Thursday, August 8, 2013

Awk+Awe Bell Buckle Edition

Hey y'all!! It'sssss Thursday! Every week on this day I have it in my mind to do an Awkward and Awesome post, but I often get super busy and it just doesn't happen. I try to do a late one Friday. Again, doesn't happen. It's life, y'know? I've made a conscious decision to not stress about it. I hate letting people down and it would be easy for me to get upset with life's circumstances. Anyway, all that to say, this post is long overdue!

  • Your sister waking you up after midnight to drive her friend home when their movie was over and since it was very windy, you bring a pair of jeans and boots in the car with you on the quite-possible chance you'll have to move a tree. Wouldn't want to do that in our PJ's, now would we?
  • Wearing a cowboy hat to town and three different people saying, "Howdy there" to you.
  • Using an iron at a friend's house and being absolutely enthralled with it. So nice! So smooth! So heavy! So effective! And saying all this as you use it.
  • Looking in the side mirror as you drive out of town and see your tail light dangling by wires. About a mile or two down the road you finally find a place to pull over to duct tape the light back on. As you're looking behind you to pull over, you notice an acquaintance you would like to have a good impression on has been driving behind you for some time. How embarrassing.
  • As you are getting ready for bed, you remember it's supposed to rain tonight and you need to move the truck under the carport where water won't get in the broken window. You move it, dodging the swift spiders who have already claimed the night and are tip-toeing back across the gravel driveway to the house. You almost step on a big nasty frog and involuntarily attempt to scream, but your toothbrush is still in your mouth so it's very muffled. Next reaction you have is to express your dismay with animated "spirit fingers" and rush inside.
  • Another broken truck window story: You are taking some time to worship the Lord in your heart by watching the sunset while sitting on top of the truck. You're doing a juice cleanse, so you have your quart jar of dinner with you, as well as your journal and Bible. The sky is on fire, the temperature perfect, and a heavy fog and dew is beginning to soak you as you sit there. You are reading Psalm 16 over and over and reach for your juice jar which apparently had gotten slippery... and can you guess?... The beet/sweet potato/carrot juice spills alllll over the roof, windshield, your leg, your flip flops, and then travels off the roof down through the open window soaking the door, splashing on the steering wheel, dripping on the seat, and leaving puddles of red on the floor boards. With no paper towels to be found, it was a great drive home. :)
  • Antique stores. They are awesome and you really enjoy killing time in them, but they have the funniest knick knacks and strangest contraptions. Love the feather masks, hats, and suitcases. Enjoy smelling the old perfumes, but could do without the creepy dolls, mannequins, and overpriced plastic jewelry. Oh the figurines. Bless their chipped ceramic hearts.
  • Nearly passing out after watching/photographing a pig be castrated. Seriously, having to go inside because your blacking out at the sight of blood is not cool.
  • Taking a bath and your sisters yelling through the door, "We can smell the essential oils out here!" :D

