Friday, May 31, 2013

Awk + Awe: Pigs, Hotels, and Good Friends

Hey y'all! Hope you're doing well! I've been computerless this week which kind of makes blogging difficult, so Awkward and Awesome Thursday is a bit behind. ;) Nevertheless, here we go:

  • Eating gyros in the van with the inside light on at night in Walmart's parking lot. As you are scarfing your food down so you can drive home, a middle aged well-to-do man walks past and notices the ranch dressing flying everywhere. His face was priceless.
  • Walking the fine line between being nice and not encouraging creepy guys who talk to you. 
  • Loving my Blimey Cow t-shirt so much that I dreamed about it three nights in a row. 
  • {Girls only} Hanging out with a friend and her 20-something older brother in a gift shop, we were looking at the greeting cards. My friend picks one up and shows it to me: "PMS: Purchase More Shoes" I laugh and laugh and we put the card back on the rack. Her brother looks over at it and, in his normal loud, manly voice, says, "PMS-- What's that?!" so that it echoed through the crowded gift shop. My friend and I were laughing too hard to answer, but she eventually said, "It's something to explain in a private conversation." and I chimed in, "Yeah, whatever you do, don't google it!" Well, guess what he did? :P Then, to make awkward awkwarder, he told the story at a breakfast table full of guys and girls two weeks later. O.o
  • Trying to find a place for four people to sit and talk at 11:30 at night in a hotel, so you move the very spread out waiting room chairs from the Spa into a circle. And when there's a lull in the convo, you read about the seaweed facials in their handy dandy brochure.
  • Going the wrong way around the round-about as you're driving a van full of people to Mexican for lunch. 
  • Losing two little pigs in the woods around your house, so your dad creates a CD of pig oinking noises and plays it as loud as possible off the deck to try and lure the piggies home for days on end. It played a pig noise on average about once every three minutes. O.o Good news is, the pigs are home!
  • Talking to a dad at a conference and he says, "My wife and daughter..." and you ask, "Oh, how old is she?" And he looks at you surprised, "How old is my wife??" No, no.... how old is your daughter.... *blush*
  • Sitting at breakfast with two other girls and three "young men" and a pastor sits down with y'all. He monologues for a long while about what girls should look for in guys and what guys should look for in girls, (it super encouraged me, which was awesome! I may have to write up what I've been learning about courtship lately) and then he gets up from the table with the comment, "Guys, if you are over 13, you need to be searching for a wife" leaving you all sitting there in silence. 
  •  Going 4-wheeling with friends through fields, forests, and logging trails and having your allergies go bezerk. Sneezing constantly for almost a mile as you drive is oh-so-classy.
  • Being too short to do a graceful behind-the-back shot in pool, so you have to hop up and sit on the table. 
  • Taking selfies with the group you're playing cards with, who you hardly know.
  • Showing up to go on an adventure at a friend's and y'all are both wearing the *exact* same outfit. Same t-shirt (sleeves rolled), faded jeans, plaid jacket around waist, a necklace, curly hair, and brown work boots.
 Well, y'all like, "real" fashion, right? Here's my messy hair in all it's glory, blown about by the winds from the approaching storm. This is a super typical summer outfit for me. Easy cute t-shirt, tank, long earrings, and shorter denim skirt with flip flops. This skirt has become one of my favorites since I can't wear my dark denim one alll the time. ;)
Shirt: Handmedown
Earrings: Gift

