Sunday, May 5, 2013

Obedience in Polka Dots

Hey y'all! I hope your weekend was as thrilling as mine-- Six Flags was a blast! 
There is nothing nicer than coming home on a Saturday night very tired and knowing that you have a new effortless dress to wear to church the next day. I am so glad I found this great wrap dress at Our Thrift Store a few weeks ago. It's probably the easiest dress to wear I own now, and, most importantly, it makes me feel fabulous. I think sometimes how something makes us feel has a huge impact on if it actually looks good. :)
Dress: Our Thrift Store ($8)
Shirt: Thrift Store ($3)
Shoes: Thrift Store ($2)
Hat: Sears ($3)
Pearls: Gift
Bracelets: ($4)

Pardon two spinning pictures-- I look suuuper asleep in most of the ones we took this morning, ha! 
Our sermon today was from a guest elder, and wow, was it good! Ephesians 6:1-3 was our starting passage. "Children, obey your parents in the Lord: for this is right. Honour thy father and mother; which is the first commandment with promise; That it may be well with thee, and thou mayest live long on the earth." 
We focused on Genesis 22 when Abraham was asked to sacrifice Issac, his miracle promised son. The complete obedience that Abraham had to God and Issac had to Abraham is so astonishingly inspiring. How many of us can say that we would trust God to fulfill His promises like these two men did? 
We also looked at Genesis 24 and the amazing obedience that Rebekah and Issac had towards their parents in the matter of finding a spouse. Issac trusted his father to choose a great wife for him (even trusted that his father's servant would find her). Rebekah was not only willing, but she was eager to follow the Lord's leading and her father's blessing/wishes to leave her family and go marry Issac. Oh that we would have such faith and obedience!
There is no age limit on obedience and honor to parents, either. Issac was near 40 when he married Rebekah, yet he still obeyed his father. Just because we turn 18 doesn't make us no longer under our parents authority. Even when we get married, we should honor them as much as we can. "Children, obey your parents in the Lord: for this is right." 

Thought I'd give y'all a quick snapshot of my time at Six Flags: 
This was my first serious amusement park adventure and I so enjoyed it! I thought I loved high speeds and crazy twists and turns, but now I know for sure. ;) I did more laughing on rides than I did screaming, although I did a lot of that, too. ;) 
You can sort of see what I wore for the day: dark jeans, tall super comfy boots, tunic, and long cardigan. I had a tough time figuring out what to wear... not having been on real roller coasters, I didn't know if a skirt would be a bad idea, so I wore jeans. I prefer to wear a tunic for modesty's sake, but I had to find one in my closet that didn't have paint or tractor grease on it since I usually wear tunics to do messy work. :P I was really quite pleased with how my outfit came out and it ended up working great and being just warm enough with thick leggings under my jeans. 

I'm not sure what this week's posting schedule will be-- I'm attending the Family Economics Conference Wednesday through Saturday! So, I guess I'll see ya when I see ya and have an awesome week!

What would you wear to an amusement park? What are your favorite type of rides?

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  1. I'm pretty sure I have that exact purple sweater in the same color!

    BTW, the last picture of you is so cheerful, it makes me smile!:D


  2. The dress is adorable! Especially the ruffles and polka dots..I certainly respect you for wearing a beret (something I struggle with pulling off.) :D

    We have been studying Genesis 22 as well!

  3. Woot! First comment! I love the dress, especially the ruffly neckline. Esther

  4. I would wear a skirt. I find if my skirts are long enough I can pretty much do anything in them - except maybe a headstand. :) I used to enjoy the roller coasters but these days I'd prefer to just watch!


  5. Oh yes, I agree...nothing better than knowing you have a new, simple dress to slip into Sunday morning. I heard that it is a good idea to wear pants when going on rides like those, but I haven't personally been to an amusment park or anything, yet. :)

  6. Hi Olivia,

    I love roller coasters!

    I would agree that it is best to wear pants while going to an amusement park, but I wore a skirt when I went with friends last year. I was going to wear shorts, but I decided to go with a shortish skirt with shorts underneath. The reason for this is because (it was summer) there were "water" roller coasters, so you got wet while riding them. Shorts or capris take a much longer time to dry and the feeling of wet pants between your legs for hours is really uncomfortable (not to mention that they become skin tight and show everything unless they are jeans). My skirt was dry within ten minutes, so it ended up being the best option for that type of ride. But it varies from situation to situation.

    Your dress is really pretty!

  7. Nice dress ! Very grown up I think and elegant !
    I don't like amusement parks...the last time I went was like 4 years ago and I wore capris because I was a counsellor and had to follow the kids everywhere...But I hated the rollercoasters : too little control for me !
    Have a fantastic week !

