Friday, January 24, 2014

Friends of Fresh Modesty | Hannah, Bethany, and Rebekah!

Dun dun duuuuuuuun! Friends of Fresh Modesty is BACK! So happy to share these three beautiful ladies' outfits with you today. 

Rebekah's Outfit
blue top: thrifted
skirt: thrifted (you gotta love thrift stores!)
shoes: Walmart

 Bethany's Outfit:
pink top: thrifted
skirt: hand-me-down
belt: Walmart
shoes: Shoe Show

Hannah's Outfit:
striped tee: won in a giveaway,
cardigan: thrifted
skirt: thrifted
belt: Walmart, a long time ago =)
shoes: Kmart 

Hey Everybody!!  I am Hannah.  I'm 18, soon to be a homeschool graduate (yay!), and the eldest of nine.  Fashion is one of the things I really enjoy (other things include photography, graphic design, journaling, music, etc).  My sisters and I share clothes all the time!  Bethany is 15.  She is very musically inclined, enjoys crafting, reading, and she is quiet.  Rebekah is 13.  She's bold and confident and likes politics, as well as reading, journaling (she's has a knack for the details) etc.  We love to have late night discussions about all sorts of topics.  We just enjoying spending time together.  Honestly, I couldn't imagine life without my sisters (or how limited my wardrobe would be, lol!).  I was so glad to find Fresh Modesty.  I love it that the majority of Olivia's outfits feature dresses/skirts, since I don't wear pants.  And thanks, Olivia, for featuring us!

Aren't these great? I love how simple, yet stylish these sister's outfits are! And the fact that they thrifted almost all their pieces is incredible. What are y'all's favorite elements of each outfit? How can you learn from them?

Would you like to submit an outfit for Friends of Fresh Modesty? Click Here to read how! 


  1. beautiful! I think I like Hannah's outfit the most...I agree that they are simple, but put together very well:)
    It's nice to see young ladies striving to be modest....and having a good sense of style doing it;)
    love their hair too:P

  2. I really liked all of them, but I think the one that caught my eye the most was Rebekah's. So pretty!

  3. These outfits are great! It is so wonderful to see young ladies striving for modesty in a very immodest world. Way to go, Hannah, Rebekah, and Bethany! God Bless,

  4. Hello, I have been reading your blog for a couple of months now, and I am really enjoying it. I love your creativity and willingness to encourage others in dressing modestly, Olivia (and other young ladies)- it's very refreshing. :) I like how these outfits demonstrate the diverse options for dressing modestly even among sisters. My thing from each outfit it Rebekah's skirt, Bethany's shoes, and Hannah's shirt. I know it's strange of me to think this, but I love how you all part your hair on the same side.
    God's Peace to you!

  5. LOVE them! Great job girls! You are really good at piecing stuff together!

  6. My favorite would be Hannah's outfit, I really like brown and cream colours and I think the belts look great!

  7. This was great! Thanks ladies for taking the time to send in your lovely outfits!


  8. Just lovely ladies!
    I love Rebekah's skirt! Bethany's outfit is a perfect simple church outfit! Hannah your hair is just beautiful! And I love your outfit as well! :) It is wonderful to be encouraged by you!


  9. I love how long all the girls have there hair. I think the girls should do a fashion blog !!

  10. So cute, could I summit an outfit, even though I have already done one? Just wondering, if not, that's cool too.:) Hope your having an amazing day. You are beautiful!

    1. Hey Kelsey! Yes, you may! Can't wait to see it!

  11. Glad to see the Friends posts again! These are super cute outfits, I really like Rebekah's skirt. Good job, ladies!


  12. Yay! I love the Friends of Fresh Modesty posts! And these three lovely sisters really know how to put outfits together! Great job girls!

    Olivia, I am so thankful for all of the time you put into your blog, and for sharing your wardrobe journey of modesty, as well as the most important, the spiritual journey of modesty. My sisters and I love looking at your blog, and we hope that you continue to find growth and joy in sharing your life with others!

    Blessings in The Lord,

    The eldest sister and singer

  13. Good job ladies! I really liked Bethany's outfit!! Beautiful top! ~ Sarah C.

  14. I love Rebekah's outfit! It looks so like something I would wear! :D I often find myself wearing a lot of blue. :)
    -Julia Ryan♥ (

  15. You three are beautiful! Do you have a blog to follow? Patricia

    1. Thanks, everyone for all the kind comments. We do not have a blog at this time.

  16. hey i love bethany's belt, offsets the girly pink top with a bit of edge. :)


  17. Are any of you Seventh-day Adventists? I am and know that many of our people (like my wife) that dresses exactly like you. Modesty has been lost in this day in age, but I'm glad to see it alive and well with you young people!



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