Saturday, June 15, 2013

Friends of Fresh Modesty: Mary and Joanna!

Hey y'all! Thought I'd share a couple lovely outfits y'all have sent in! I just love seeing the ways you've crafted beautiful combinations and are still so practical! I'm sharing two outfits which feature lovely shades of green today.

First up is Mary. I love how she put very simple items together in a great combo that has a lot of easy punch.

This is an outfit I wore to Church this past Fall. Green is my favorite color and I just love green, pink and brown together. The three colors go very well together and complement each other nicely and have a nice Fallish look. I wore heels to dress it up a little more. 
Skirt: Walmart
Tee Shirt: JC Penny's 
Cami: JC Penny's 
Sweater: No idea ( it was borrowed from my sister;) 
Shoes: Thrift Store. 

Here's the lovely Joanna! She also has a very pretty combination of green and brown and I love the denim jacket with her amazing dress!

 Hey All!  I'm Joanna!  I blog over at Jo-with-it's Portfolio [] when I'm not doing school, sewing, gardening, cleaning, taking photos, dancing, writing, editing, etc.  I've been so inspired over the years by Olivia and her sewing/fashion related goings-on.  I actually think about what I'm going to wear now instead of just throwing on a t-shirt and jeans most days. :-)  This outfit was a cold Sunday in March.  The colors were just springy enough while still keeping be warm and comfy in a knit dress and boots. :-)

Green Dress: made by me
Denim Jacket: The Blue Age via Goodwill
Brown Belt: unlabeled hand-me-down :-)
Heart Locket from my Dad and Leaf earrings made by me (even though you can't really see them)
Brown Boots: unmarked, a gift from  a friend


Thank you so much for submitting, ladies! Aren't they great? If you'd like to submit photos for FoFM, please see this post.

Also, in case you haven't looked at the Florence Adams giveaway post again, just wanted to let y'all that entered on Thursday before the Rafflecopter widget was up (you just entered by commenting) know that you'll have to enter again via the widget. I didn't realize what a huge response that was going to get and I didn't think about an automatic entry counter until there were 42 comments already! So sorry about that.

Remember, the giveaway ends this Thursday! 

Y'all have an awesome day! I'm recovering from a trip to the zoo yesterday- ha!

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  1. Such cute outfits! I especially love the denim jacket with the dress...I think I'll start keeping my eyes open for one at my thrift store!

  2. Oh I love both outfits, but especially Joanna's! I absolutely LOVE her dress.

    The Middle Sister and Singer

  3. Very cute! I love that Mary worked bright colors into a cold-weather outfit. ~Annemarie~

  4. Both such cute outfits! Thanks for sharing, Olivia!
    I like how Mary layered "unexpected" colors together!
    And that green dress is adorable on Joana!
    A Modest Fashion Blog:

  5. Wow, love the outifts! Did a good job girls!

  6. I LOVE that green dress! And pink and green and brown DO go together - I never realized that!

  7. Both are so cute! Lovely ladies.

  8. I absolutely LOVE the green dress! The boots and denim jacket really ties it together! :)


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