Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Romance // in Vintage Spring

Hey y'all! How are you doing? So sorry I went missing last week-- I was out-and-about two days and the other couple days I was resting and feeling very frustrated at my lack-of-strength. I finish up my meds this week and hopefully I'll be back to normal soon! Wooohooo!

The sermon yesterday was on one verse- Romans 5:11:
"And not only that, but we also rejoice in God through our Lord Jesus Christ, through whom we have now received the reconciliation."

We are still talking about rejoicing in the Lord, folks! That's been the theme of the last three weeks' sermons, but what an appropriate, all-encompassing, super important thing to understand! Seriously, when we lose our joy in the Lord, we lose all joy in life. period. In our faith, our new life in Christ, we rejoice in God. When the Bible talks about rejoicing, it does so in two ways. One of those ways gives us an objective command- rejoice in the Lord. If you ain't, you should be, because it's something we must pursue. Like patience, kind tongue, and a pure mind.
The other way is as a subjective reality. A desire, a knowingness, a romantic rejoicing. Our pastor spent a lot of time discussing the word "romantic" and how it really is how we ought to pursue Christ. The definition he used is, "characterized by a preoccupation of love". We have made the love of God intellectual and work. We've taken the romance out of love. But, we need to be consumed with Christ, just as in a godly marriage husband and wife are consumed with thinking of the other-- makes sense, because as the church we are Christ's bride, afterall. The great marriage the Bible talks about is not a marriage of mediocrity-- it is glorious.
Here are 5 points that spoke to me:
     1) God changed our hearts that we can find our joy in Him. When you truly enjoy something, it's hard not to praise the thing you find your joy in, isn't it? You LOVE your Starbucks-- you just can't help Instagramming it! You think your little sister is the cutest thing ever-- you just can't help sharing the adorable things she says! Your fiancé gave you flowers-- you can't help singing his praises from the rooftops! You know why? CS Lewis expresses it well:
“I think we delight to praise what we enjoy because the praise not merely expresses but completes the enjoyment; it is its appointed consummation.”
Our praise of God is a part of our enjoyment of Him!
     2) The Bible commands us to pursue our joy in God-- think of all the Psalms which use "rejoice" as a command. I talked about this a little bit above.
     3) The Bible severely warns us about what happens when we do not obey His commandments and forget what He has done to us- Deuteronomy 28. Because we are saved, we are called out of our old negativity and into exaltation! Happiness! When we have attitudes of gloominess, do you think that's pleasing to the Lord who gave us everything we need?
     4) The essence of sin is to pursue our joy apart from God. We have an easier time identifying and dealing with sins like stealing, adultery, coveting, than we do keeping the Lord as #1 in our life, do we not? But this is the start of all sin! When we find our pleasure in anything other than God, that thing is our idol and we are trying to replace God. Not cool.
     5) The greatest joy we can ever know is when we pursue our joy in the Lord. Psalm 16:11. Now that we are justified by faith, we are given so much joy. Every human has a void in their heart that only God can fill. If we search for something besides God to fill that romantic void, we will never find it, and we will keep looking for that next adrenaline rush, that next finished project, that next successful match-making endeavor.

The application this week was directed towards the married couples: Make your relationship romantic. It's important for children to see affection shown between their parents, because of the picture it shows us of Christ and His Bride. Think of engaged or newly married couples. They have that glazed over look in their eyes when they think of each other and all they want to do is spend time with their beloved. We should strive for this kind of romance with the Lord. Pursuing Him, praising Him, spending time with Him. Just hanging out with Him, not wanting to leave. Reading and re-reading His love Letter to us. Sitting and enjoying HIM. I'm so thankful for the beautiful sunsets and greenery I'm surrounded with out here in the country. I have no problem watching the sky for an hour and just soaking in God. I Instagram sunsets often, because I can't help sharing His awesomeness. I've been thinking over that C.S. Lewis quote since I heard it. Praising is the consummation of our enjoyment. Rejoice in the Lord!

