Saturday, January 11, 2014

Q+A | Clothing

Exactly a year ago, I asked y'all to submit any questions you might have for me. Well, here are just a couple of the dozens I received about clothing. Hope you enjoy!

What are your modesty standards?
Real practically, my standards are: 4-fingers below collarbone to knees. Shirts should not show the outline of the bust and skirts should not outline the rear. I don't wear sleeveless except occasionally around the house. Try to wear skirts all the time, but if I wear jeans I wear a long shirt with them. Pretty simple!

Where do you personally get your modesty standards from? Is it something your church has decided or that you have prayerfully decided independently?
I held my modesty standards before coming to my current church (and my previous never really discussed it), so I can't say I got my standards from them. I basically get them from what my dad has said and what I feel is okay. I'll admit, I have not studied the Scripture for specific standards, but have asked other girls who have studied the topic their convictions. Another thing I did was read through The Rebelution's Modesty Survey to see what was a stumbling block for guys and that really helped cement my convictions and gave me so many pointers. I encourage y'all to read through the results.

What is one trend you are loving right now?
I love that femininity is so "in". It seems like a few years ago the boxy, masculine, goth, dramatic styles were popular, and it was hard to find lovely things. With ruffles, lace, layering, florals, and muted colors in style, it's becoming a bit easier to find garments I like to wear. :)

What would you say your style is- fashion-wise?
That is such a hard thing to put into words. If I had to try though, I would put it somewhere at "Updated classics with a cheery twist".

Do you use culottes, (split) riding skirts, or skorts for jobs around the house? Did you make them yourself? Do you have a good pattern for this sort of workskirts?
I'm looking for useful feminine clothes for cycling in a windy place. 
Beyond trying a pair on in the store, I have never worn culottes. I am really not a fan of the style, so I haven't looked into it much. If I'm doing a job that I can't do in a skirt, its usually because I need to not have a lot of fabric around me inhibiting my actions, so culottes don't serve that purpose. When I bike, I either wear a long denim skirt and just be a little careful, or I wear jeans with a long feminine shirt. :) Sorry I can't be of more help here.

Could you maybe tell a bit more of your fashion back story-fashion consciousness development?
If you don't mind, I'm going to quote from a previous post where I shared about this: "I think I’d have to say I got “into” fashion when I discovered QVC and HSN, the shopping channels. :D When I was about 9-13, I would watch the fashion and make-up shows for hours on end, soaking up all the information. :P That’s when I realized how different pieces work with different things and the beauty of mixing styles. I learned what was flattering and what was not, the power of heels, and all sorts of other things. :D I don’t really recommend that for a fashion education anymore, but it sparked an interest in me for pretty, quality, well-done things, although it took a while to sink in. :)"

Have you read any fashion and/or modesty and/or makeup books-if you have do you recommend any?
As far as I can remember, I haven't read any fashion/makeup/ or strictly modesty books, but, I do HIGHLY recommend the "Reclaiming Beauty Study Course". I am going back through it now, and it has profoundly impacted how I view fashion, modesty, and beauty. Totally worth every penny.

Do you have any tips for tall people? I'm 5' 9" and it's really hard for me to find skirts that are long enough and most dresses are really short onme. Even finding leggings that are long enough is difficult.
Hm, well, this is hard for me to answer, because I'm only 5'2". :-P Tall people can pull off some awesome layering looks with "slips" under dresses to make them longer and such that us shorties just don't have room for. :) You might ask Ashley or Natasha for shopping advice because they're on the tall side. :)

Where do you stand when it comes to pants/jeans?
I don't believe there is anything inherently wrong with wearing jeans at all. I do, however, see a need to be extra careful as we wear them to not distract others with our outlined rear-ends. If I'm going to be around guys, I try to wear a longer shirt so that my backside is covered.

I would love to dress modestly, I do not want to wear denim skirts. It seems like all modest fashion bloggers love them - how would you suggest getting around this problem?
I told myself when I started dressing modestly that I would never wear a denim skirt. :P However, living on a farm, I realized that I needed some extra durable skirts. But when I lived in the city, I loved my cotton skirts. I lived in knee-length skirts and heels with pearls for several years, ha. :) But, no need for that. If you need durable skirts that aren't denim, I would suggest printed cotton, twill, and/or linen. The nice thing about denim is that you can mix so many different tops with it. Linen skirts are great for that too, you just have to be careful about stains if they aren't printed. :)

What is your closet staple?
My denim skirts and Forever21 tanks. :)

What is your absolute favorite outfit and why do you like it?
Oh, so hard to choose! I think this outfit : My Sweats : is my favorite-- I've worn it so often it has basically worn through. :-/ Absolute favorite I'm not sure about. :P

What is your favorite accessory?
Earrings. I wear them every day. The bigger the better, lol. I think they're a great way to add class and sparkle to everything.

