Friday, July 26, 2013

Friends of Fresh Modesty: Rachel!

Hey y'all! Have an awesome outfit to share with you from the lovely Rachel! This is such a great outfit. And, check out those mountains!
Hey y'all!  I'd like to thank Miss Olivia for the wonderful job she does on her blog.  She's such an inspiration to me!  I'd also like to thank her for sharing my outfit and I hope y'all enjoy it as well!

We recently found a new consignment store in Colorado Springs and found some really cute stuff there!  That's one of the good things about living in a big city, you're always finding amazing little resale shops!  I saw this skirt on the rack and fell in love with it without even thinking about what I have to wear with it.  But of course, black goes with anything, right?  Almost?
I blog over at Growing With Grace about some of the struggles that Christians go through and how they ought to respond in certain cases.  Here's the link for y'all:  Hope you can stop by and check me out!
Gold Earrings: Kohls (gift)
Shades: Christopher & Banks ($12)
Black T-shirt: Kohls ($6)
Gold Scarf: Consignment Store ($10)
Skirt: Consignment Store ($8)
Boots: The Boot Barn ($200) (I know, pretty expensive, but if you want nice cowgirl boots, you gotta pay for 'em.  I saved up a long time for these.)

Isn't this a stunning combination? I love how she used a scarf to pull out the gold in the skirt! And cowboy boots make everything just that much more fabulous. :) Thanks for sharing Rachel!

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  1. LOVE this outfit!!! I totally agree on the boots...I paid about $250 for my first pair, but they've lasted for years without any damage at all. Good boots are worth it! :)

  2. That skirt is one incredible find. Absolutely gorgeous. Well done! The mountains in the background of your photo definitely have me dreaming of heading out west!

    It's true about the boots; and besides, really good, well-made cowgirl boots will be in your closet in 10 years and look just as good, so they're definitely worth saving up for.

  3. Very cute outfit! Love how coordinated it is!

  4. The outfit is so pretty - and it's unique, which makes it even better, I think. :) and those mountains!! ohhhhhh...

    Thank you for sharing, Rachel!
    Love in Christ <3,

  5. Super cute!
    Was it by a chance, Plato's Closet, or Threadz? I visited Colorado Springs last month, to see family!
    They have sooooooo many stores compared to where I live! Although I do have to say do NOT miss the traffic there! I'm used to people being nice on the road, instead of rude! ;) AKA, letting you change lanes....=)
    A Modest Fashion Blog:

  6. Very cute! I love her pairing of the scarf with the "wilder" skirt, and even though the cowgirl boots were expensive, they were probably just higher-quality, which is always better.

  7. loooooove that skirt!!!! Super cute!! :) beautiful outfit, Rachel.

  8. That skirt is so gorgeous!!! I absolutely love it! And it really does pair well with that scarf!

  9. Oh Wow, I love that! The boots do it all. (I'm the horsey girl, so this is a good style :)))) Great job Rachel!

  10. aww. . .rachel you look so cute in that outfit! thanks for sharing! i love fofm posts!

  11. Beautiful outfit, Rachel! That skirt is so stunning!

    Decked Out in Ruffles

  12. Love it! The skirt is so unique! The pictures are amazing! Thanks for sharing!

  13. I love this outfit so much, Rachel!! The skirt, the scarf, the boots, everything--and you pulled the whole thing together just right! I wish I had such a sense of style. :)

  14. a good pair of boots gives you years of wear. I have a pair of pink/burgundy Ariats that are my favorite. I think I paid $60 for them at Rick's Ranchwear in Boardman, Ohio. They give you three pairs for the price of one. Great place to stock up on boots!!

  15. This is an old post so you may never see this Rachel, but I live in Colorado Springs too and would love to know which consignment store you shopped.

    -Mere Sue


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