Monday, May 20, 2013

Boasting in Black

Hey y'all! How are you this lovely Monday? I am physically exhausted, but mentally and emotionally so.incredibly.joyful+content+excited. Being able to rest in Jesus is such an amazing feeling.

I have so much to share from the last month. I was really hoping to have an Awk+Awe post this week but I just found out I'm going to a camp with friends tomorrow through Saturday. :D La la la life goes on...

One of the blessings to happen was meeting the Blimey Cow family. They're so kind and Jordan even shared my facebook page on his wall-- maybe some of you are reading this as a result of that! Thank y'all for liking Fresh Modesty!

Also a huge welcome to my new readers as a result of the Teach Them Diligently conference! I had such an encouraging time meeting and talking with so many wonderful people. Thank you for taking the time to stop by!

Our sermon yesterday focused on Romans 4:1-8 and our pastor explained via Paul how Abraham was saved. He had faith in Christ, just like we do. Paul explains that we are saved like Abraham, by grace through faith. The main point I came away hoping to remember and apply is that everything God does is chiefly for His glory. We've got to grasp this if we are to understand life + salvation. Preaching to myself here.

Why do you think God tells us so much about how He saves us? He could just do it and not tell us about how Jesus took our sins upon Himself, or how He stands in our place, or how He lived a sinless life, or how we deserve Hell. But, if we didn't realize how dead in our sins we are, or how God is the One who does the saving, then what's our natural tendency? Even knowing this, sometimes we think, "Oh, well, I can do this for God's kingdom and that's why He saved me." No. no. no. God saved you in spite of yourself. Do you think God needs you? Think again. We have absolutely nothing to boast about. Do you find yourself thinking, "Oh, if only this celebrity would be saved! They could do so much for God's kingdom!" We forget that Jesus used fishermen to turn the world upside down. He doesn't share His glory.

Sinclair Ferguson has said that "saving faith has no constructive energy. It is completely reliant on another." Completely reliant on another. I need to live that.

 This is the outfit I wore to church this week. I believe it's important to dress up for worshiping the Creator, but that doesn't have to mean fussy. This strapless dress is very easy to style and wear. Plus, it was nice and cool for our 90* day yesterday! I thought I'd show y'all how I made it modest.

First, I wore a Halftee. These are comfortable half-shirts that stop right under your bust, making them less bulky to wear than a regular t-shirt. They sent me this one to review several months ago, but I'm looking to buy some more colors soon. So flexible.

Next, instead of tying the built-in ribbon ties in the back like they're supposed to go, I tied the bow in the front so that when I wore a cardigan it wouldn't be bulky. It also added some cute to be able to see it. ;)
Lastly, I wore a cardigan because this dress is a bit too tight in the top for my standards. That's the nature of strapless dresses, unfortunately, but yay for cardigans. :D

Dress: Thrift store: $7
Cardigan: Handmedown
Shoes: Thrift store: $2
Necklace: My mom's ;) 
Anklet: Gift
Hat that I totally couldn't find for pictures: This one.

Alright, I better get back to making lunch! Y'all have an awesome week!

How do you make a strapless dress modest? What was your sermon about?

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  1. I never thought about even *trying* to make a strapless dress, modest. But until you said it was strapless, I never would have known :P

    Thanks for sharing, Olivia!


    ps. I'm a relatively new follower (I think I've been reading since January...), but this is my first comment :) I'm a college student through CollegePlus ( and I enjoy the challenge of wearing feminine, but modern outfits (mostly skirts, although not exclusively). Your blog and outfits are always an inspiration to strive for non-frumpiness!!

  2. I found out about your blog through Jordan! I'm so glad he shared it, I love it! So glad to see other ladies interested in being modest! (:

  3. Love your anklet, and tying your sash in the front was brilliant... :D You look lovely!

    Is it too much to hope you're last-minute planning to go to the same camp as I'm going to? haha :)

    1. Thanks, Becky! ........YES I AM........ So excited to see you again!

  4. Lovely dress, I love polka dots so I would love to have this dress.CUTE!
    Hair Stylist:)

  5. Hi Olivia,
    I alright today I guess. Generally I agree with your statement about the importance of dressing up to worship our Creator! However, it's not a hard and fast rule. If I am working in the nursery that Sunday I might wear jeans and a nice top. Or if I am going to work afterwards I might go ahead and wear my scrubs to church so I don't have to change. Also, dressing up doesn't necessarily mean wearing a skirt or dress if you don't prefer that! You can wear jeans or dress pants with a nice top and some cute heels or flats. I my mind that is perfectly acceptable! Very cute and classy outfit! I don't really wear strapless stuff. Not as a modesty issue but I've read horror stories about them falling of people! Should I get over that phobia? If I were going to wear one I guess I would wear a cami or tank underneath and s cardigan or jean jacket over top. Or not wear anything underneath and wear a cardigan or jean jacket over top. Our sermon was about protecting and providing for the leaders of our church. Glad the Fresh Modesty booth went well! MISS YOU!