  • Baking soda+ vinegar for shampoo. Seriously, I'm so glad a friend turned me on to this about a month ago. My scalp is no longer itchy and dry and my hair is happy. I'm still getting used to the extra step of mixing up the baking soda water before my shower, but it's 30 seconds well worth it and if you're a fan of reducing the chemicals in your surroundings like me, give it a try! Here is an excellent article on it I just found: How to Wash Your Hair with Baking Soda and Vinegar.
  • Getting together with friends to drink tea and watch the A&E 5-hour Pride and Prejudice, quoting and laughing and cringing together the whole time.
  • My 8 year old brother taking it upon himself to alphabetize our video collection. #homeschoolers
  • I'm done my Doxycycline! I started a juice cleanse as soon as I finished my last dose yesterday, so I'm ingesting nothing but juices for a few days to reset my system and pump myself full of nutrients. I thought I would really miss food, but so far so good. :)
  • Wearing my camo skirt to town (here's a picture, and here it is on my sewing blog) and getting many compliments on it. The most unexpected were the tough guy at the co-op, "I like your dress... its my kinda style" and the usually-not-talkative pharmacist as I went through the drive-thru but had to open my big ol' van door to reach the medication: "I love your skirt!"
  • Getting to spend an afternoon and evening with friends taking pictures of their bluegrass band. They had a gig in the adorable town of Bell Buckle, Tennessee, so we traveled with them over there and walked around the antique stores and found locations for our photoshoot before the rest of the band arrived. They were so fun and easy to photograph and I'm really starting to like this photographer job. :)
  • Grits cake. The Bell Buckle CafĂ© offered this and wowowowow. I am not a huge dessert person, but this was scrumptious. It was just what it sounds like-- cake, made of grits, and served with strawberries and whipped cream. 
  • My sister deep-cleaning our room yesterday. We finally took down the tulle we had strung all over the ceiling and man was it dusty! She even scrubbed under our beds and our quilts got washed. Feels so good to have a freshly cleaned room, doesn't it?
  • Getting back into exercising. Sure, it's awkward to do a work-out video with the little siblings watching and wanting to play with your weights, but it's worth it and I'm excited to make my arms fit for my task again. :)
This is the outfit I wore to Bell Buckle the other day-- interesting background, eh? A friend was kind enough to snap my pictures as we walked around waiting for the band to start playing.
Shirt: Our Thrift Store ($3)
Skirt: Made by me (Free)
Flip flops: Charity Shop ($2)
Tank: Forever21 ($1.50)
Earrings: Walmart
Necklace: Made by Willa ($7)
 I would love to hear about y'alls awkward and awesome moments!! They are so hilarious sometimes. :D Blessings!

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  1. Man, I hate it when people say "howdy" when I wear my hat. :P I live on a farm and ride horses and cowboy hats are mandatory a lot of the time-especially on trail rides when I repeatedly bang my head on tree limbs-and every single time, I get the remarks. :)) I'm in TN, it's not rare to see people wearing cowboy hats, why make a fuss? LOL!
    And I love your camo skirt, too! :D It's always weird when those tough guys at stores like that compliment you, but for some reason that's where I get most of my compliments? I've always said if I get married it'll have to be to a really southern guy because I'm *really* southern myself, so maybe it's not a bad thing?? Haha!
    Sigh, can your sister come over and clean MY room? I need to clean so bad.... :))
    LOVE the outfit and the background!! You should come to Knoxville sometime! :)

  2. Very, very, VERY cute. All of it. :D

  3. Loved reading this one, Olivia! :D So fun, and sounds like you've been enjoying your busy active life right now. :) Thanks for sharing the baking soda tip...I'm glad that's working for you! I will definitely have to try it. I've been using a brown sugar remedy for an itchy scalp that has worked pretty well {about 2 Tbsp. brown sugar with a big squirt of conditioner and run through your hair.} Watching Pride and Prejudice...absolutely! Nough said. ;) Haha.

    My awkward thing I did, this morning in fact, was to accidentally *dump* my sewing student's tub of fabric/sewing tools all over our living room floor not two minutes after she walked through the door. Nice touch. ;) Lol.

    Have a good week dear!

  4. ahhhhh I wish I lived in the South. :)

  5. idk if my last comment published...

    wish I lived in the South. grits cake and cowboy hats. don't get that stuff here in Ohio. :)

  6. I love this Awk+Awe post, Olivia :) I'm also happy to hear that you're into the "baking soda+apple cider vinegar" hair treatment. I've decided that I'm going to do that, and only that, for at least a while. . .well, hopefully :) I'm already weaned off shampoos so THAT shouldn't be a problem, but hair greasiness is already being a problem. . . .

    Your skirt is adorable!