What is your favorite way to accessorize?
Y'all have probably noticed, I don't do a ton of accessorizing. I prefer to keep things simple and let my smile be the focal point. I stay pretty strict to the 3-item rule. Three areas of accessorizing-- earrings, necklace, and rings. Or earrings, bracelets, and rings. Or belt, earrings, and rings. Sooooometimes for church I'll do earrings, hat, belt, and rings. Okay, so I always wear my ring and don't always count it in the 3-item rule, but like I said, simpler is better. :)

What is your favorite sport? And how would you advise wearing modest workout clothes?
I'm not a real sporty person. :D I'll play soccer or volleyball if folks have a game going, but I'm not the go-getter. I love to exercise though. I'm not real sure about the work out clothes-- I usually work out in my bedroom in my pj's and when I go running or biking I have to wear jeans because of snakes, ticks, and vicious branches. :P I have seen some cute modest running skirts online, though.

What are y'alls answers to these questions? Have any advice for tall girls or for modest workout clothes?


  1. So cool! You are a lot like me, except I don't wear jewlery a lot. This helps a bit with me now!

  2. Hi! The page is not found for the link to the Reclaiming Beauty Study Course. I would love to learn more about it!

    1. Should be fixed now! Thanks.

  3. If any of your tall readers need advice I would be glad to help. I am 5'10" and always on the hunt for long skirts and tops. I got a few go-to shops and sites for tall ladies and I would be happy to share. Let me know :)

  4. I'm 5'8" and my mom is 5'9". It takes a bit of patience to find things...I buy my long denim skirts on eBay. There is an online store (the skirt outlet, I think ) that sells very long skirts. My mother often buys shirts and coats from the mens' department (they don't carry a lot of skirts lol) to get the sleeves long enough!

    1. Old Navy has a tall section on their website. Perfect length for me. Only downside is that the tall sizes are only online. Sometimes their regular size (sold in stores) is a perfect length, but it depends on the shirt. A tunic on some girls hits the top of my hips perfectly.

  5. Regarding finding skirts & dresses for taller girls [I'm 5' 8"], I recommend looking out for higher-end brands like: J.Crew, The Loft, Banana Republic, the thrift store, as their stuff tends to be on the longer side. Also, with being taller it is a great idea to learn how to sew your own clothes. Because than you can customize your clothes to fit YOU the way you want. Also, I have given up finding leggings that are long enough, I just stick to the capri style since it looks better. :p

    1. The leggings from Target are long. I have a few pairs and they reach my ankles (I'm 5'10"). Plus they are only $10 and the fleece lined ones are a few bucks more. Win win! :)

  6. Great answers! :D I'm another member of the short girl club here (just under 5' 1"). That can bring a whole other set of problems in itself. Hee hee!

  7. I'm 5'8 and when I wore pants more I used to have a terrible time finding ones that were long enough. With super high heels becoming more prevalent, that changed but by then I was wearing skirts most of the time. Of course you have to avoid minis, but that isn't too difficult when you get a bit older like me. I have been wondering what to do for exercise, especially as I like to bike also, and as most workout wear is very tight to the body. One final note is that I am not against jeans either, per se. But I really hate skinny jeans! I really love my church and I understand their (sort of unofficial) policy that it is purposefully casual so that all people feel welcome, even those who don't own suits and really dressy clothes. But I was rather disappointed this past week to see the two young female singers wearing skin tight jeans that were unflattering and distracting, with tops that ended at the waist. We also have a sign language interpreter who is older and she looked nice in a pair of slim but not tight jeans with a long somewhat loose sweater that went to mid-thigh. So I guess my point is that I wish churches would address these issues a bit, without being totally legalistic of course, but especially with those who are leading worship songs!

  8. You mentioned the Botkin girls beauty seminar trial before with pics showing homemade makeup; in the actual seminar do they give you help with that? I am thinking about possibly buying the seminar, but I wanted to know if that was definitely offered.

