Friday, June 21, 2013

A+A Summer Life + Giveaway Winners!

Hey y'all! Hope you've had a fabulous week! Let's start with a super awesome first up; the Florence Adams giveaway winners!

Congrats, ladies! I've emailed you.

  • Climbing in the truck (it's just a Z71, but you're short enough that it really is climbing) and seeing moss and twigs all over the seats. Look up and there is a bird nest being built in the little ceiling compartment that you're supposed to keep sunglasses in. O.o 
  • Hiccups. Seriously, is there anything less feminine than walking around the house for an hour screeching every 60 seconds? 
  • Not being able to tell by somebody's name if they are male or female. 
  • Picking up like 5 bales of hay and your hands getting completely torn up from the (I'm sure, extra sharp) twine because your hands are so uncalloused. So after putting seven (7!) bandaids on your hands, you wear the guys' great big work gloves and look uber stylish. not. 
  • These cuts being so painful when in contact with water that you wear rubber gloves with rubber bands into the shower. On the bright side, I now have tougher hands. :) 
  • Wondering if it's the first day of summer, so you type in and look at the logo to find out. 
  • Picking up your weekly CSA basket in dripping wet jeans, tunic, and socks because you're on your way home and you just decided to jump in the creek to cool off because your truck has no air conditioning. 
  • When friends want to pay you for things you did for them and you really really don't want them to, so you argue about it until one of you agrees to take the money, and then they hid it someplace so that the other friend will get it back. :p 
  • The amount of happiness that sprinkles can give. Best 92 cents ever spent. (I maybe ration them and hide them from kids.)
  • How when the internet isn't working you feel like the electricity is also off. Can't do the dishes, can't open the fridge, can't flush, can't turn on lights... (Maybe this is just me?)
  • Your 6 year old sister asking you to iron her underwear. O.o
  •  Being able to run over to a friend's at 11pm to help her wash her car. 
  • Watching the sunset with your siblings. The older ones pick flowers in the field while the youngest snuggles with you on the roof of the truck.
  • Cleaning out your closet really, really well. Why spend so much time dealing with stuff you hardly ever use? Totally simplifying my life. {look out for another shop your closet soon!}
  • Jumping in the creek after a hot day picking up hay, which itself was a blast. 
  • Having a movie night with a bunch of little kids-- could hardly hear the movie for all their giggling! 
  • Having a perfect zoo day out with your family; perfect weather, perfect experiences, closest parking spot in the whole place. :D 
  • The nice bank ladies that always talk to the kids and give them way too many suckers. 
  • Mulberries from the neighbor's tree. Made GF mulberry poptarts! 
  • Hearing how God is using this blog in women's lives. It is so awesome to see the Lord working and being so providential (imagine that, right?). None of this is me; it's all His doing. Thank y'all for taking the time to write and tell me your stories. I may be slow at replying, but every single one makes my day and puts a smile on my face. :) 
  • Living in such a small town that I made 10 stops with two kids I had to buckle and unbuckle at every stop in 4 hours, without rushing. We stopped for ice cream, perused gift shops, opened a bank account, and stopped and talked to friends. Such great times hanging out with my little friends. 
  • Summah time! Thankful for air conditioning though! :)

Just a simple outfit today-- forgot I needed to share my outfit until I was already dressed and figured y'all like normal outfits, right? Instead of a hairband to tie my braid, I used a leather cord. 
Shirt: Our Thrift Store ($4)
Tank: JCP ($3)
Skirt: Made by me (here's the pattern!)
Earrings: Gift
Shoes: Charity Store ($2)

What's been awkward or awesome about your week??

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  1. I really like your shoes!! One of the best parts of your outfit. =) Your hair is really pretty too.

    OMG, the one about your sister asking you to iron her underwear made me laugh so hard!!! Gotta love little sisters lol. =)


  2. Yes! I like casual outfits. They are actually some of my favorites... just everyday outfits. =)

    I too am thankful for air-conditioning. The AC in our 15 passenger van was out for a couple weeks and it was HOT in there!

  3. Mmmm.....Eating gum that went threw the washer and hung on the line all afternoon. :p Reading your last post and later finding super cute fabric at spandex house . com! In the clearance ! Yaa!
    I always use leather cords for tying my hair back too...Perferably from your extra leather bag for repair ing horse saddles with. :)

  4. Being able to go to a barn dance after church this Sunday! :)

  5. I love your outfit! I especially like your shoes! :)

  6. Hiccups - I know!! a few days ago I kept getting them and was complaining to the family in general how undignified they are. ;) Cute outfit, btw. =)

  7. Oh this is totally my style! I love it! The way you did your hair is amazing, and not using elastics!? That's cool with the leather cord! LOL, we all have those interesting moments, like ironing underwear! I'm sorry to hear about your hands, NO fun. I was helping stack hay. But....I wore men's gloves. All the other girls weren't nearly as dirty or smelly or dumb looking as me. Somehow I found hay in my pockets! But, I still had fun!

  8. Lol, "How when the internet isn't working you feel like the electricity is also off. Can't do the dishes, can't open the fridge, can't flush, can't turn on lights... (Maybe this is just me?)"