  7. LOL, some of those are too funny!
    Awesome-Some Christian friends from Oregon coming today! We will be having Bible meetings at the Games Centre. Since I love horses, I'll be recieving a bridle to hang in my bedroom. Ha, I won't just 'hang' it in my bedroom! LOL!
    Awkward- Listening to a conversation and totally not getting it. Yelling at your brother because he's picking all the unripe rasberries and your neighbor behind you comes home from a walk. Running then leaping onto the picnic table and almost knocking over all the flowers(my sister and I were playing tag!)
    This is what you can call life. Right? I love your outfit, and your hair looks great!

  8. Awkward: Back to work this week, the doctor finally cleared me as recovered enough to go! Apparently my body isn't so sure. Awkward was falling asleep at my desk on my first day back and having my coworker wake me up for my bathroom break ;)

    - My husband and I have a habit of playing the Comeback Game, which is like htis: If I say, "Well, this is just five pounds of trouble in a two pound bag," he'll respond with "YOU'RE five pounds of trouble in a two pound bag!" It's funny in context, trust me. In any case, last night we were joking back and forth and he stubbed his toe and said, "Well that was stupid," and I replied with "YOU'RE stupid!" without thinking about it. And then apologized fifteen million times while he died laughing at how contrite I was. Marriage is... it's a thing ;)

    Awesome is being back at work, even if only for four hours, and over the course of my first two days' back making up for the two weeks' worth of work I missed, including all of our First of the Month stuff, which is basically half my job, the first five days of each month. But I got it all done! I am unreasonably proud of this.

    Another awesome: I taught my dog, who is just about a year old now, a new trick, a more complicated trick than he's ever learned before. I am also unreasonably proud of this. Then again, the puppy is pretty proud of himself, too, haha.

  9. Your mentioning the Baking Soda and vinegar method has inspired me to try it again! I did once halfheartedly try it for a short time..
    Nearly passing out from the sight of blood is nothing unusual for this farm girl. Ha, ha! I guess you could say that I am one of the more 'squeamish' sisters among us 4 girls (and 4 boys.)
    Clean rooms are just divine. Which reminds me that mine really needs a clean.

    Lovely outfit with the lace and ruffles. Feminine yet practical.

  10. I've been following your blog for a while after finding it on pinterest. I haven't commented but enjoy every post- especially the awkward/awesome posts. They are actually why I decided to follow the blog- even though I have an interest in modesty. Anyway- I love the passing out at watching a pig be castrated. I also am a older homeschool girl and pass out at the sight or description of blood. Which all my guy friends love and try to take advantage of. Sitting in a friends living room trying to be invisible while the rooms swims around me and figuring out which way to fall if I do pass out- awkward. Thanks for the awesome posts!

  11. I love reading these posts! Your days sounds extremely similar to ours... :)
    So, you might enjoy knowing that our drama group is doing Pride and Prejudice- and because the scripts we found totally ruined the storyline, my mom wrote it herself so it was as close to the book/A&E version as possible... ;) hehe!
    Do we get to see pictures of the band?!?!

    1. Yes, post pictures! :) For your not-really-Southern-but-still-bluegrass-loving readers!

  12. Awkward: helping replace a sliding glass door and when you went to take a screw out your hand got caught between the drill and the door. Then I said, "ouch! someone move the glass" but everyone is too busy laughing so I finally hit the forward button and drove the screw back in to free my hand...
    Awesome: my English angora rabbit had kits yesterday! This is her first litter so I am really excited that five are doing great!

  13. Love your shirt and skirt.. So cute!

    Awkward: Hosting a crawfish and shrimp boil at your home during which you demonstrate to company the proper way to eat crawfish. You suck the meat too hard and it goes shooting down your throat making you cough and hack and then you start panting/heaving because it is so spicy.... all while being watched by family and friends who have bewildered/concerned/disgusted about-how-you-just-got-that-into-your-mouth looks on their faces. As you walk away to get a drink to cool your throat down, finally you are asked, "are you okay?" by one of the guys.

    Eating crawfish. Pull of tail, twist off the head, and suck!

