Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Life | Right Now

A different type of post today, because I've been trying to summarize a sermon for hours and it's just.not.coming. Looking for inspiration, I took this picture in my mirror and turned up the grain in Lightroom. Grainy pictures say "real" to me and that's exactly my point. Here's a spilling of my very real brain today, because today's planned post is stuck in the bottleneck of inspiration.

Right now I am....

Seeing... a beautiful blue and orange setting sky out my window.
Hearing... my stuffed-up-nose brother breath heavy as he waves a PVC pipe around the living room ninja style.
Smelling... the handmade soap a dear friend gave me early this morning.
Tasting... cold coffee with too much vanilla poured in it. Cold because the microwave is broken.
Needing... to get blogging done. Clean my closet. Play a game with my brother.
Wanting... to watch a movie by the fire.
Regretting... online shopping for palazzo pants this morning. Specific style + limited budget = needless source of discouragement.
Feeling... my slippers crush dried mud chunks under my chair that have been here for days.
Wishing... I could go driving around with the windows down and no place to go.
Thinking... about starting a clothing line.
Laughing... at my grandfather's comment on my Facebook status.
Recovering... from the massive headache I had yesterday.
Believing... that the Lord will give clear direction.
Anticipating... needing to get back into sewing.
Dreaming... about 10 years from now.
Praying... for my friends.
Reading... a big thick book for the first time in years.
Singing... Bless The Lord Oh My Soul.
Wearing... convertible fingerless gloves, pajama pants under my jeans, a huge chunky sweater, and beret (as shown).
Preparing... for the inevitable, whatever that might be.
Remembering... the feeling of finding my bed made by my 6 year old sister when I got home at 8:30 this morning.
Trying... to not get sore from sitting here.
Questioning... if tomorrow is going to be the same.
Fearing... that I'll waste precious moments.
Loving... my flawed family.
Googling... benefits of oregano oil.
Choosing... joy.
Working... on editing a Q+A video for y'all.
Emailing... blog sponsors. So thankful to be collaborating with Christians.
Gluing... inspirational quotes to the desk hutch. I can't find any tape.
Texting... a friend about wedding dress shopping.
Cracking... my knuckles because I'm tired and they hurt. I know it's bad for me.
Considering... buying the Foundational Foot Health Series tonight.
Turning... off lights, because every penny counts.
Biting... my lips because they're chapped from the cold weather and not enough water.
Reducing... the time I spend checking my phone.
Longing... to get a sunburn.
Suffering... with a bad hair day.
Recognizing... that I can't do much at all in my own strength.
Checking... ThredUp for cute dresses daily.
Organizing... my finances.
Practicing... proper posture.
Reckoning... I shouldn't have drunk that coffee so late in the day.
Smiling... about how blessed I am by all of you.

I hope you are had an awesome Tuesday and are accomplishing more than me! I would love if y'all commented in the style of this post! Love you guys. 


  1. This is awesome! Funny to have common struggles, goals and feelings about things so far away. It felt like you were writing so many things I am thinking. Haha "checking phone less, discouraged in a hunt for a certain item, etc. gorgeous photo and great quote! Like!

  2. This was awesome! It's amazing how we can share common goals, struggles, and feelings so far away... Haha, checking phone less, hunting for a certain item online and ending up discouraged, etc. gorgeous photo and great quote. Like! Thanks for your helpful encouragement.

  3. Listening...to an amazing sermon online
    Reading...a certain modest fashion blog ;)
    Thinking...about my schedule for tomorrow
    Hoping...for warmer weather tomorrow
    Anticipating...playing cards with my family
    Dreading...my daily dose of essential oils
    Saving...money for a new curling rod
    Humming..."Jar of Hearts" by Christina Perri and
    Thanking...Our Lord for another day.


  4. I love it, Olivia! You are so encouraging and I am so happy you chose to start this blog! We love you too!!!!! <3

    Ashley B.

