Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Empowered // in Wool

Hey y'all! Hope you're having a great day! I am busy beyond belief and I'm loving every second! 

Romans 8: 5-8 is one of those passages that feels like one giant run-on sentence that you have to read over again slowly just to not get dizzy. Studying this stuff can be hard work, but that's just the nature of spiritual disciplines. Coincidentally, that's what the passage is about: being encouraged through difficulty. Paul's purpose here is to assure God's people that they are not under condemnation. This is a passage of consolation. 
There are two groups of people contrasted here, the same two races from the antithesis of early Genesis: the seed of the woman and the seed of the serpent. We were all seeds of the serpent until as Ephesians 2 says, "You He made alive" that is, we were the children of wrath on the Devil's side with animosity towards God. Romans 8 reveals that we have a new Father. We were born again into a new race, a race with God as it's Father.
Because there are only two groups of people, there is no such thing as a carnal Christian. There are distinguishing characteristics between those who are under condemnation and those who are not.

First, there are differences in how we live. It is our conduct, not our creed, which distinguishes. Which is characteristically in control in my life- my flesh or the Lord? At one time we were all controlled by the fallen inner man.

Second, how do we think? What is our posture towards others, towards loving, towards Christ? We have a hard time classifying people like God does and sometimes we struggle because we are sentimental. We all know people who seem favorably disposed towards God, but who are not Christians. God puts them with the carnally minded, with those who are under condemnation, until they surrender to Christ. When Jesus told Peter, "Get behind me, Satan!" Peter was being carnally minded.

Every person who is not spiritually minded has a frustration in their heart. There are three things true about the carnal mind:
1) It is at enmity with God.
2) It is not subject to the law
3) It is not capable of submitting to the law of God.

What does this mean? Those of the flesh cannot please God, says verse 8. Paul tells us, however, that we are not of the flesh, but of the Spirit, verse 9. Christ redeemed me. Declared me righteous. Paul's purpose here is to tell us that we are not under condemnation because we are not of the flesh, but of the Spirit. We have to make these principles personal. These indicatives empower us to do the imperatives. That is, when we know that we are not under the Lord's condemnation, we have the peace to love the Lord with all our heart and our neighbor as ourselves.

This was a perfect winter church outfit. I picked this wool skirt up at Our Thrift Store after a reader asked me for wool skirt styling tips. I didn't have one, but I figured it'd be a fun thing to learn to wear! I'm not the librarian/wool skirt/Scottish dame/castle-wanting type, but throwing a colorful scarf on with this outfit made it more my style. 
Shirt: Sears? Target? JCPenny's? Khol's? I have no idea. : $4
Skirt: Our Thrift Store: $8
Cardigan: Thrift store: $1
Scarf: Purchased in Paris: $7.50
Boots: Shoe Carnival: $35
Hat: Macy's: Gift

What was your sermon about this week? How do you like to style wool skirts?


  1. Olivia! That is so cute! I love that skirt...I can't believe you thrifted it for only 8 bucks! Thank you for the wonderful message you shared today. That was wonderful! Can't wait to see your next post! =)

    Ashley B.

  2. What a great skirt! I love how it doesn't look frumpy as most wool skirts tend to- thus making them slightly hard to style. And it has such a great waistband- it totally reminds me of your skirt pattern's.
    I of course love the way you put it together! I usually wear high waisted ones so either a tucked in shirt with detail or a mid-waist sweater is the perfect combo! :)

    Olivia- I do alot of our sermon/devotional writing on our own blog so I really know how much effort is needed to put a summary together- thank you so much for your time- I know it can sound insignificant after it is all done- just remember while you are doing it how much we all appreciate it!


  3. Love the wool skirt with the cardigan! Very cute. I have one wool skirt that is more the pencil skirt style and I like to wear it with sweaters for winter.

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  5. Very articulate, as always, Olivia! It is refreshing to read a blog where the author has a high view of scripture. My husband preached from Romans 1 this past week.

    As for wool skirts, I don't think I own one or would unless it was 100% washable! Is there such a thing?

    I love the way you put this outfit together. It has spunk and style:)

  6. Simple but super cute outfit. Love that cardigan.

    Feminine Modesty

  7. Hey Olivia =D
    I was wondering if you have any suggestions on how to respond to others who don't dress modestly. As in "half-naked" immodest. They are godly and all that, but they don't seem to hold being modest very high, if you know what I mean. I'm not even sure what they think immodest would be!

  8. Between your outfits and the ladies over at the Bramblewood Fashion Blog, I have serious thrift shop envy. The thrift stores around where I am never have anything half as nice! Maybe I'm not picking the right days and everyone else is getting the good stuff while my back is turned ;)

    That wool skirt is very cute! I feel the same way about scarves; an outfit that seems a little on the drab side can be really perked up with a colorful/patterned scarf.

  9. This is such a cute outfit, Olivia! I love how the scarf has a burst of color compared to the more simple grey and purplish colored cardigan. :D This is sooo cute and especially one of my favorites!

    God bless,

  10. When will you wear your palazzo pants? (I hope I spelled that right:))

  11. Wow, that's an adorable outfit! I love everything about it...especially the scarf...:)

  12. I love the scarf & boots the most! Thanks for posting! ~ Sarah

  13. I love your outfit, Olivia!!! Especially the scarf.

    An out of season question is coming…..where do you get modest swimwear?


    1. Thank you! I actually sew my own and wrote an eBook explaining how: freshmodesty.com :)

    2. Thanks, Olivia, I'll do that.

  14. Darling outfit, Olivia! :) I really like your wool skirt. I just recently got one for the first time also, and have been quite enjoying styling it.
    Thanks for the encouraging sermon summary!
    Sunday Best and All the Rest

  15. I have been encouraged by your posts, Olivia, and now I am asking all the readers that read my comment to pray for a family I know that lost their young children, in a tragic accident. They are hurting beyond explanation and need prayer from anyone-even Christians they don't know. Please pray!

    Kathryn B.

    1. I think the same family came across our church prayer group today. It's so very sad and I've been praying for them.

    2. I've been praying for the E. family today as well. . .can't even imagine how they must be feeling. So sad.

    3. Thanks, Olivia.


    4. Heard about that family. Our whole church is praying.

    5. I'm praying, too. It was just awful what happened. We know that family, too, and had a moment of prayer for them. I'm sure they are grateful.

  16. This is cute! I really like the scarf, with all the different colors.

  17. That skirt is adorable! I love gray skirts... they match with almost anything! :)

  18. I love every outfit you post!!! You are so inspiring me! I am working on a camo skirt......

  19. Hi
    I am commenting on this post because I dont have facebook account so can't comment on there. I was looking at your post, where you asked people to help you decide which skirts to make to sell. (BTW I like 2a and 2b with or without the turned up hem). I just wanted to suggest that you also post a pic of how those skirts look off a person.

  20. This is beautiful, and so perfect for winter! You did a great job styling the skirt with lighter colors on the top and a slimming cardigan. Nice job! You make wool skirts look absolutely lovely.
    P.S. That's one of my favorite hats of yours! So cute.

  21. Love the wool skirt!!! It looks great!!!

  22. This is so cute! Love how you styled it. I especially love the skirt and scarf. :)

  23. That one's awesome! I really really like the hat!

  24. Amazing! I love the outfit and the style both. Your hat is very cute. I am also looking for the site from where I can buy Kim Rogers Clothing for my niece. Can you recommend any website?


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