this is probably common knowledge for most people, but don't ever go barefoot in a dressing room! I hadn't ever thought about not being very hygienic until I was in a dressing room and heard my mom (in a strange voice) say "Tasha, put your shoes on!" I had flip flops on and had shoved them aside and was trying a skirt on. I pulled my shoes back on, and my clothes-opened (ironically also a shower curtain doored dressing room) only to have my mom point to a sigh that said "Do not use dressing room as bathroom" EEEEEEEEEEEEEWWWWWWWWWWWWWW! So disgusting! I NEVER put my feet in the floor anymore! LOL! =)

    My week has been okay, thanks for asking! We're having a potluck tomorrow, so getting ready for that! Nice to have a break from cooking and cleaning like a mad person!
    Let me see, thrifting tips:
    Never pass an item up on the rack. I always pick up a ton of items, which by the way freaks my mom out! But then I'll go back through my pile and pull out the ones I'm not in love with. Then I try them on! I've made the mistake before of thinking something was adorable, but not trying it on because I didn't think it would fit. I regretted it so much later! Now I pull it off the rack anyway, even if I don't think it will fit-crazy, I know! But then I KNOW it doesn't fit, and I'm okay!
    Obvious, but always check the garment for stains and rips!
    Apparently this isn't everywhere (just found this out!) but my Goodwill has an out of season section, they're cheaper and I've found some adorable stuff! People won't be looking at the short sleeves in the dead of Winter and vice versus, so often items stay back there and nobody else sees them!
    Anyway, long comment! =)
    A Modest Fashion Blog:

  3. PS: Your sister was right to talk you into that backpack, it's adorable!!!!!!

  4. Thrifting tips? Check the sales racks (if your thrift store has them) it amazes me what i can find on those! Also take lots into the dressing rooms with you even if your not quite sure if you like it. Its alot easyer to tell once you have it on!


  5. I love the backpack. About a month ago I was getting ready to go on a weekend trip with my youth group and I wanted a backpack. I've seen so many nice ones on Pinterest that I was okay with spending money on a nice one instead of waiting for one to show up at a thrift shop. I found one at Sears for like $40 and I wasn't completely sure I liked it. But then I stopped in Claire's and found a deep teal, leather backpack that was on clearance for $19 which I wound up buying. I really like it and it's definitely useful when I need both arms free.

  6. I am amazed at all you are able to fit into that cute backpack! Have a fabulous weekend :~)

  7. The dress is drool worthy!
    And I can TOTALLY relate to the tripping-up-in-the-dark business.. Unfortunately I have no thrifting tips or advice. Other than, if you see something that could be altered with minimal effort.. Take it, by all means.

  8. Cool! I love all the outfits! Funny awk-awesomes!

  9. The backpack is awesome! I do the same thing when I get an idea into my head.

  10. Beautiful Olivia! Out here in Nebraska we are having a blizzard, so I so wish I had your weather right now! :) LOL. I love the dress! Thanks for sharing. ~ Sarah

  11. Hey Olivia, whenever you do get around to altering that purple plaid top could you please post what you do for a frouffy shirt look that? I recently thrifted one and I need some instruction on how to make it more flattering. :)

  12. Oh, awkward dressing rooms. This past Easter I was at Burkes Outlet with my mom and was trying on a dress. The mirror is about...twenty maybe more feet away from the room? I walk out in this dress I think I'm going to LOVE, and I end up looking so awful! The dress was bunchy, awkward looking and made me look really large. And I'm only a size 3 or 4....The lady next to me looked at me and said, "Oh, honey. That's not for you." :P :P :P Ohhh goodness. Anywho, I LOVE that backpack!!! My week has been fairly crazy, but good, other than today. I'm sitting in my room, blogging with a fever and a sore throat. :P Yuck. As for thrifting tips, I have a set rule that I don't spend more than $15 dollars on one item...And that's about all. Lol!!!
    Kalin from (Also, I hope your mother is doing well! :)

  13. Love all those thrift store finds! You're making me want to go thrift shopping now. :)

  14. Enjoy your 80-degree weather, you lucky ducky, you! We're stuck in the 50s and 60s here in North Idaho--bah! /TANTRUM

    That polkadot blouse is so cute! Too bad you had to leave it at the store.