  8. It makes all the difference when you wear something that you love~
    I've been pondering that as we pack and prepare for the Family Economics Conference!!!!!!!!!

  9. That is probably the most gorgeous dress I've seen on you!! And I love rollercoasters too, and screaming and laughing! :)

  10. Wow, Love it all! That's one cool dress! Hat sums it all up as well too!

  11. Super cute outfit as always! You gave me a great idea for an outfit since I'm going to Cedar Point in just two weeks. :) Although I'll probably be wearing Capris since it's going to be late May! :D Anyway, have fun at the Conference.

  12. I've worn skirts to amusement parks before. The main thing is that if you want to go on a ride that has those seatbelts that come up between your legs, your skirt needs to be wide enough to hike up in the middle without exposing your legs. Once I went to an amusement part wearing a pencil-style denim skirt, and I ended up having to push it up around my thighs to get the seatbelt on. :p Luckily I had leggings underneath, so it wasn't too bad. Leggings are always a good idea. :)

  13. Haha, yes! Instead of screaming I just laugh all day long at amusement parks. SO. MUCH. FUN.

    Love the polka dots. :)

  14. Olivia,
    Lover your outfits as usual! I will say, I go to a local small-town amusement park many times throughout the year, and have worn skirts often. I find really wide, flowy ones but still maneuverable work great. Like Victoria said, you oftentimes have to hike them up for certain rides. I have ridden swings and roller coasters in a skirt. I love my culottes for the warm, summer months. They are perfect for rides!

  15. I love the dress and shoes Olivia! Great job! ~ Sarah

  16. I am absolutely crazy about polka dots. For whatever reason, if it has polka dots on it, I feel pretty in it.

  17. I don't usually ever wear pants....and have visited the amusement park a couple times in the last couple years. I don't find a ton of scary rides, but I am fairly active and no modesty issues with my skirt!

  18. I have a "no pants" policy in my wardrobe...I don't own any, so every thing I do has to be in a skirt! For hiking or climbing or something like that I wear a short skirt with usually my swimming board shorts underneath (ok, so I do own one pair of pants, forgot them!!) or wear long leggings for modesty's sake. For the occasional horse riding I do, I have a long, very flared, skirt that works perfectly for coving up. So, I would wear a similar sort of skirt to an amusement park - however, I hate rides, so I usually offer to hold cameras and bags for people - therefore I don't have to think about the rides + modesty aspect! Really like the polka dot dress - your second hand shop prices are much cheaper than Australian ones!! Tirzah

  19. Olivia, that dress is adorable! Love your style!
    As for roller coasters-I just recently found out I like them! We went to Disneyland (first time since I was 4-5!) last Summer and I discovered I really like roller coasters! I went on every single one, though I had to push myself a bit to be adventurous! But I never regretted it! I did almost regret one at the station! There was barf all over the other side of the car and also 2 seconds in, they stop you and do a count down, then shoot you up a hill at 90 miles an hour...while everyone screams! Super fun!

    I thought it was funny in that picture from Six Flags, that was giving you a strange look...
    Oh, and I wear shorts! I don't think a skirt is really good for that type of thing, mostly for modesty's sake! A lot of time, they're getting people in and out very fast, so bothering with getting in decently wasn't something I wanted to worry about!
    A Modest Fashion Blog:

    1. I agree with Natasha, pants are probably best. Although skirts are always fun to wear, just not very practical on roller coaster rides:)

  20. Lovely dress, Olivia! I need to find/make something similar for myself one of these days... :D

  21. Love the dress! I love how you took a sleeveless dress and wore a cute feminine blouse underneath to make it modest. I'm inspired, I don't think I'll skip over all the sleeveless dresses at thrift stores anymore. Like the beret sister-friend recently told me that I had "the head" for a beret, so I guess I'll have to try one!

    I always wear pants when I'm going to the fair, working outside at places other than home, or going to a "field day" or something like that. Pants also help with the problem of "what to do when you're bending over in a flowy skirt and a hard gust of wind suddenly blows?" ;)

    You are a blessing and an encouragement - know that!!!


  22. Beautiful dress!!
    I love roller coasters! :) :) yeah, a skirt would probably not be a good idea for that kind of activity... especially if you're going to ride the "Manta" roller coaster at SeaWorld . . . have you been to SeaWorld before?

  23. I was just wondering if you ever have Problems with groopdealz. I know that is an odd Q, But I kepp reading things about scams and such. I ordered some thing from there, and it never came. I was just wondering! :D Thank ( I LOVE YOUR STUFF!!! :D <3<3

    1. I've only ordered twice from them and was very happy both times. I know there are some sites similar that may be scammy, or maybe groopdealz is and I've just gotten lucky, idk. I'd contact them and ask about it! My bracelet took weeks and weeks to get there. Thanks!


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