Most of my clothes are styled to fit snugly in the hip area since I find that to flatter my short hourglass figure, but that causes a problem when that's the first place you gain when you are out of shape. (Amazing what a month of inactivity can do!) :P Saturday I found this shirt in my sewing bin that I had bought many months ago but needed to alter. Two seams and 3.5 minutes later, I had it ready to wear to church with just the right fit. I tried to style it with a cardigan, but the only one I have that worked with it was black, and my sister was wearing the black belt I would have needed to wear with it. Instead, I went with the trusty Halftee and was more comfortable without the hot cardigan. :)
My hair was a mess when I woke up, so I straightened it and flipped out the ends. Because of the hat, I pulled it off to one side-- no fuss! Long dangly earrings (with a leaf pattern that matched my skirt) helped flatter my round face.
Shirt: Plato's Closet ($6)
Halftee: c/o Halftee.com
Belt: Thrift Store ($2)
Shoes: Charity shop ($2)
Earrings: Charity shop ($2)
Hat: Sears ($3)

Alright, I've gotta scoot to make lunch-- y'all have an awesome day! Hopefully I'll have another post or two this week... maybe.
How was your sermon? What kind of application has it had for your life this week?

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  1. Olivia, I absolutely love this outfit! The shirt is beautiful, and I love how you tied it to all of the other pieces.
    I've been following your blog for about a year now, but I don't often comment. Your blog is such an encouragement to me, thanks for all your wonderful posts!

  2. Wow, that's so cool! I love the hat! I have an hourglass figure, but I don't worry too much. Have a nice week!
    P.S I love your belt!

  3. Such a cute outfit, Olivia! (as usual!)

    I think it's interesting that people always get "joy" confused with "happy."
    When you have JOY in the Lord, it doesn't mean you walk around with a smile plastered on your face all the time, it's more of a knowledge of knowing He's in control-perhaps more of a peace?
    Happiness is based on circumstances.
    So anyway, great post, Olivia!
    A Modest Fashion Blog:

  4. I don't have anything to say from our sermon due to being sick and missing it, plus my mom had just had surgery and I've been working as the "replacement" mama! :))
    I *love* your outfit, especially the shirt!! I look really frumpy in outfits like this-long skirt, billowy outfits and etc-unless I add a belt around my waist, so I love this. Haha!
    I love what you wrote about the sermon, so often I feel like our relationship with God just gets to be too much of a "habit" than something you are excited about doing!! I know I've been there several times. Our prayer life should be exciting and we should be so happy to spend a few minutes just talking to Him and reading the word. I like how your preacher used the relationship of a husband and wife, as well.
    I hope you get to feeling better! I've had a nasty cold and haven't felt good at all, so I know how you feel! :))

  5. The colors look beautiful on you! The blouse looks lovely as well. The only thing I don't like is the half-tee underneath... I don't think it really fits with the look. A neutral cardigan would fit better, in my opinion... but it still looks nice :)


    1. Thanks! I agree, not a huge fan of the halftee... but it's all I had, so I embraced it. :)

    2. A cardigan would have looked really smart and all and I'm sure you would have looked beautiful with it, too, but my first thought when I saw the picture was how I liked the halftee in combination with the shirt! It just makes you look more relaxed and approachable I reckon. Very cute outfit! =)


    3. A cardigan in TN in August? I think I would melt :)

      Olivia, are those half-tees comfortable? I keep thinking they would be really... noticeable or uncomfortable. Is it just a matter of getting the right size?

  6. Cute shirt! Crazy that you could find a shirt that went so well with a skirt you made.

    Joy should always be the deepest feeling when it comes to God. Joy first. I like the way your pastor tied married affection into God, interesting and something that I've thought on before.

  7. We love Plato's Closet! Great outfit, Olivia!!! I'm a huge fan of green, and I love the vintage vibe the shirt adds.


  8. LOVE Platos Closet..that place is so fun; they have the most adorable stuff. =)

  9. Cute skirt. and I love the way you wear the hat :)

    Olivia, can I ask you a question that has nothing to do with looks? I feel God is touching my heart that I should not do Zumba classes at the gym but still some of my christian friends do it. Do you have any thoughts abut it?

    Its hard to do something different, especially if some of your christian friends do it and you dont feel its exactly right :) Thanks

    1. May, I attended a Zumba class last year with the intention of continuing it (this didn't happen because of my schedule, though). The only "thing" that would make me question not attending was that the music played was definitely not God-honoring the whole time. Also, some of the "moves" done would make me uncomfortable if males had been there, but since it was all females it doesn't bother me.
      Anyway, the reason I was going was to reach out to my community. Several other teenaged girls and ladies were there and it just seemed to me good that I showed up and was doing something with them... I guess it was a good outreach for me. I'm not sure if your situation is the same or not.

      I just thought that I would share that with you! I hope that through prayer and Scriptural reading you will be able to discern God's will for you in this matter.

