Friday, July 19, 2013

Awk + Awe: Appendixes and Advertising

Hey y'all! How's your week going? I'm doing *so* much better than I was earlier this week from medication side effects, but I am still no where near my usual energy levels. Thank you so much for your prayers.

  • Leaving the checkout counter and the lady says, "Appreciate it!" and you respond, "You too!" :-}
  • Finding that a huge nasty spider had built a tunnel web inside your backpack and tennis shoe overnight while the backpack sat creepily close to where you slept. It was super fast, so you didn't know how to get rid of it... sister to the rescue! She grabs your backpack and dumps it's entire contents out onto the balcony, then finds and squashes the spider. My hero.
  • Having a cold cough and instead of sitting 4 rows back like usual, your family sits in the second row back, closer to the air vent that makes you hack real bad. Trying to decide if it would be more disruptive to get up and leave or stay there coughing is a hard decision.
  • Sitting in the back of your van in the zoo parking lot eating your picnic dinner (salmon and rice with roasted broccoli and garlic no less...) and a carload of "tough" guys go cruising by in their Lincoln towncar. They look at you as they pass by, but forget to look ahead... and totally bottom out on a speed bump. :D
  • It's 6:55 am. You are all dressed up for a vintage birthday party and you need to be leaving the driveway at 7 because it is a 2.5 hour drive. You realize the stylish 15 passenger van you are driving is rather dirty (especially the windshield) and that it needs washed before you leave. So, you whip out the hose, a bucket, and a rag, throw off your slippy-slidey flip flops, and start furiously scrubbing the massive vehicle in your party dress, curled hair, and 20's style headband. Your mom comes out and gets in the van so as soon as you're done y'all can leave. By 7:08 you are nearly finished and your mom is repeating "hurry!" about every 30 seconds. One last section: the front. Being less than 5'2", reaching the windshield has always been a challenge and one you've never actually tried on the van. You hose it down, then precariously and hurriedly grab whatever plastic or metal you can find to hang onto and hoist yourself up onto the hood. Anyone familiar with passenger vans knows that this is quite an awkward position to be in because of the slope of it and the small depth... not to mention that it was wet and you were putting all your body weight into scrubbing the nasty bug goo off the windshield. You finally get it clean enough and begin your decent. The lowest part of the hood is level with your shoulder when you're on the ground, so you try to figure out how to ease yourself down. The bumper is also slanted and wet, so you can't count on it. So, you grab the top of the hood (bottom of the windshield) with the tips of your fingers and try to slide down. Your foot reaches the bumper and you try to put a little weight on it so you can re-adjust your hurting fingers... but alas, in a split second your foot slips and lands on the edge of the bucket of water and you squeal, tumbling onto the concrete pad into the gritty puddle, landing totally sprawled on the ground, bruising your hip and soaking your party dress. Your mom, in the meantime, watches you disappear off the hood and hears you scream, and is obviously a little concerned and amused. You pick yourself up, run up two flights of stairs to get a towel and dash out to the driver's seat, grabbing your flip flops on the way. You pull out of the driveway at 7:12. Thankfully you dry by the time you get to the party and no one was the wiser. Except for you, who will use a step stool next time.
  • Having to completely cover your skin while going on a 5 mile walk with friends so as not to suffer from side effects of medication. Jeans, tennis shoes, tunic, jacket with super long sleeves, and cowgirl hat. And sunscreen. It "felt like" 101* outside according to the weather channel.
  • Finding a dying bat on the floorboard of the truck. Ew.

  • Going over to visit a friend who had her appendix removed and while you were there with your sister, another friend and her mom and a guest showed up, then another friend and his girlfriend. Gotta love unplanned parties and the fact that the guest fell asleep while he was sitting there. ;)
  • Movie nights with friends. The Princess Bride, anyone?
  • Sunsets with fog. I mean, seriously. I ran out to do an errand one night last week as the sun was level with the fog, the sky pink and blue and dark purple, and the air super heavy and warm. I rounded a bend in the road and lost my breath it was so beautiful. I thank God all the time for the intense beauty that surrounds me out here in the country.
  • Attending the 13th birthday party of a Fresh Modesty reader! Her mom invited me to surprise her at her party and I had such a great time and finally had an excuse to wear a "vintage" headband! ;) Check out FreshModesty's Instagram!
  • The support of friends and family when you are going through rough times and reminders that you have so much to be thankful for.
  • Playing dress up with my 6 year old sister. Those silly clothes hold so many memories for me!
  • Four-wheeling with good friends! And seeing rainbows while dodging rainclouds on totally perfect Sunday evenings.
  • Personal (and really well done) firework shows put on by hilarious friends.
  • Fresh Modesty now has advertising! (finally, ha! Just could never find the time to set it up) If you'd like to put an ad on my sidebar, I have two options available right now. Here's the page with info. :)
  • Spending all day with my daddy building an obstacle course for my siblings. Love creative projects that involve the table saw!
I was pleasantly surprised when I noticed this shirt and skirt have the exact same color in them this morning. That's not showing up on these pictures so it's kind of bugging me, but oh well. ;) This skirt I made last year and it's had to grow on me-- the denim is really thin and wrinkles easily, so I don't feel totally put together when I wear it... but the fact that the shirt matches satisfies that oddity in me. :P I did an ombre dye on the skirt, which was cool to do. Actually, this denim started out a very deep green/blue. I wasn't a huge fan, so I bleached it, didn't like the sky blue color I got, so I dyed it again. :D
Shirt: Old Navy ($2)
Tank: JCPenny's ($6)
Skirt: Made by me (fabric $10) Get the pattern here!
Earrings: Walmart (3pair for $2.50)
Flip Flops: Charity Store ($2)
Necklace: Borrowed from my sister