  • Having friends who are still eager to hang out with you even after spending several weekends in a row and a full week together; friends who genuinely want to know about you and your quirks, your hopes and dreams, and who tease you about always being hungry.
  • Having a "favorite spot". I always thought it cool in books when the main character would have a location where they would pray, read, write, and/or talk to themselves, but I never understood how someone could love a place without people so much. I do those things, but most especially, I go there to enjoy. Enjoy God. Enjoy Creation. Watch the sunset. Enjoy the cloudless sky. The sunshine or the rain. When I'm especially happy or particularly sad, that's where I am. :) 
  • Discussions with peers that challenge you to think and know your Bible. Things like how much freedom is too much freedom for a young man and is Christian rap music profitable? 
  • Finding a local coffee shop near camp that also sold fruit smoothies. Pretty sure they give more energy than coffee! :) 
  • Cans of whipped cream. My weakness.
  • Getting to sleep on a cot!! That's been on my bucket list ever since I can remember and we stayed at an acquaintance's house (12 of us, 8 of them, and 12 other guests! Our hosts were amazing) on Tuesday and I got the nice camping cot! 
  • Staying in a building for 3 hours after they locked the doors for the night talking.
  • Our pigs returning home after being at-large for a week and a half. Miracle. 
  • The Family Economics Conference! If you're able, you should really, really get the get the .mp3s. So good. 
  • Waking up late to GF chocolate eclairs fresh from the oven, surrounded by cheery family and incredible rustic beauty. I feel like I live at a Bed and Breakfast. Except I do the laundry.
  • The Wintons in concert! I got to hear them a little at the FEC earlier this month and then at camp last week they did a full concert. Absolutely incredible.
  • Bike riding with friends, just because y'all like exercise. Not being sore from it= definitely awesome.
  • Attending an art show last night at the studio downtown where some friends were displaying their... well, art. My sisters and I had some one display, too, and my sister even sold a pastel drawing. 
  • Wrestling a pig. 
  • Sugar scrubs. Seriously, whoever thought of them was ingenious. 
  • Playing "I Have Never" with what grew into a huge group of people over the course of our 4-hour game. It's a great game that I highly recommend, although some of the questions can get awkward! Here's how you play, in case you're curious: 
    • Ring of chairs enough for everyone, minus one. 
    • The person left standing in the center says something like, "I have never... worn mascara!" and everyone who has worn mascara gets up and swaps seats, while the person in the middle tries to sit down. This can get violent! I got a "chair burn" and some people broke fingernails.
    • Whoever is left standing does the next "I have never... driven 1/2 mile to the neighbors backwards!" 
    • It can kind of turn into singling one person out by saying some bizarre thing they've done that probably no one else has. Like someone got me to stand in the middle with the driving backwards. "I have never shot a propane tank... never gotten a speeding ticket... never lit fireworks off a trampoline... never eaten bugs... never flipped an ATV... never been to Boston in the fall..." The ones where tons of people move are fun too, because it gets aggressive. ;)
    • It's great because no one loses and you get to know everyone a lot better. I now know most guys have painted their toenails at one time or another! ;)
Alrighty-- better get some sweeping done before we have a guest for dinner tonight...
What's been awkward or awesome about your week? I sooo love reading your responses.

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  1. Love the outfit!! Let's see...
    Opening a huge bottle of cream soda and not seeing the sticker that says, "Open carefully, contents under pressure" and it spews ALL over you and the car..So you proceed to go in the barn with the horses and they sniff your jeans like, "what in the world?" and someone asks why your pants are wet...
    Awesome: There have been a lot of awesome things this week..Cantering for the first time on my horse, half priced milkshakes at Sonic... But the best thing is we got the news that our foster baby that my family has had for almost 2 years is going to be adopted very soon! God is good!

    1. I love cantering! Just wait till you get to jumping. Thats even awesomer! :)

    2. Haha! My horse would probably kill himself if he jumped, he's so clumsy!

  2. Hi Olivia!
    It sounds like you've been pretty busy already this summer! I wanted to let you know how much I LOVE your blog and especially the "awks and awesomes" The one about your dad calling the pigs home with his recorded CD is hilarious!=) I would Love to hear your convictions about dating vs courtship sometime...since my older sister just went through a courtship process and is getting Married next Saturday! Have a great day! ~Love and Prayers,Leah

  3. 'Walking the fine line between being nice and not encouraging creepy guys who talk to you.' Oh my goodness. So totally true!
    I've only got one awkward at the top of my mind right now: My cuz not being able to come over and hang out because he had to take off his sisters mascara. He does it all the time. Its kind of strange.

  4. I really enjoyed this round of Awkward and awesome... About the pig oinking CD, that is absolutely hilarious! My favourite.

    I can relate to the feeling of a B&B except that I do the laundry (I am the official laundry person, to wash 9 other peoples' dirty clothes.) =)

  5. Lovely sister, looks like you had a great week! I really enjoy reading your posts :)
    On another note: google a great comedian, I came across: Azhar Usman and his show Allah made me funny. Sometimes it can be so much fun to explore the lives and thoughts of other Abrahamites :)
    Keep up the modest live - I currently struggle to keep my intention of covering my arms down to my ellbows when potentially with unrelated male...what's your struggle?