    Your 6 year old brother waves a crawfish in your face while eating and you attempt to ignore him and continue on with your meal. Suddenly though, he knocks it against one of your earrings and somethings falls down your shirt and gets lodged there. Quickly getting up from the table that is packed with guys and girls you head for your house and suddenly realize that your earring is still attached to your ear and not down your shirt as you suspected which means..... you get inside dig out the object and discover it was in fact a crawfish arm and claw that lodged itself. EWW! When you return you are greeted by sympathetic/questioning "are you okay?" looks by girls. Either the guys who were there completely missed the whole incident or just pretended not to know about it to spare me even more awkward embarrassment.

    1. The way you eat them is kinda ew, if you stop to actually think about it, but I like it WAY better than shrimp. One of the guys decided that even though I ate the entire inside of the crawfish, the tail was the only "usable" part and he would NOT suck the inside of the body like I had. His words were something along the line of "I am NOT you". hehe.:)

  14. I just watched the A&E Pride and Prejudice with my family and friends today!
    Yes, exercise DVDs sound like such a nice way to exercise until I remember my siblings!

  15. Awkward is when a cute guy comes into the restaurant where you are a hostess and as soon as you start talking to him, you turn a bright shade of red because you are remembering discussing him with your friends the night before.
    Awesome is riding the fariss wheel with a friend.

  16. How fun, Olivia! I use baking soda water for my "shampoo" as well. Although I do use conditioner, since my hair is very thin and rather dry...

    God Bless,


  17. My awkward of the week would have to be getting asked at the gas station if my brother and I were boyfriend and girlfriend. :P The lady was gushing over how cute we were until we interrupted her and said, "Um, we're brother and sister. NOT boyfriend and girlfriend."

  18. awkward: A friend comes over and knocks but nobody hears so she wanders around our yard for half an hour before we finally realize she's here! Oops!

    Love this post and your HAIR IS AMAAAAZING. Beautiful. Seriously.


  19. I love your outfit -- it looks very pretty on you! I also love reading your Awes and Awks! We have used baking soda and vinegar for our shampoo, too.

    I find it funny how your sister's homemade necklace is the most expensive thing you are wearing! :D

  20. That shirt maches so well with the skirt Olivia! Very nice! Awk..being taller than a guy you work at a farm with. Awsome.. doing fund raisers with the people you are going on a mission trip with!
    Thanks for sharing Olivia! I am so happy to hear that you are finished with youe meds! My family and i have been praying for you! :)And doing the juice cleanse is a good idea after that terrible stuff...and I will have to try the baking soda and vinagar wash again...feeling kind of bad that I gave it up so easily now. :)

  21. anybody have any tips for homemade shampoo for knee length somewhat tangly hair? Can I use white vinegar instead of ACV? I've tried making shampoo with Dr.Bronner's soap, tea tree oil, jojoba oil, and rinsing with ACV. Haven't found a formula that I'm totally happy with yet. Will have to keep trying.

    1. I don't really have any suggestions, but I used white vinegar for my rinse instead of ACV. :) Hope you find something!

    2. found a shampoo recipe using Dr. Bronner's castile soap, if anyone is interested I tried the ACV rinse before. I read that the white vinegar doesn't leave as much odor so I'll have to give it a try.
      the castile shampoo recipe with lavender and tea tree oil also makes a great face or body wash.

    3. can someone pls tell me: after you put the diluted vinegar in your hair, are you supposed to rinse it out or leave it in? I've tried both ways and my hair may feel a bit heavier after leaving it in.

      I like the above recipe. It is runny(could try adding xanthan gum), but lathers really well. I put a few drops of tea tree oil and lavender in mine. Maybe I'll try adding rosemary or lemon in the future.

