Saturday, March 15, 2014

Friends of Fresh Modesty: Becky!

Hey y'all! I'm thrilled to *finally* be posting my friend Becky's outfit! She emailed this to me last May. Ah, life. 
I love her layered look and how she pulled off a blousey shirt with a long denim skirt.

I'm Becky, I live in Iowa with 6 bros and my parents, and I love sewing/crafting. :) In this outfit I'm featuring one of my sewing projects; a denim skirt made from Olivia's e-book! I had a lot of fun making it, and I love how it turned out. I can't wait to wear it on barefoot summer days. :)

Thought process behind the outfit;
The gray sweater looked pretty bland against the dark blue of the skirt. It didn't make for a good contrast, so I added the white "tank" over it. I love this tank, because it goes with everything, and adds a lot more interest with layering and with the detailing around the neckline.
However, it's pretty flowy, and the slight peplum can make for an odd looking match sometimes. I personally think that adding a longer necklace distracts from the fact that this shirt isn't very slimming. 

Skirt - Sewn by me {click here for directions!}
Sweater - thrifted, ("Merona" on tag)
Tank - thrifted, ("Anne Klein" on tag)
Earrings - Made by me, supplies from Hobby Lobby
Necklace - Gift

If any of you all want to stop by my blog and check out some crafting projects,
Thanks to Olivia for featuring me!

Thank you so much for sharing, Becky!
 If you've submitted an outfit for FOFM and it hasn't been posted yet... never fear! It just may take me a year or two. :P 

Hope y'all have an awesome day! I couldn't sleep last night until I had made lists and schedules and goal sheets and marked my day planner all up because the to-do part of my mind was freaking out! :P Hoping to make some headway on all that today. ;) 

Didn't Becky do well with this outfit? What's your favorite part? 


  1. Becky is so beautiful, and so is her outfit! I love the jean skirt(good job sewing, Becky, I could have never done that!).


  2. I just love that outfit! It looks cute yet comfy!


  3. Lovely!
    I don't think your shirt is unflattering at all! The flowy sort of gives it a boho look, which I love!
    A modest fashion blog:

  4. What do you have to do, Olivia, to get a FOFM picture to you?


  5. This is absolutely lovely! The colors go so well together and I love the feminine detail on the top. White and dark denim is one of my favorite combinations. Also, I absolutely adore her necklace and her nail polish is an awesome contrast against the other colors. She did a wonderful sewing job on the skirt, too! Okay, so maybe I just like EVERYTHING about this outfit. xD
    Totally understand not being able to sleep unless the next day is all scheduled out. ;) Hope it's all going well for you today so far!

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  7. Nice! The dark wash denim really makes this outfit work... It stands out, like Becky said, next to the white tank top. Very nice!

    -Abigail of

  8. I love it. The blouse makes it really striking I think!

  9. I'm torn between the tank and the skirt. The skirt is modest, and the tank has a really cool neckline.
    - Brianna

  10. Love this, Becky! I have a skirt (sewn up with Olivia's ebook) that looks almost identical to your one. :) My favourite aspect of this outfit, is the colours.. I love the combination of dark blue/black denim, white and grey.

  11. I love this outfit. It reminds me of when I used to wear long skirts daily

  12. I love how long the skirt is! It's just beautiful. Does anyone know how to bring up the hem in a maxi skirt? I'm short and I need to alter.


  13. This is a very very cute outfit, Becky! I love the skirt you made. Very lovely! =)

    Ashley B.

  14. I love too the outfit and suits her very well. Yesterday, I bought a long vintage dress :)
    have a great evening!

  15. I really like the contrast in the dark denim with the whit, as well!<3
    My fav. part would have to be the dark denim


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