  5. I have wanting to start a clothing line as well. How are you thinking about doing it?

    1. Awesome! I'm still in the research/prayer stage right now and hunting for manufacturers. I'm hoping to do a private label.

    2. I look forward to hearing more about it!

    3. I have been wanting to, too. With encouragment from the family! I'm not set up with the proper setup, machine, camera, etc. But I'm getting ready to get serious soon. :) I've been praying about it.

  6. best post ever olivia! you just might've started a new thing ;)

  7. I love this type of post! I just want you to know that you are such a blessing to so many people!

  8. Love this post! I did a "getting to know you" post on my blog a couple of weeks ago! Hope you're feeling better everyday. :)

    Seeing... my in-progress crocheted afghan sitting at my feet.
    Dreaming... about the things I'll make when I learn how to use my serger.
    Praying... for a stranger, yet a sister in Christ, that is sick with encephalitis.
    Reading... the Bible through for the second time.
    Wearing... slippers with socks. Jeans. Tank under long sleeve tee, under short sleeve tee, under hoodie.
    Fearing... not anything worth mentioning at the moment. [Psalm 27:1]
    Loving... the encouragement I get from my friends and family everyday.
    Working... on crocheting the "Gargantuafghan."
    Reducing... my sugar intake. It's an uphill battle.
    Longing... for the temperature outside to warm up over 35 degrees for at least a week straight!
    Practicing... the violin. I should do that more often.
    Reckoning... I might have a bowl of oatmeal soon.
    Smiling... about how many wonderful people surround me.

  9. Thinking... That this is an awesome way to write posts and comments.
    Asking... If I can please use the style on my own blog?
    Thanking.. You for coming up with this.
    Smelling... Dinner
    Feeling... Hungry because I can smell dinner cooking and it's good.
    Seeing... My blurry screen through tired eyes that need a break from the computer.
    Hearing... Music through my headphones and in the distance the crowd at the basketball game on the TV.
    Wishing... That tonight was dessert night.
    Working... On ideas for my client's website.
    Dreaming... Of a day to read all the books I'm waiting for in one go.
    Signing... Off because I need to go.

    1. Haha! I love this! Yes, of course you can do this on your blog. :) Hope you enjoyed your dinner!

  10. I really like this list format, Olivia! Do you mind if I use it on my blog as well?

    And I'm totally with you on the bad hair day and chapped lips ... winter isn't being kind to my skin and hair either! Hopefully warmer temperatures and more moisture will be coming both our ways very soon! :-)

    Thank you! Have a wonderful day!
    ~ Vicki

    1. Oh yeah, that's totally cool!

      I hope so! I'm definitely gonna try to drink more water tomorrow. :P

    2. Was today a better day? :-) Thank you so much! I will definitely be giving this a shot soon!

      Blessings on your day!!
      ~ Vicki

  11. Sunburn is not a thing to be longing for! Summer maybe (which it is in Australia) but I am currently very knowledgeable of the pain sunburn can cause :D

    1. I'm pretty sure you're trying to make me very, very jealous. And it's working. ;) ;) I love how sunburns feel, actually, and don't mind them. :D

  12. Love this post, Olivia! Maybe you should make this a weekly thing, and have it where people can link up with your blog for it. How awesome would that be? Blessings,

  13. I love this post! And I love what Rachel Ledbetter suggested!

  14. Seeing - the school books on my desk and the violins hanging on the wall
    Hearing - My mom talk on the phone
    Feeling - Disappointed because plans didn't work out
    Trusting - God that He has a plan and is taking care of me
    Wishing - To be back home
    Loving - Life's mystery
    Regretting - Putting on makeup today
    Waiting - For God to make things clear
    Choosing - To trust God regardless
    Fearing - what distance can change
    Smiling - Because Wisconsin is just so darn beautiful in the winter
    Anticipating - Super bowl party this weekend with my church friends
    Wearing - My favorite brown sweater
    Considering - Changing into sweats

    Well, there's a little bit of my mind for ya. I loved this post! You should do this more often :)

    Molly Marie

  15. Really cool Olivia. Lots of things that I do as well. I like these kinds of posts.....you should do them more often. :))))

  16. Enjoying... a great post
    Thinking... some people are just so crazy! :) (But in a good way!!!)
    Wondering... what she'll come up with next
    Knowing... it will be good, whatever it is! :)

    Love your blog, girl! Keep it up!!!