  6. Also: I'd looooove to see pictures of your piglets :) I imagine them to be pretty cute!

  7. So cute and casual! That is my favorite of all your short denim skirts!
    Awesome: Reading your fabulous posts! :)

  8. Oh, yeah...I recently learned how to play "I have never".I think I prefer playing "I have" a little more however, but both are fun.

  9. I played "I have never" with my youth group a month or two ago and it it FUN!!
    And yes it can get awkward but it is all fun!

  10. Perfect for hot summer day! Simple, practical, classy and cute! How did you do your hair? So pretty!

  11. Have never played or heard of I have hever. Hilarious awkwards!

  12. Wow, I want to make a skirt like that! Looks so cool! Your hair looks great. Oh, I'm sure the well-to-do man's face would have been priceless! I would love to see that! Awesome shirt as well! Yeah, I'm not on the computer as much, so sometimes I'm behind!
    Awesome about my week: Started working with horses! Going to get a hair cut next week! Lots of sunny weather! Lots of green trees(Finally!)
    Awkward: Eating five cookies accidentally, in front of company. My fancy friend coming over to a messy me. And making a joke I'd heard, but said it wrong. So no one got it. lol.

  13. Love that outfit! And I LOVE the skirt! It's a perfect summer outfit.

  14. Love those posts ! It's definitly not summer yet around here (the weather has been baaaad recently) and I haven't gotten a chance to wear to many tshirts..But your outfit is really nice, I absolutly love the skirt !
    Awkward : having a new PhD proposition on wedneday, and learning that I might not have the grant I hoped to continue working on the project I'm currently working on and feeling lost, not knowing which decision to make...
    Awesome : spending basically my night from thursday to friday praying and asking God to give me wisdom..And having a fantastic meeting with my professors on friday morning, getting the insurance that God will place me where I need to be for my PhD, and then having a complete peace about the coming weeks !
    Have a fantastic weekend !

  15. That games sounds I have 1 game I can do at my b-day party....lots of new young adults coming to my church and I am using that as a way to get to know each other.:)


  16. Awkward: catching your 2 year old daughter chewing on the paper ketchup cup at McDonald's like it's a stick of gum. Awkward squared: having to break into your home afterwards letting your 4 year old in through the window to open the door because you left your house keys in the house.
    Awesome: giving a certain amount towards a missionary offering by faith and seeing God give you almost the identical amount back from a totally unexpected source.

  17. The best Awkward and Awesome ever! Hilarious!!! :)

  18. "never been to Boston in the fall..." HAHAHAHAHA! "And I've never painted daisies on a big red rubber ball..." Sorry...those songs get stuck in my head soooo bad!

    I know what you mean about walking that "fine line" it's so hard! I was in the Starbucks drive up and the cashier was majorly flirting with me and I was sort of rude and shut him completely down. I was civil, said thank you and such but it was hard to be nice, while not encouraging his flirting. Something I need to work on, as I usually end up being rude (also not good-but highly useful in the right situation). I have to say the most awkward situation I've been in was when I was mowing the HUGE lawn of our family business...while this guy stared at me, who proceeded to call his friend...who also came and stared at me. *rolls eyes* Good thing I have a 6"4 dad! =)

    I also had to mention something that happened last weekend, my sister was going through a roundabout, which she went into the right way. However there's this nifty little "yield" sign. She's going faster...faster...faster...suddenly every driver in the car started screaming "YIELD!YIELD!YIELD!" as she slammed on the brakes and we all sat there in disbelief. LOL! God is good! He saves us from so many dumb things we do! =)

    Anyway, I enjoy seeing your "ordinary" outfits! They're still cute, to me anyway!
    A Modest Fashion Blog:

    1. I also can totally identify with that 'fine line' business. I still haven't found a solution... :(

      Even worse when it's not a creepy guy, but you just aren't interested, and you don't want to give them the wrong idea...-_-

      does anybody have any wisdom to share?