  10. I Love this outfit!!! Maybe I should make a stop at Platos Closet.

  11. I love the top - the roses are such a pretty colour!

  12. That shirt is Sooo beautiful! What a find. I love the mixture of neutrals and floral in this outfit, especially with the addition of leaf appliqués and earrings. Very elegant and sophisticated with the ruffles. =)

  13. I think this is one of my all time favorites of your outfits Olivia! The top is so pretty and feminine!

    Oh, and your dimple is adorable.:)


  14. Your sermon summaries are always encouraging and challenging. Thanks so much for putting them together Olivia. Our sermon was about focusing on all the blessings in our life instead of the negative things. The pastor went over Psalm 67. Every Sunday at the church my family is now attending I am always challenged by what the Pastor says. I praise God His Holy Spirit speaks to us through His Word and His people.

    Your outfit is very nice as well. I love how you style hats in a feminine way. I find its so easy to wear hats for me in the winter/fall. I would love to style hats for summer sometime.

    1. Agree with Rebecca Ann, I have been following your blog only for a short time now (a week I think?) but reading through your sermon notes last week was so good it made me really look forward to Tuesday (in NZ we are almost a whole day ahead of you guys) which is the earliest you could possibly have posted your summary.
      Reading through what you wrote down fills gives me so much energy and puts a big smile on my face! You are truly blessed and everyone can tell that God is speaking through you in what you are writing!

  15. If that top isn't in your closet tomorrow... You'll know who took it. :D

  16. Hey Olivia!! I love the outfit!! It looks good on you as usual!!! I have a question that doesn't have anything to do with this outfit: do you think it would be ok to wear scoop-neck T-shirts? My best friend wears them and she's christian, so I just wanted to get confirmation!!

    1. MariaD, I agree with the commenter below in that when wearing scoop-necked T-shirts it's good to wear a cami underneath. That being said, this is between you and God, so wear what he convicts you to wear, not what your best friend or someone else tells you what is right and what's not. :)

    2. Ok! Thank you Sarah!! You and Aemi really had good arguments, so I will try to follow y'all's suggestions through!! Thank you!;)

  17. Btw that comment about scoop neck t-shirts was by me, MariaD

  18. You're not kidding, that blouse is romance in spring! Oh how dear and pretty you look! I adored what you had to say about rejoicing in the Lord and romancing our lives with and In Him!

    I wanted to share a romantic moment with the Lord and I if I could...

    I sewed my sis a beautiful vintagy dress made from a sheet, just to suit her...and finally it was done, 15 min. before the post office closed. I hustled on over, of course praying that I could make it in time. As the good Lord ordered, I got there with five minutes to spare, (lights worked out just right...) and as luck would have it, I had FORGOTTEN her address at home. I, the old fashioned gal that I am, didn't have my never use but in emergencies cell with me. So I prayed the Lord would send me a kind soul to borrow one from. The kind soul I met so graciously shared their cell, but my sister didn't pick up...prayers still going and when on my third call, she answered, I said "Praise the Lord!" in all romance to Him! (And I am so glad I read your words, because that does describe it just so.) On the way home, I sang a made up song of praise to the Lord describing my feelings, in all sweetness and goodness, how dear He was, and that my sister can have this dress by her birthday...it was so so sweet, this drive home with He and I. :) Thanks for listening!

  19. Loved your notes on your sermon! Loved the outfit too!

  20. Wow, adorable outfit, Olivia!

    God Bless,

  21. Wow Olivia! I love love love that outfit! It's probably one of my favorites!!!

    Thanks so much for sharing about your sunday sermons and thank you for standing up for Christ in Modesty! Because I look up to you as a great example!


  22. love the whole thing! Thanks for the sermon overview!

  23. Hey, MariaD, I know I'm not Olivia, but I do have a comment for your comment. ;)
    Scoop neck t-shirts are stylish and feminine, but when you bend over (and you can't avoid bending over), such a neck tends to fall open, giving whoever happens to be there a nice view right down inside your shirt. This is rather embarrassing for the viewer, and likely for you, too. That doesn't mean you can't wear scoop necks, though: a common solution is to wear a higher necked tank top (cami) underneath the shirt to keep you covered. I've seen the stylish Olivia do that countless times on this blog.
    A big part of dressing modestly is being aware of how your clothing is seen by others (particularly men). We're ultimately dressing (and living) to direct attention off ourselves and toward our Lord and Savior - because we're in love with Him! (Hey, that ties into the sermon! ;))

    1. Thank you, Aemi!! I think that helped a lot! ;)

    2. You're welcome! Thanks to this blog, I'm learning to be creative and self-aware in how I dress, and it's so fun. I'm actually finding myself excited to get dressed in the morning, haha! Thanks, Olivia!


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