  17. Hey Olivia!

    Sorry for commenting twice, but I was wondering if it's ok with you to share your button on my blog. I'd love to advertise you!

    Ashley B.

  18. Beautiful organization of your thoughts, Olivia! :) Oh--and you should totally start your own clothing line!

  19. Loved this post. You should do it more often. Let me know if you happen to start your own clothing line. ��

  20. Dear Miss Olivia,

    OK first, let me say I enjoyed the post, thank you! Now I would like your opinion of wear shirts that may show your shoulder or one shoulder.... What do you think?

    1. Thanks! Well, I think they look like the clothes are falling off of you, and that's not a very good image to be portraying. There are some one-shoulder formal gowns and things that don't look like that, but then you have a modesty issue of showing too much shoulder/skin. I've been trying to figure out a way to wear the loose shoulder look modestly because I actually really like it, but I'm beginning to think the style should be avoided all together. Hope that made a little sense. :)

  21. Oh how I LOVED this post! It was so calming, soothing, and fun to read. I agree with Rachel, weekly would be great if at all possible. Take your time with the sermon post; motivation is everything ;) And I can't WAIT for the Q&A video, I was actually just thinking recently that you should make one :) Okiedoke, here are mine:

    Seeing... a sunny day and snow on the ground out the window.
    Hearing... my older brother play guitar.
    Smelling... the vanilla bean body lotion an awesome friend gave me for Christmas.
    Needing... to be more organised and keep my room clean, finish designing a Yearbook page, review Latin vocabulary.
    Wanting... to see Frozen, go skiing, shopping, throw my sister a surprise party for her seventeenth birthday, take piano lessons, sew more often, get into journaling again (always an off and on thing for me).
    Feeling... fairly content with life right now.
    Wishing... I went to the March for Life.
    Thinking... about all the different ways God blesses me every day.
    Laughing... at my adorable little sister and hilarious older brother.
    Believing... that I am under God's tender care.
    Anticipating... seeing friends on Friday, getting into "crafty" mode for Valentine's Day and making tons of glittery pink, red & white valentines for friends.
    Dreaming... about warm weather, twirling, pastel sundresses, and making my own clothes.
    Praying... for my friends.
    Reading... The Further Adventures of Sherlock Homes. such a delight.
    Singing... Hot Air Balloon.
    Wearing... navy + white striped v-neck long-sleeved tee under a chunky, warm, gray sweater, pearl earrings, leggings under my jeans, two pairs of a socks.
    Preparing... mentally for a few things.
    Remembering... summer movie/birthday nights with friends and siblings.
    Trying... to be productive.
    Fearing... that I'll waste the day away.
    Loving... the unmistakable look of "winter" that snow gives.
    Choosing... to love.
    Working... on a family scrapbook.
    Emailing... congratulations to a friend on receiving the role she wanted in a musical.
    Considering... starting a blog one day.
    Reducing... nothing? Hoping to reduce many things, though.
    Longing... to go on an adventure.
    Recognizing... that I have control over so little.
    Checking.... Fresh Modesty every day! :)
    Practicing... self-denial.
    Reckoning... I should quiz myself on Latin vocab. or ask one of my siblings to.
    Smiling... at beautiful sunrises, touching acts of kindness, moving words and videos.

  22. ha! I love that quote-hilarious!
    And beautiful post-I love this style!

  23. Seeing... all the reports I need to write for the kids in my class
    Dreaming... about my wedding in october!
    Praying... for the kids in my class and for my family
    Wearing... a long jeansskirt and a blue sweather
    Fearing... not having enough money for my wedding
    Loving... my sweetheart Simon!
    Working... on the reports of my class
    Smelling... the soup next to me!
    Longing... for snow! I would love to have some of that!
    Feeling... tired after a day of hard work
    Hearing... the water boiling for a nice cup of tea!