  19. wow sounds like an awkward week! laughed so hard when i read about the pastor telling guy's over thirteen "you need to be looking for a wife" loved it... although that must of been realy weird with a table of guys and girls!!!! no wonder you were all silent. Did the conversation ever pick up again? :}, sadie

    1. Haha, conversation did pick up pretty quick, but it was a hilarious silence. We actually ended up sitting there talking for almost another hour and rolling an apple around the salt and pepper shakers... :))

    2. how funny!!! p.s. I cant get enough of the awk and awes thamks for doing them :),sadie

  20. Awkward: listening to someone tell you why their idea is so great, and the explantion they give to explain why the idea is great, isn't great. So, you're just sitting there trying to think of something polite to say about their idea.
    Awesome: I'm done with the semester! :)

  21. What were some of the most awkward things that came up in 'I have never'???

  22. When I read:"Having friends who are still eager to hang out with you even after spending several weekends in a row and a full week together; friends who genuinely want to know about you and your quirks, your hopes and dreams, and who tease you about always being hungry."
    I was like, that is me and my friends! Sometimes I'll get one of them to lean in real close (and looking very serious,) I'll whisper: I'm hungry!
    It's good to have good friends ain't it? :-)
    **Great post!**

  23. I love your A&A posts. I so laugh out loud for your awks! The girls only one was SO FUNNY. lol! And if a pastor told a group including guys at my table what yours I might have died. LOLLL

    And I love your hair that way! This outfit is really great! I like the others, but you've posted a lot of dressy sunday outfits lately, so something easy-going is much appriciated!:D [I've come to learn knee length skirts are much more reasonable for day to day wear rather than full length ones, which are great for special ocasions and church. Not that you can't swap the two, but knee length is so much easier to run around in. I've had some days where I wore a long skirt to the store and had to 'waddle-run' to keep up with people, if you know what I mean:p I guess that's an awk. momment. lol!

    I've played the "I've Never" game before, only it's been so long, I can't remember anything people said, except "I never broke a bone". I don't think I've ever broken a bone though, so it's weird that that's the one I'd remember.

    Your A&A posts are my fave!;D


  24. Oh yeah, I have a major awkward for you! Going out in a 'practically finished' sew job on a pair of my dad's old shorts into pencil skirt. It looks great...minus the big stitches. "no one will notice." you tell yourself. When you get home, and are putting groceries away, your sister horrifically informs you the entire seam in the back of your skirt is opened. Yep. I just about had a conniption. My only hope is that it didn't happen until we got home. Needless to say, the "skirt" went in the trash. lol I might not be cut out for sewing:p THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU DON'T PURCHASE OLIVIA'S SKIRT-MAKING E-BOOK PEOPLE! Horrible things. *shakes head*

    Awesome: having great friends! Need I say anymore?


  25. I like the pig oinking cd your dad made!
    I would also like to read what you've beening learning about courtship.

  26. awkward: not remembering some of your teammates names after 6 weeks of practice together! :P

    awesome: hanging out with friends!

    love your post, girl! it made me lol! especially the one about playing recorded pig noises to bring the pigs home! :D awesome job. . .you make me laugh!!!!

  27. This is the best A+A post ever!!! :P (cracked up about the PMS incident, I always say, if you can't laugh about it, you cry about it - so its much better to laugh ;))

    Awkward: standing in line at the post office for AGES, absent mindedly moving along the line, not really aware of where I was postioned in the line... off in a little world of my own. Then, suddenly being rudely 'awoken' by the post lady practically yelling at me "NEXT PLLLEEEASSE"! and the person behind me giving me a sharp poke in the side... I try to gather myself and move to the counter, getting hard stares from what seemed the entire Post Office staff and customers :P Aahhh sleep deprivation is an awkward thing! :P

    Awesome: Coffee for sleep deprivation ;)
    A God who Strengthens, sustains and Who is faithful, and that feeling of joy, even through sorrow and pain!!! PRAISE HIS NAME!
    You Olivia... you are awesome! :) I feel so blessed to have 'happened' upon this blog. The journey of modesty and living a life of a SAHD, can be a lonely one at times - God bless you! 8D

    Your outfit is so much the same as what I wear in the summer months - you look beautiful, my dear! :) It is sssoooo cold here in Australia - I have been wearing jeans a lot of late *gasp* :P ;)... sometimes stockings just don't keep that cold out enough to be comfortable, and sometimes I find a long skirt with a jacket can look 'frumpy'... what do you think?

    My!! what a monter comment this is! :P

    God bless you,

    Love in His Name,
    Emily xo

  28. Olivia, you always look so beautiful.
    God Bless,
    Emma Rose

  29. I love that "I have never" game. It's been so long since I played it. I had forgotten about it. I'll have to get some kind of group that I can play it together with soon!

  30. I love the country look! Thanks for posting! ~ Sarah

  31. I've never been to Boston in the fall, either. It sounds like a fun game!

  32. I'm always hungry too! Glad it's not just me. :)


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