What's been awkward or awesome about your week?!

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  1. I love The Princess Bride! It is so funny!

  2. Awesome: I found your blog. Even though I'm a bit older than you (35, but don't tell. It's a secret.), I am LOVING your ideas, advice, and creativity. I wish I had the slightest idea how to make my own clothes.
    My husband traveled out of town this week. I was pretty sure he was going to miss his connecting flight home since it was only a 35 minute layover in the Chicago airport. But,God blessed everyone involved because the 1st plane took off 10 min early and the 2nd plane left 10 minutes late. So, neither he nor his luggage missed the plane.
    Spending a lot of time with my grandma this week.

    Awkward: Telling my grandma that she's gotten old and suddenly she seems 80 to me. (She just turned 80 but she always seemed so much younger than her age to me. My aunt died in April, so that has taken quite a toll on my grandma.)

  3. Awesome: helping my gf get her classroom decorated for her first year of teaching.

    Awkward: having her old futon in the back of my blazer for 2 days. the steering wheel was 2 inches from my stomach I was so far up! And I have no AC which makes for a hot ride!

  4. I absolutely love it! The skirt is totally by itself. The style is so funky. Your shirt looks fine, I like it! Oh my week....
    Awkward-Rambling on about something and nobody gets your meaning.
    Awesome- The fact that maybe some relatives are visiting, and that you are having garage sale and maybe make some money on crafts(LOL!)
    LOL, guys have the natural talent of being silly. Too funny!

  5. Hi, Olivia! My name is Lydia and I've been following your blog.Thank you for being modest! So anyway,I just wanted to say I'm sorry you haven't been feeling well and I'm praying for you."And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good,for those who are called according to his purpose'' Romans 8:28

    In case your wondering,I'm commenting through my mom's account :)

    1. Thank you so much, Lydia! I really appreciate it. :)

  6. I loved #4 awk! It was sooooo funny!
    Glad to hear your feeling better!
    ~ Grace Pierpont

  7. Hey Olivia!
    I absolutely Love your Fashion posts. Very Inspiring! I would Love to see pictures of your hiking outfit...If you have any!
    Thanks sooooo much!

  8. I love the ombre of the skirt :)

  9. You make me laugh every time I read your awk/awe!
    That part about those guys hitting the speed bump reminds me of one time when my sister hit a speed bump-have you ever hit one?! It's very painful! Especially if you're not expecting it! Obviously why they put it there...but still! =)
    I love your skirt! I've thought about learning to to tie dye, but is working with the dye very messy?
    Anyway, love your posts as usual!
    A Modest Fashion Blog:

    1. I loved the dye process, although if you're sloppy it can make a mess. I did it out in our driveway over some rocks. I ended up having to stop in the middle and go haul hay (there was an awk and awe about this last year I think) and when I came back with cuts and worked with it again they all turned blue! :P Anyway, it takes some finagling, but I like the creative things you can do with it.

  10. the "tough guys" bottoming out on a speed bump was pretty funny!!
    I it was me, I would have just left the van dirty:) it made an amusing story though!

  11. I love the ombre dyed skirt! Such a good idea. And I was wondering if you were going to wear it again sometime soon. :)
    So sweet of you to surprise someone on their 13th birthday party! It must have been fun.