  24. Hi Olivia, I loved this post! It's refreshing to break down the moment with these feelings and thoughts. :) I might try it myself... Blessings!

  25. I am new to your blog having only found it a couple of days ago, as an answer to my prayers at 2AM. No one in my family wears "skirts only/mostly, and honestly no one I even know personally. But, a few months ago, 6, maybe a year now, God had put something on my heart to look more into this. I found the Deuteronomy verse that many seem to quote, but looking at the direct translations, did not personally see that God was referring to pants. We wore robes back then, skirts, kilts, loin clothes. Though men may have worn pants "first", women now wear them as well, and men no longer wear robes (dresses), etc. To make a long feeling short, I just wasn't feeling that was my answer. Then I found a blog (that I am forgetting the name of now) , and she explained things, and did not use that verse. She felt the same way I did. Coincidentally she had a picture of you on her blog, and it led me here. I get it now. Modesty. I am not a super model by any stretch of imagination, but I am a young married mother with a backside that has been whistled at in jeans. As if God wasn't trying to seal the deal in my heart, a few days ago (wearing pants in a grocery store) I hear, "Ow-ow! Bow chicka wow wow!" from behind me. And no, it wasn't my husband. Of course, I wanted to turn around and ask him if his mother hadn't raised him to respect women, but now I know that situation, with a tunic or skirt, could have been avoided. So, a few days ago I lay in bed praying for an answer. A final answer. And here it was. I love in the Midwest, and it's cold right now. Really cold. Oh, and I own NO skirts. Summer dresses only. PROBLEM. I talked to my husband, and told him how I was feeling. To no surprise he did NOT want me to only wear skirts. After I explained further, and gave him my word I would not dress like a nun we discussed my skirt budget. (They are due to arrive tomorrow.) Yesterday I wore jeans with a tunic, and today I am home by myself, so I am in loose sweatpants and a long sweater doing housework, anxiously awaiting my skirts. So, although this may be the longest comment ever it is in response to your Q&A post. When you stated at first glance posting 500 pictures of yourself on the internet may not be humble. Well let me assure you my friend, God has used your blog to answer prayers. To change a HEART. I am so thankful He led you to this.
    ** On a side note YES clothing line. Even an Etsy site maybe? Made to order? I was also thinking, it looks like maybe you send some of your clothes into ThredUp. Instead of doing that, sell them on here! Like Ebay, but without the fees. If you ever do, first dibs on the chunky sweater you're wearing!!!! Thanks again. I couldn't be more excited about this journey.

    1. Oh, wow. Thank you so much for taking the time to share this! The Lord is so good to connect His people together and encourage them! I'm so excited to hear of your new adventure in modest dressing and listening to God's word in your heart. :)
      I've actually never sent anything to ThredUp, since I don't buy new brand names usually, but I do have two baskets of clothes waiting to be posted here on Fresh Modesty in a clothing sale! I just haven't had the time to get them up yet. Thanks for the idea!
      May the Lord bless you as you follow Him! You have encouraged me greatly-- I pray we all follow the God's leading like you have! Blessings!

  26. I love this style! You should definitely do it again!

    1. Dito One MILLION TIMES!!!

      I love these posts!


  27. I really like this post's style :) A clothing line would be amazing! I would be able to just go on and buy whatever I need/want without worrying about modesty issues. Would you be selling jean skirts? Haha :) I will keep you in my prayers as you go forward with this! God Bless!