    QUOTE: "...for the same price, I could have bought at least 3 thrift store shirts."

    You were probably wise, in that light.

    I did send you some questions a while back now, about you church's views on the Millennium. I'd be interested to "hear" your answers...if my e-mail wasn't lost. If so, I can resend the questions.

    Thrift store tips--I've been thinking of doing a blog post on that subject, LOL. Some that come to mind are:

    ~ Wear separates. Shirt/blouse and skirt/trousers instead of a dress. This will make trying things on easier, on the whole. Not too many layers, either, for the same reason (although unavoidable in Winter).

    ~Choose a simpler hairstyle without a lot of pins, if wearing a turtleneck or T-shirt, to prevent mussing and lost pins! Or if you do choose a pinned-up style, pair it with a button-fronted top.

    ~Some thrift stores can be crowded, with narrow aisles, so opt for a narrower skirt (or trousers) instead of a full skirt.

    ~If you have long hair (waist or longer), keep it contained--even in a long braid--to prevent its snagging on hangers, and to protect it better from germs and what-not ('cos you never know where this stuff has been...).

    God bless,
    ~"Wild Rose"~

  15. My week...was packed with lots of work ! I have 2 boss : one of them had been travelling to 2 different conferences for the past 3 weeks and was finally back, so we had a meeting and I showed her all my results. then I had another meeting with a guy I work with (more preparation and more stress) and on monday I'll give a presentation at a lab so I had to do the powerpoint and then prepare then my speech and do it in front of my bosses. Lots and lots of late night working, little sleep and absolutly no time to do crafty stuff...Which is an absolute misery ! But I've experienced God's peace in a deeper way this past 48h and I'm glad I have to go through intense stress periods like this if it means getting a better knowledge of my saviour !
    Thanks for sharing the outfit..I was just wondering what solution you would think of for making it longer (I don't like my skirts being above my knees...
    Have a fantastic weekend !

  16. JMJ
    Thift stores are sooooo awesome! :)
    In Christ,

  17. Love the thrift store pictures! Too bad you had to pass up the button up - was adorable on you. But love the plaid!
    Was kind of surprised, because it seems to me this dress is a lot shorter (and with a front slit) then what you would usually wear. I think it's bordering on immodest actually - but that's me! :)


    1. I don't think the dress is immodest... personally, I will not wear a dress or skirt longer than that unless it is touching the floor (like a jersey maxi skirt). But that's just my opinion; I'm only 5'3", so it's difficult for anything longer than that to be flattering on me. But that's just my opinion, I'm not trying to judge anyone- everyone has different modesty standards. :)

      Blessings! Maria

  18. Awkward:
    Yesterday I went to the baby store with my mom so we could look at strollers. While she and my aunt were trying to decide which one was best I took the little ones for a walk around the store to keep them occupied. I had the 2 yr. old and the 4 yr. old in the shopping cart, the 6 yr. old walked next to me, and I wore the 7 1/2 week old in our Wrapsody baby wrap. Seeing the 3 boys and the little baby girl in my wrap a lady came up to me and said, "Ooh! You finally got your girl!" Uh....yes my family was thrilled to finally get another girl after 5 boys in a row, but Evangelene is not my baby! Come on folks, do I really look like I could have four kids?! I'm only a Senior in high school!

    The fact that Evangelene has been out of the hospital for *9* days, has absolutely no respirators or feeding tubes, and is healthy enough that we can go shopping with her!!!!!

    Trying to put the baby wrap on in the parking lot, but it was way too windy so you have to do it in the store entrance. Then, a store employee stares at you as you're trying to put the wrap on.