    4. I don't dilute the vinegar and then I do rinse it out, but I'm just using baking soda, not that recipe^. :)

    5. thanks! sorry for all the questions, I tend to over think everything! How do you get the vinegar all thru your hair without using a lot? When I dump it on my hair, I feel like I use more than necessary. and when I use a spray bottle, I'm not sure I'm getting it all thru my hair.

      I was looking at home made deodorant recipes, any advice on what works well?

    6. I use a spray bottle, but I put it right next to my head when I spray and kind of mix my hair around to get it all covered. I find that I don't really have to get it all over-- I kind of just use it as conditioner to get the tangles out of my hair and make it smooth to the touch. :)

      I'm still figuring out that one myself-- I actually got an underarm infection from using a deodorant with too much baking soda that irritated my skin, so I changed my recipe and it seems to work as long as I don't cut myself shaving. Then I have to use regular deodorant until the cut heals otherwise the baking soda really hurts the cut. :P Let me know if you find something! Sorry it took so long to get your comment published and reply to it-- I left it in the moderation box to remind myself to reply. :)

  22. Akw - Leaving a thrift store with your dad, who has a white beard, and having a lady sing a snatch of a song, something about two young lovers. . . =) We just looked at each other and started laughing!

  23. Just letting you know I love your blog! It's so encouraging, and I love the cute outfits you come up with. I'd love to wear skirts more, but I find it easier to wear modest shorts/pants usually,because at my job I spend about half the time on horseback, and honestly, it's hard to be the only one around in a skirt (especially if it's not your norm.), even at home. Anyway, I just started a blog ( and was wondering how you balance time working on the blog and online "fun stuff" like Pinterest online with family time and jobs around the house?

  24. Awkward: A middle-aged male Walmart employee pretending to bonk me on the head with a foam pool noodle in the middle of the check-out line. . .a.w.k.w.a.r.d. . .especially when there's 17 people in line behind you :P

    Awesome: Beautiful weather in August!!!

    Thanks, Olivia! I loved your Awe+Awk post! :)

  25. Awkward: wearing brand-new pants with super-bright roses on them, and a boy in your class says "woah!"
    Awesome: having a beautiful sunset for your photography!!

  26. Awkward: -When you realize that you and your friend were actually entertained by sitting in front of a chicken coop and counting the rats running in and out of it.
    -Square dancing and hitting your friend's dad in the head (with your head) so hard everyone can hear a crack.
    -When a guy friend says to you "Aww, just go over to them (a group of guys) and win them with your charms" O.o

    Awesome: -impromptu square dances in your town's square. Dancing barefoot in the town square is wonderful. I love my friends!
    -A long phone conversation with a dear sister-friend.
    -Discovering the beautiful piano music of Yiruma.

  27. Your Awk/Awe always make me laugh!
    Your outfit super cute! I LOVE the flowers on your hemline!
    What exercise DVD are you doing?
    I'm trying out a new "lifestyle/diet" although, it's not a DIET, in the sense that it's a lifelong thing, not short term. The basic principle is that you eat fat with protein and very little carbs. And then the other meal you eat more carbs and very little fat. Seems to make sense to me, but we'll see! It's by Pearl and Serene-Above Rubies magazine. Don't know if you've ever heard of it or not. Anyway, been doing a lot of reading and working! Nothing awkward or awesome about my week!
    A Modest Fashion Blog:

  28. You look beautiful!:D

    Awk is so funny. Love reading these!

    Awkward: being too shy to talk to people or move during the 'greet your neighbor' portion of the church service *caugh* my bad. Another is loosing two lbs and feeling waaaay too skinny all the sudden and thinking I can suddenly wear things I was too chunky for before. The camra later proved this wasn't wise. LOL Whoops.

    Awesome: having an amazing church!!! Yay!


  29. HI!! I love your blog. And the sermon recaps are very good!
    I have 3 kids and have neglected exercise for a while. I just started back last week. I am on the look out for some good dvd's I can do at home. Do you have something you are happy with that you could suggest?
    THANKS! Sue Ellen


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