  28. I love the idea of a clothing line! That would be great. :] I realize you said you're still praying about it, but is there any certain way you are leaning towards producing if you did [skirts or dresses or shirts etc..]?
    listening.....to a message in the background
    watching....my adorable dog sleep on the couch next to me
    anticipating....family vacation in a few months
    praying....for a friend who is getting married in a few months
    praising....God because He brought my friend's dad through a sudden stroke that occurred while he was in surgery
    wishing....I could travel the world indefinitely
    wondering...why everyone says I MUST have my life figured out this instant
    loving....my family for encouraging me to wait on, pray to, and trust in God
    choosing....to not let the little situations of the day interrupt my God-given joy
    longing....for the flowers my Daddy will give me on Valentines
    waiting....for the day I see my Savior


  29. This is a wonderful style of post, Olivia. It reminds me of what my pastor says to do when you're feeling discouraged: count your many blessings. You should definitely post others like this.

  30. I really loved this blog post. It made me think of every thing, just with my own answers. It made me feel so blessed! As I write this, my kids are snuggled up watching Little House on the Prairie. I just have a sense of peace... Thank you:)

  31. Awesome post format! Would it be ok for me to use it on my blog? This is such a "real" post, not that your others aren't, it just shows more of you, then your "normal" post show.

    Watching... Horses frisking around as snow is heavily falling outside
    Hearing... My 9 year old brother play "twinkle twinkle little star" on the violin
    Needing... To edit some pictures
    Wanting... To have warm weather, and a tan again (not quite sunburn:)

    Keep up the good work Olivia!

  32. I think this kind of post is great Olivia!! I'd love to see it more often :)

  33. Hey Olivia!
    Great post! Love your blog :) Did you know that cracking your knuckles isn't actually bad for you? It releases the gas from the joint, and makes them feel better. Same with cracking your back, neck, ankles, really anything.
    Keep up the good work!
    - Mollie

  34. Hi Olivia!
    Just wondering what kind of camera you're using in the top photo. It looks similar to my SX30IS, but you've mentioned a DSLR before, so I wasn't sure.
    And hey, a clothing line sounds really great! Let us know if you set up shop!

    1. Hey! It's a Nikon D3100 with a 50mm 1.8 lens. :)

  35. I love how real this post is! A lot of times I feel I am beating myself up for not waking up with a skip in my step and accomplishing everything the good Christian wife should! It is nice to know I am not alone when it comes to feeling a little unmotivated! Thanks for the post...I now feel better about pushing my post back till tomorrow! Haha!

  36. Love this post, Olivia! You are such a great example!

    Wanting- my aunt to get here
    Anticipating - my cousin coming tomorrow
    Listening- to Spy Kids- All The Time In The World
    Dreaming- hot summer days in Myrtle Beach
    Thanking- God for my great, awesome and AMAZING family
    Praying- for my neighbor and friend's pastor's wife

  37. This was so fun!
    Mind if we use it on our blog?

    ps I am on my third skirt already from your e-book and love it so much!
    Thank you thank you!! I will have to get my pics into your website soon!

  38. JMJ
    Really enjoyed this post, Olivia! :)
    In Christ,

  39. I really enjoyed this post and it was a neat way to learn more about you! I would like to do a post like this on my own blog at allthingsvintage-sc.blogspot.com So glad a friend of mine showed me your blog!
    In Christ,

  40. I finally did my 'Life :: Right Now' post!

  41. I love the tunic shirt in Wet+Windy. Love all your outfits!

  42. I Love making these lists, even if no one reads them =)

    Listening... To my mom talking to my brothers (boring)
    Thinking... I probably should play Mario Kart with my lil Brother
    Seeing... My laptops screen
    Wanting... To play Minecraft, I'm making something for my absent brother
    Waiting... For nothing...
    Dreaming... About being an actress
    Praying... For guidence, and protection for my family
    Debating... Should I just sit here on the floor while I get sore or stop being lazy and climb to my bed. Hmmm
    Feeling... Depressed, for no good reason. Does anyone else feel depressed sometimes and your not sure why???
    Wondering.. Why is my dog so stupid?

    Hey Girls, My Grandpa's really sick, the doctors aren't sure how long he'll last. Please pray for my family and me, God bless Y'all.


  43. Hey Olivia! I hope you don't mind, but I used this idea on my blog because I liked yours so much. Have a wonderful day and God bless!



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