    Getting to tell said store employee how awesome the wrap is! (Plus it's pink, so what's not to love? :)

    P.S. I absolutely *love* the blue dress and the polka dot shirt! Hope you have a good time at the wedding!

    -Michaela from

  19. This is the most entertaining read I'd had for a while. You had me laughing out loud with all your awkward moments. You are just adorable and I love that you thrift shop instead of paying outrageous prices for your clothes.

  20. Thrift stores are great!! Love this post (awk-awe posts are usually one of, if not my favorite posts:)

    Thrifting advise? Well, even though it is a good price doesn't mean it is a good deal for you. If you don't already have something at home that it will match and are going to have to spend even more money/time buying or making something to go with it, maybe think about it a bit longer. Ask yourself if you really need it (i.e do you already have 4 more navy dress shirts at home and are debating whether to get another one). My mom has to really remind me of the that second tip just about any time we are out shopping. It is so hard especially when you find something you really like for a good price!:)

  21. hi Olivia,
    I Love the Black dress and the backpack! The Polka Dot shirt was SO Adorable.... I don't think I could've passed it up.
    Love the Awks and Awesomes! Love and Prayers,Leah

  22. I LOVE thrift store shopping. I always go crazy and pile my cart high with whatever catches my eye. Usually, I only end up buying one or two things, and I usually try on something different that I wouldn't have bothered with if it wasn't so cheap. ;)
    Funny story: before finding a teaching job, I worked at Ross for almost a year (and yes, I remember them having some great bags). One day, I was about to take the fitting room rack out to put the clothes back on the rack when the fitting room attendant asked me to check the women's fitting room. It smelled terrible. I checked in one of the stalls (is that what you call them?) and yep...someone had used the floor as a bathroom. >.> Neither the fitting room attendant nor the manager would go near it. Guess who cleaned it up?? When I was done with the mop and bucket, I sprayed air freshener in the room about a thousand times, but it smelled bad for hours. I do NOT miss working in retail!!! And yes, I ALWAYS keep something on my feet when trying stuff on. :)

  23. Thrifting tips? ALWAYS quality over quantity. Yeah, it's cheap, but trust me, you'll regret getting a million worn out things. Quality, quality, quality. :-)

  24. We just awarded you with a "Very Inspiring Blogger Award" over at our blog!!

    You can view it here:

  25. I AM SO JEALOUS! I live in Wisconsin, and it snowed today. At this point, I am desperate for spring! My week has had both awkward and awesome. When you said your family was awesome, I was reminded of last Saturday night when we ordered pizza and donuts and 11 at night. Another awesome thing is finding two new cute pairs of pants at walmart.
    The awkward would have been going shopping at khols... I seriously couldn't find a cute pair of capris for this spring. All they had were shorts that went to your thighs...
    Gotta love Walmart, hahah :)


  26. QUOTE: "AWKWARD: Going running and then promptly downing three cookies and a pint of milk upon your return, probably undoing all the exercise."

    Oh, no--you were burning off all those calories before you ate them. Yeah, that's it...;-)

    Don't know if you're interested, but I'm having a virtual yard sale over on my blog. I'd be honored if y'all would drop by!

    God bless,
    ~"Wild Rose"~

  27. I love the dress; very 1940's looking! I don't know, though, it looks a little too short. I can just imagine how embarrasing it would be to wear it on a windy day, if you know what I mean. Does it cover your knees when you sit? I know that summertime means shorter and cooler skirts, but I was just a little surprised at the length; it's not normal for you, but the last couple of dresses you posted have been that short. In the past you would have worn a skirt underneath it. (I'm thinking of postings from a couple of years ago).
    Anyway, it really is a cute dress, and I love the idea of the colorful shoes:)


  28. I love the black dress :) Very simple. I usually don't wear a lot of black, but I would make an exception for that! Have a good day.

  29. I liked all the outfits you had on! The dress, plaid shirt and backpack were my favs though :D

    ~Kelly Beth~


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