  12. Oh! Your skirt is amazing!! I love the ombre <3 Your whole outfit is adorable! I especially like the beads :)


  13. I LOVE The Princess Bride!!!
    You look cute in that skirt.

  14. Hey Olivia, when I first saw your shirt I thought that you might have made it because it is so much like the one you made with the gray lace striping! Very cute though!
    okay...Awesome:Your little sister(9) is gone all day working with your dad and then they get home and she comes and knocks on your door while you are getting ready for evening church and you say "Yes, what do you want to show me? I am getting ready." And she says "Nothing, I just want to see you." That made my day! :)
    Working the night before to fill up the pole barn with hay and then you open the door in the morning to that wonderful overwhelming smell of goodness!
    Awkward: While you are painting the youth room at your church (while talking) you accidentally step onto the paint can lid with your entire foot! The benefit of bare feet! :)
    Thanks for the post! The van washing and the speed bump made me laugh the most! So glad you are feeling better! Our whole family is praying for you!
    Blessings, Cassie

  15. A friend mentioned your blog to me recently, and I am loving your creative ideas! Thank you for your stand on modesty. It is indeed refreshing to discover like-minded Christians with strong morals--very hard to find here in the Reading, PA area where I live.

    Awesome: harvesting string beans from the garden and spraying me and my brother with the hose

    Awkward: accidentally sending a message to the wrong friend with the same first name

    If you have a chance, check out a new blog Wise Girls in a Wild World:

  16. The Princess Bride is Awesome! =)

  17. I love your skirt!

    Awkward: Taking an online grammar class using headphones,when the teacher has everybody sing grammar songs. Thus I got odd looks from different family members while I belted out the helping verb song to the tune of "I'm a Little Teapot"...

    Awesome:Photo shoot with a friend :)

  18. Great outfit

  19. HAHAHA! I cracked up reading awk and awe! My friend and I are probably going to try awk and awe on our blogs :)

  20. Awkward:
    1. My husband has to literally pick up my entire weight and place me on my feet to stand up right now while I'm healing from surgery. Which means every time I have to go to the bathroom, I have to call for his help to get me on my feet so I can shuffle into the back of the house. Even today while we had guests over.
    2. Shuffling hunched over like an old lady because I can't straighten up without using my ab muscles and OW that is where the surgery was.
    3. In the hospital yesterday, my husband passed out when they put the IV needle in MY hand :) I was holding his hand and had to try and hold tight so he fell really slowly and didn't hurt anything. The nurses were over calling for help (he was okay, he's done this before) and dying laughing once we got him up into a chair, but it was definitely an awkward moment. I've been told I should feel lucky I'm so loved he can't stand to see them do so much as stick a needle in me.

    1. They were planning to keep me overnight, but let me go home yesterday because things went so well!
    2. I stood up by myself earlier. It is sad to be a grown woman and that proud of something like that.
    3. Picking up my Bible today, opening it at random, and the very first verse my eyes fell on was about healing.

    I am glad to hear you're feeling better! I'm impressed that you still ran that bundled up! I might have found an excuse to do lots of inside chores instead, haha.

  21. Can't wait for the next post......

  22. ***Leaving the checkout counter and the lady says, "Appreciate it!" and you respond, "You too!" :-}***

    Bahaha! That's so me. I always say "You too" to people at the wrong times. :) Your Awk + Awe posts are my FAVORITE! :) SUPER cute outfit, too. :)

  23. everyone pray 4 Prince William and Kate- they just had their first baby.It's a boy! Welcome to the world,little prince!

  24. Olivia, your Awesomes and Awkwards post just made my day! I loved the 4th and 5th ones on Awkward... so glad you can find the humor in things like that! And share them, too! And your outfit is so pretty, as usual. :)

  25. Awkward: being the only person on the beach(except for two little siblings), watching a guy wake-boarding on the lake, then he waves and goes for a flip because was showing off. ;P
    - walking to the lake at night with a pink hoodie over your pyjamas (and meeting people there when you thought the beach was empty)
    - trying to kill two spiders in your tent. you smack the first one with your rolled up sleeping bag, kind of squishing it. and thinking that it's dead you go for the second one. only to find that the first one miraculously became alive again and once you've got that one (with a flashlight this time) the other one wakes up too! must have been some strange sort of forest spider that can play dead and then come to life again with half of its insides, out, and most of its legs gone (YUCK!!!)
    - reading in your tent with a sleeping little sister beside you, when you hear a growl outside and wonder what to do in case it's dangerous!!! ( the van or the camper, the van or the camper )

    Awesome: floating on the lake, watching the little fish swim beneath you.
    - going sailing five times in one week, with awesome waves by day and quiet, steady breezes by night.
    - getting a tan for once!
    - reading a good book in the sun

    1. I LOVE THE PRINCESS BRIDE! My siblings and I love to quote movies and thats one of them. We own it on VHS and I've actually read the book. One of the few times that the producers did a good job of making a movie out of a book. I'm a book is better than the movie girl myself 99.9% of the time. : )

      So awkward??? Would have to be the time that you, a homeschooler, hear your public schooled friends talking about something you have absolutely no idea of. You ask them about it and you end up looking like you live under a rock.
      Awesome: Being with a friend you feel so comfortable with that you could actually break out in song and dance in the middle of the mall. : D


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