    1. Hey Katie! This dress had pretty good elastic around the top and with the cardigan I wasn't real worried about it falling down. My sister usually pins it to her halftee when she wears it, but I couldn't find any safety pins yesterday morning so I just scooched it back up every once in a while, particularly after a child sat in my lap or something. :) Miss you too!

  6. Lovely dress, I love the polka dots ! I didn't even see at first is was a strapless dress, which means you did a great job at making it modest !
    I don't own any strapless dress and I wouldn't buy any (no thrift stores here in France, and I wouldn't pay full price for one !) so I guess I'll have to skip this question !
    With my church we had a special weekend with many families coming from different parts of France and 5 sermons (1 on sat. night, 3 on sunday and 1 this morning) about the presence of the Holy God. Very good, all 5 of them, and much to think about, and things to change when you consider how holy God is and what his standards are...And also a lot of good fellowship and work to have everything ready for the meals and hosting the families...Overall an excellent weekend, I'm not quite ready to be back to the lab tomorrow !
    Have a great week ! Have fun at the camp !

  7. Very cute! I didn't know that there was a way to modestly wear a strapless dress! You always do such a good job at making just about anything modest!


  8. I will have to start checking out the strapless dresses now - what a perfect way to make them modest. Thanks for sharing!

  9. I don't have a strapless dress, but you made yours look awesome!!!

  10. That dress is so cute! I love how you tied the sash in the did you not get hot with so many layers? I get hot when I wear layers. lol

    God bless!

    Mary Ann k

  11. Cute outfit, Olivia! I never knew that there was a way to make strapless dresses modest--good idea!

  12. Very nice!! Great idea that I never thought about.. hmm.

  13. Cute outfit.
    What a great idea about the strapless dress! I think I have tried it in the past, but haven't had the courage to wear it to Church.

  14. Super cute outfit, Olivia! That dress is GORGEOUS!
    If I wear a strapless dress, it's always with at least a tank top (if worn with a cardigan) underneath. I also find them quite form fitting, so I only own like one! ;) Plus my body type is quite a bit larger than yours, so not really appropriate for me! However, you wear it wonderfully AND modestly!
    Isn't Halftee awesome?! They rock!

    I agree wholly with everything you said about God not needing us-yet He wants to use us! Mind blowing!
    Sounds like you had a great time! Wish I could've been there! Oh well!
    I've watched a couple Blimey Cow videos-they're funny! Actually, Girlz 4 Christ (the online magazine I write for) is interviewing them for the Summer magazine cover story! Should be fun to read it.
    A Modest Fashion Blog:

  15. Oh, forgot! (I know, my comments are always soooo long, sorry!)
    Your tie in the front is genius!

  16. You did a wonderful job making your strapless dress modest! There are some strapless dresses that are so super cute, but I never buy them because I always think, "There's no way of making that modest enough for me to wear." But I think that for quite a few of the dresses I've seen, though perhaps not all, a half-tee type thing would probably do the trick.
    I also love your sermon notes...I think that that is something I need to be reminded of on a daily basis.(:

    Decked Out in Ruffles

  17. I love your dress! It's amazing!

  18. Your dress is so gorgeous :)

  19. CUTE! I love it! Never, I repeat NEVER, would I have thought a strapless dress could be worn modestly.... you have now opened my eyes to the truth.:)

  20. I love the dress Olivia! Great post! ~ Sarah

  21. Replies
    1. I do, but I only allow people I know in person well to follow me. :)

    2. Oh ok. You should make a public one sometime. :) Btw, this is the same person, just a different account. The other one is from several years ago.

  22. I was just wearing a strapless dress today with a tank and a cardigan. I have to say that I don't find it comfortable (part of that today was because I "modestified" the top by shortening the straps and that rather pinched) because even though it is the tightest dress I have, it still keeps slipping down. I want to put ribbons on the dress to keep in up and maybe take out the elastic.

  23. Black on Pentecost? Does your church not follow the liturgical calendar?

    1. We do, but I'd never heard of not wearing black... is that a no-no?

    2. It's not a bad thing, but Pentecost's color is red. Black is usually saved for the Holy Triduum (with the exception of Holy Saturday.)

    3. Hmmm.... This got me thinking you should do a post on this sometime, Olivia.
      -Olivia's Dad

  24. I have a couple strapless or spagetti strap dresses--I enjoy wearing them because they usually have full skirts which are always fun to twirl in! And they are very versatile--I typically wear a normal t-shirt or long-sleeved shirt underneath--something I wear a shirt on top and it just looks like I'm wearing a shirt and a skirt!

  25. Oh my goodness, this dress is so so gorgeous! Perfect for church. I love polka dots, and while I'm not usually a fan of dresses this length (I just don't feel comfortable in them), I love this. The neckline is so pretty!!

  26. Olivia, I just had to tell you how much I love your dress! Not only is it SO beautiful, but you look lovely in it! What a great idea!!

    Thanks again,
    Ashley B.

  27. Just beautiful! One of my favorite outfits. Love the way you made it modest!


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