  9. I have a sort of weird talk gals tip! I've bought tube top dresses, then wear them as maxi dresses!
    Like I said, strange but true!
    A modest fashion blog:

    1. i think thats a good idea. i just can't seem to find very many dresses for good prices. they don't have a lot of them at thrift stores. well the in style ones anyway. ;)

  10. I'm about 5' 11" (a little taller perhaps) so I definitely have problems with finding long enough clothes. My main issue are tops. I usually just try to have lots of different colored tanks/camisole that are long (Cosco has super-long camisoles) that I wear under different shirts. Tunics and sweaters that would intentionally be a little longer on short girls also fit about normal on us tall people. Pants are hard. Modest straight jeans cuffed with ballet flats are cute, and work great if the jeans are too short. Although sometimes it's just worth it to invest in a pair of jeans that fit well, like Lands' End or other places that have tall sizes. I think it's better to have one pair of pants that look and fit great than three or four that don't. Hope this helps any other gals in the same boat!

  11. Athleta has nice workout skirts (and pants, too!), and very practical but cute everyday skirts.

    K. M.

  12. I love the idea of wearing skirts with "heels and pearls!" Would you consider doing a sewing tutorial for a knee-length cotton skirt this year?

  13. If I did try and answer these questions than my answers would most probably end up much the same (just different wording), because we're so similar. :) I also play a bit of Soccer or Volleyball if folks have a game going... I'm not much good at either, though.

    Awesome post!

  14. 5'4" with short legs, so I can't help with the long skirts for taller girls :)
    But...Hydro Chic is amazing for swim wear and workout clothes
    Pricey but amazing quality. I have had my bathing suit through two summers already and it has held up better than anything I have ever owned before. I can't wait till my 12 year old has slowed down a bit in the growing department so we can get her one. Lots of great below the knee skirt options and most look like they have built in leggings or shorts.

  15. It make me smile to think that at one time you wore pearls and heels every day... My how moving onto a piece of land can change things! I can very much relate. I live on a ranch, so during the warm summer months, I pretty much live in dirty jeans and t-shirts, because quite simply, it is more practical for me than wearing a skirt to help with building projects, fencing, doing hay, gardening, riding, etc. I also wouldn't want to put even my tough denim skirts through the wear and tear that my jeans receive during the summer (this last year, I had to replace all but one pair towards the end of summer due to holes) Needless to say though, during the summer I love "going to town", church, or having company over because I get to crawl out of my jeans and put on a pretty skirt/top or dress!

    As for advice for tall ladies, I can't help either as I am 4' 11 3/4".:)

  16. Thanks for sharing Olivia!

  17. I really appreciate this post and all the tags you put in it! I haven't been able to figure out the Rebelution Survey until now and I have tried more than once! LOL!
    Feel free to drop by my blog. I have a series called Pretty Thrifty. The porpose is to show you can dress modestly, cheaply and stylishly. (Is that even a word?) I would appreciate any comments or advice. :)

  18. I love how you pull off the long skirts. I am also 5'2 and have such a hard time finding the right length.

  19. Hi Olivia, I recently found your blog and enjoy reading. I enjoy sewing as well and try to make and repurpose items to expand my wardrobe without spending alot. This stage of life I don't often get the time and don't always have the ambition (I have three littles) but I love the inspiration I've found here on your blog(s). =)

    This is a bit random but since this is a post on questions I may as well ask mine now...I've noticed you do headcoverings for church. I am Reformed but not in the headcovering camp. Though I know those who are I have never had the opportunity to talk about why with them. So if you care to delve into this topic...My question is not so much why you cover your head but what is acceptable as a covering and why. To me I feel like if I was convicted to have a covering it would be a large scarf or something like that but I'm gathering that for y'all a simple headband fits the bill (or perhaps I misunderstood). Just curious...

    Thanks, Aimee

    1. Hi Aimee,
      While I'm not Olivia, if you're still interested in discussing headcoverings, I'll be happy to share my views with you.

  20. Thanks so much for the post! Thoroughly enjoyed, and ever since I showed my mom your blog....she hasn't gotten off the computer! She loves your outfits! Thank you very much for all you fashion help!

  21. I have also found The Modesty Survey to be extremely helpful and I especially enjoyed reading the comments that were posted.

  22. I have a cream and chocolate ruffled dress kind of like that that I haven't worn yet. but I love the idea.

    modest clothing for women & Long Skirts


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