    Can't flush?! Hilarious!

    Awesome is my gf. Always makes my day brighter :) Tomorrow is our 1 year anniversary!

    Awkward: er, I am on a girls fashion blog... lol

  9. The whole hiccup thing made me laugh. I was hiccuping before reading this and my parents kept telling me to stop and as soon as I read about it here I laughed and they went away;)

  10. Awesome: Finding a new blog and reading back a ridiculous amount of pages and deciding to follow it (that'd be your blog, haha)

    Awkward: Trying to figure out how to tell you I'm following you, you are adorable, and I am really enjoying this modest fashion blog (and i usually don't like those all that much!) without sounding like a total creeper.

  11. Awkward: Being almost late for church, (Your Dad is in the van waiting), and still having to take care of the chickens. You hurry back with two pails of water (Sloshing on your muck boots/church skirt), fork hay over the fence to the goat, (Which then sticks to your damp attire because the wind just HAD to be blowing towards you), finish up with all the other animals, run back down to the house kick off your boots and sprint to the conversion van in bare feet with hair supplies in one hand and shoes in the other! ...that about sums it up.
    ;-) -Rebekah

  12. very cute! popped up into truck in dress pants and wedges this week and jumped out gracefully and in the rain:)

  13. I love to hear about you spending time with younger kids. You seem to be very mature but yet still have your youth. Do ya know what I mean? I have a 12 year old sister and sometimes I don't feel "mature enough". And simetimes I think it's because I spend "too" much time with my sister? Of course not! Younger sibs keep you young and down to earth. Right? :-D Great post. Love the outfit btw. :-)

  14. I love your skirt!,
    the awkward in my week would have to be watching a man and his wife arguing about whether they like my earrings, or the color of my hair best, the man liked my hair best and the woman my earrings=) the awesome would be getting everything ready for our VBS, it really is SOOO fun!
    By the way is your hair tyed with rawhide?
    In christ,

  15. My sister and I came across your blog the other day! It's neat to find other girls who care about being modist, and want to serve the Lord! Cute Outfit! :) hmmm Awkward- would be tripping over tree roots/rocks 7 times while hiking...Awesome- It's the first day of SUMMER!!!! :) ~Tashia

  16. Awkward: Watching BLIMEY COW and realizing all of my views and beliefs are pretty much exact replicas of Jordan's...or wait,is that the awesome? :~D ~Rebekah P.S. It must be a homeschool thing.... ;-)

  17. Well,this is my third comment on this post but I just thought of another awk/awe. Here 'tis: You bring your St. Bernard dog to your brothers baseball game and of course everyone says,"Oh my gosh,it's Beethoven!" ...Then a lady asks to pet him and ya say,"Oh sure..." But after she's done baby-talking to him and shaking 'hands' with him,he shakes his massive jowls and flings slobber everywhere! Pretty awkward since it landed on her black designer tote bag! But awesome thing is she's oblivious!!! (And she happily walks away saving you from a world of embarresment!) ~Rebekah

  18. Awkward: Trying to brush your teeth when you have the hiccups.
    Awesome: Warm weather!
    I laughed so hard at ironing the underwear. Your sister sounds adorable!
    God Bless!

  19. You are the spitting image of "ready for summer". This outfit looks so refreshing...I want to throw the exact thing on right now! :)

  20. Love your outfit, super cute! The awkward thing in my week was having to chase my dog around the yard while your siblings laugh. The awesome thing was coming inside for a cold glass of water from the spring ^w^

  21. Hey, you know all those so called 'hiccup cures'? Well, I just heard one that makes sense and actually seems to work. Helps that it's from the health food store lady! :) Press gently on both sides of your head just behind and above your ears. Worked for me today! Works on babies too. That might help all you ladies who have the un-feminine hiccups. :) Aren't they SUCH an embarrasing pain? :)

  22. awkward: when your dad mentions your crushes' older brother saying how he's such a 'fine young man' and you're not at all sure what to say.

    awesome: having gone to the same church for 11 years and therefore having friends that remember the ridiculous things you did when you were six years old.

    Cute outfit! Your a&a posts are the best!


  23. Cute! And yes, I do enjoy seeing "everyday" outfits!
    I love how you used the leather cord for your braid! Super cute! I'll have to try that sometime!
    A Modest Fashion Blog:

  24. Awesome skirt, Olivia!! ~ Sarah

  25. None of this is me; it's all His doing. I think that only the second part of that is right... It IS all His doing, of course, because He is everything and everything you do is through Him. But all of this is very much you, as much as the Holy Spirit that is within you and that works through you is a part of yourself, because He who creates everything and through whose holy breath everything comes to life is within everything and everyone and everything is part of Him. You are not just an empty puppet but you are yourself with an immortal soul, and everything you do is guided by Him. He chose you to do what you do because he loves, knows and therefore trusts you. Through the Holy Spirit that is within you, you (as everyone else) are part of him, but He gave us our free will so we can make a choice about whether we want to follow our Father in heaven or turn away from Him.
    Hope this makes kinda sense? English is not my first language so I find it a bit hard to express myself about complicated things.
    God bless you :-)


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